Sunday, November 26, 2006

Culmination of Past Experiences?

I just posted a comment on Laughing Pastor in response to his wife and daughter helping an elderly couple. I made reference to the other hat that I wore working for the Lifeline program that was contracted by the hospital system for whom I also worked doing ED registration. I always joked that Lifeline was a job that I would've paid to do. Maybe I did, considering how gas prices soared upward during my almost 5 yrs there. :)

It's been an unusual year. I had to leave these jobs because of urological issues. I miss the work. I miss the patients. I miss my co-workers. Oh, and getting a paycheck. :)

I believe that when things happen in our lives that are seemingly out of our control, that God has another plan for us and he is doing some re-directing for our greater good, even if we don't understand as we go thru it. I also think that if we are willing vessels, that he will work through us, using our experiences to help others.

I have been cleared to go back to work by my doctor but I am waiting on 2 more tests that I had recently to be sure before I commit to a new employer. I met a lot of really nice new people this year and there are some places that I am interested in working for. Even tho there has been a lot of uncertainty for me this year, I am optimistic about my future and do believe this next chapter in my life will be a good one. :)

If it is true that we are the culmination of all past experiences, then I wouldn't change a single thing regarding anything that happened this year.

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