Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I am back in my blog!

Yes, I even locked myself out. 

I have an aversion to writing down passwords.

And oven mitts.  I have an aversion to wearing oven mitts, as evidenced by the occasional, needless burns on hands and forearms. 

But I digress.

I have an excellent memory.  I can recall the most amazing details from decades ago.  And numbers.  My number recall is weird, but certainly serves me well. 

In recent years I have become careless with passwords and new email account addresses and passwords.  I left things open and just didn't pay any attention to what the sign ins or back ups for being locked out are.   I got a new computer and so I lost the ability for the computer to open to the familiar sites with the correct address IDs.

I do have some info written down and just have to find the safe place I put the most recent ones.  The problem is I may have screwed up with the email addresses because I only used them once to set something up. 

I will absolutely finish the dentist spitting in my mouth post.  I also want to write a post called, "Torn Between Two Surgeons."  I really am.  And I've been going to two different practises during the last year.  I know that is not good medicine.  One surgeon definitely knows - the second one... and he even recently booked me for surgery for February.  It's a tentative appointment.  The first one, knows I went to the 2nd one but he doesn't know how often.  And I did try to get to the first one but fate seemed to work out that I ended up at the other practice.  So I will explain in that post.  Oh how I would love some guidance with this.  It is a big deal to me because of something else.

Okay.  I have to leave for an appointment now.

Anyway ...YAY!!! 

SeaSpray is back!  :)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Embarrassing The Dentist - It HAD To Be Done

Chalk one up for my mild germaphobia.  It gave me the courage I needed and it still took me too long to speak up.  It's late now and I will be busy tomorrow, but I have to VENT about this one.. ASAP.

To be continued...

Saturday, June 3, 2017

That Mortifying Moment...

in which you stab the man in the pool store, in the crotch …with your sword.  *Sigh!*  

So what happened you ask?

This nice pool guy offered to bring the heavy chlorine containers to my car and did.  But then he walked back and asked if I’d like him to put them in the trunk for me.  I said, “Sure!” and tossed my keys to him.

It was the end of the day and I had been shopping awhile and so my knees were really hurting, thus making it more difficult to go down the stairs.  So I had my heavy purse hanging off my left shoulder, two 30 inch swords in my left hand, apparently going askew and was carrying a somewhat heavy, bulky bag in my right hand and with said right hand was also trying to hold on to the railing.  It was a challenge because of the pain.

I wasn’t even halfway down when he was already bounding back up the stairs and somehow one of my swords moved outward as I went down a step.  BULLS EYE!  It all happened so FAST.  Of course the point part of the sword is only made out of the same material as a pool noodle, but pretty sturdy and sizeable.  And it’s a good thing he backed his lower half out quickly because the sword definitely pushed inward.  And so even though I did get him, he wasn’t hurt.  Furthermore, that is NOT where I wanted to be looking, which only happened because of the darn sword!  He graciously flashed a big smile as I simultaneously blurted out a panicked, mortified, “I’m SORRY!  I felt my face instantly get hot and I’m guessing it went magenta. In my mind’s eye I was already away and at the car.  But the reality was that I still had to go down the rest of the stairs and past some other coworkers congregating at the bottom.  I hoped they didn’t see any of it. I’m normally friendly but I pretended they weren’t there and I only had eyes for the beeline I was making to my car.

I’ll bet he didn’t wake up in the morning thinking some woman would stab him in the crotch with a sword. I also didn’t wake up thinking I would stab some man in the crotch with a sword.  

Also, since he was smiling I am guessing the humor of the incident didn’t get past him and now I am writing about it because I’m laughing about it too.  But G-E-E-E-E-E WHIZ!

I can’t wait until we play with the swords. 

En garde!  :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

5 Months and 13 Days and Stuff

I cannot believe that I have not written a post in here since September 26, 2016.  So, I haven't written a SeaSpray post for 5 months and 13 days.  Wow.  I began reading some of my posts last week and am in awe of how much time I spent writing for this blog and for so many years, almost every day.  And now I just deleted some things I just wrote.

I see I have some comments that have gone unanswered since last fall.  I haven't been in here or else I would have responded and so I will answer them later today as well as write a post.

Oh, I'm happy to say that eating the funky bacon earlier today didn't cause me to be sick.  I was a bit worried for awhile, but all is well.  There is more to this little story but it's late.  Part of me want to delete this post to because I am not feeling it ...but no ...I am posting it.  The door is open and now I am going back through it, stepping into the blogoverse again.

I never finished writing about urology issues and now I have another medical decision to make and I honestly do not know what to do ...or when.

On a happier note, older son and wife are expecting their 4th child in April, a baby girl.  Yay!  I can't wait!  :)

Monday, September 26, 2016


I've been a political news junkie for a long time and I've always found the presidential races to be most interesting and even exciting at times.  But this time around it is at a 10, a TEN I tell you ... on the political stress-o-meter.  EGADS!   All the dishonesty and corruption with any lack of accountability has been getting to me.

Big time.

I've been turning the news on and off all day today because it is just so tense feeling.

Anyway is about to begin.

Truly, may the best man win.

And I do mean man.

Yes can count me in as one of the adorable deplorables.  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oh M-U-R-P-H-Y-Y-Y-Y ...YOU!

 Photo composition of small boat floating over the ocean with a piano and stool falling off the sky. There is the legend: "Murphy's Law" "If it can go Wrong, it will !"
It can always be worse.  :)

It's been awhile since Murphy has taunted me with a visit.  You know who I mean.  "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong."  That Murphy.  And I am not the least bit superstitious.  I love totally black cats and had one.  I purposely step on cracks and have intentionally walked under ladders.  Doesn't everyone?  No knocking on wood for me - thank you very much.  No throwing salt ...somewhere.  I broke my mirror last week, frustrating, but no alarm there.  A friend of mine always knocked or tried to knock on wood when she was afraid she'd jinx something.  That always amused me because I know she had a strong faith in God.  Sooo ...isn't God greater than any silly superstition?  Just asking?  or astrology for that matter?

But I digress.  :)

Back to Murphy and his visit today.

My car has badly needed a good washing for a month, at least.  I didn't take it to get washed because it was one of the things I wanted to do with the wee ones.  They always help with simple chores, but this summer I decided to give them additional, larger chores that they would need my assistance with.  And because the work was more involved, I was paying them.  I gave them both their own jar and then they could watch the money they earned fill the jars. Washing a car on a hot day is fun, but we never did get to it. 

So I finally decided to go to the car wash today.  "Wash, wax and rims, please."  It looked great!

The sun was out, shining brightly, as I walked into the store.  I wasn't inside 10 minutes when I looked outside only to see it had gotten cloudy, with a major downpour of cats and dogs ...kind of rain coming down, hard and fast.  The kind of rainstorm that would've cleaned the car.  Okay ...well it wouldn't wax or make the rims sparkle.

So, I commented to the clerk that Murphy was back again and explained why.  The humor of it didn't get past me but it must've really irked me because I mentioned it to two other people before I left.

Oh well ...DOUBLE WASH!!!  :) 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Giggled Myself to Sleep :)

Last night, little 7 yr old W. stayed overnight for some Mum mum and W time.  In the wee hours of the morning I heard her fall out of bed.  She is a very restless sleeper, with her legs often kicking and it is not uncommon for her to fall onto the floor, especially if she is sleeping on the sofa.  And it is next to impossible to keep blankets on her.

Ha!  I let her sleep with me one night when she was 3 and through out the night she would seem to be running in her sleep ...on my side and I had to keep straightening her out.  Needless to say I did not sleep much that night.  :)

Anyway, I heard her get back into bed.  I turned the computer off and went to check on her.  I was still acclimating from bright computer screen to very low light where she was sleeping. I lovingly placed the small, soft light blanket on her and then because the fan was on, I also added the Dalmatian blanket over the 1st one.

I wanted to gently stroke her face but it must've tickled her because she got a little fussy.  So I decided to pat her head ...except instead, my hand landed on a satin material.  Momentarily perplexed, I felt her again and realized that when she got back into bed she put her feet and her backside onto her pillow.

So then ...I not only lovingly covered her face with one blanket, but two blankets.  Oh no!  So I pulled them back off and got her head back onto the pillow, recovered her and then gently caressed her little face, followed with a kiss to her head.

But then I couldn't leave the room fast enough because I was going to laugh out loud.

Talk about smothering a child with love!

I woke Mr SeaSpray up just so I could tell him.  He didn't seem to appreciate that so much.  He mumbled something about being tired.  Go figure.  :)

THANKFULLY I didn't leave her with two blankets completely covering her face and then some.

Obviously she was alright, thus I couldn't help intermittently giggling about it, with heaving shoulders,  until I fell asleep.   Okay ...just the image of me carefully covering her face and all, while gently tucking the blankets over what I thought were her shoulders and just below her face.  :) :) :)