Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fashion Faux Pas!

Hmmm... Where shall I begin? I know ! At the end of the day, where my epiphany moment was born! The following is not verbatim but went something like this.

My older son (Jon) arrived home in the evening to pick up his daughter, our precious granddaughter. After a few minutes he says "MOM! WHAT are you wearing?" I say "Wearing? What do you mean WHAT am I wearing?"

Jon - "You can SEE through your blouse!"

Me - " No you can't!"

Jon - " Yes YOU can!"

I'm in the kitchen, I look down - it looks fine. I go look in the bathroom mirror which has several lights running across the top of it - it looks fine. So, I go out to the family room and stand directly in front of him and say "no you can't - it's a white bra under a white blouse."

Jon - "Mom - I SEE your bra and I SEE your skin!"

And now ....slowly,.... I feel the blood draining from my face and am afraid to look where he is looking because simultaneously my days events are flashing through my mind, replaying EVERYWHERE I had been and EVERYONE that I came in contact with! I proceeded to sit on the sofa and look down at the blouse, and look at my skin showing THROUGH the blouse, REALLY SHOWING through the blouse!

Me - "Oh my God - you're RIGHT!!"

Now, I'm feeling mortified as I again see my day flash before me. Also, I don't do well with these personally embarrassing situations, like the day(and of course this was worse) after finishing a 7-3 shift at the hospital, I left the ladies room and walked into the ED to chat a bit before going home, only I didn't know what I had done - or not done - story for another day.

So,this white blouse was just like a pretty robin's egg blue blouse I wore all summer, the exact same blouse in a different color. (If it came in light pink or baby pastel yellow I would've bought them too.) I wore a matching aqua bra under it. I loved that color on me and would've worn it every day if I could. Plus it was light and perfect for the hot weather we were having. You can see bras under women's clothing. You could see the aqua bra under the blue shirt, like seeing panties under light weight pants.It's OK - right? I've heard you should wear beige under your light clothes but that always feels wrong to me.

That morning (the morning of committing the dreaded fashion faux pas) I grabbed the blouse out of the closet, took the tags off, finished getting ready (in front of the bathroom mirror) and headed off to the doctor's office.

This doctor's office is very busy! Sometimes 2 doctors are there, always a lot of office staff and patients - all under very brightly lit fluorescent lites - in EVERY room. They would've seen thru this blouse! (F.M.A.! - feeling mortified again!) I don't recall anyone looking at me funny, but then they are all very polite. In a way it is good that I didn't know as I would've wanted to DIE on the spot!

After I left the office I then stopped at the bagel station (also packed with people) and did I say it was also a BRIGHT,SUNNY day? (F.M.A.!) From there I went to Araura (not sure of their spelling) Electric and purchased a lamp. Now, I know why I saw the guy avert his eyes from my chest (F.M.A.!) while he was ringing up the lamp! I then went to the plumbing store, but at least mercifully they have low lighting in there! Then home. Mind you, neither my husband nor my other son (Chris) ever said anything to me - nothing! So, I wore the blouse ALL day !

First of all - I NEVER would've left the house with that on unless I had something more under or over it.
2nd - I don't have the body to show off THAT way and wouldn't even if I did. (F.M.A.!)

C'est la vie! :)

So, if anyone else has any embarrassing fashion faux pas or moments in general, please feel free to share them here as misery loves company! :)


SeaSpray said...

No it's not and I like your pic! :)

SeaSpray said...

The comment above my name from someone dear to me, had said, "every day is a fashion faux pas for me."