Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Love it when a plan comes together

I am so pleased with myself if I say so myself! Like most people, I have been busy, busy, busy with getting ready for Thanksgiving. My day was totally filled with tasks to accomplish and a hair appointment, non stop stuff, culminating with closing out 2 grocery stores, getting all the food for our feast. Even tho I hated going out into the cold nite (because I was so tired), it worked out perfectly as I was able to zip thru both stores quickly since they were practically empty. Admittedly tho, I didn't bargain shop. No, it was more like the frenzy of someone being allowed to have 45 minutes to have as much as they can for free, except my reward was getting out and getting done. I got it ALL put away, dishwasher on and here I am. I am soooo exhausted, but too tired to sleep. If I tried now my brain would be planning all the things I need to do tomorrow. I find this blogging thing relaxing and thoroughly enjoy reading other people's blogs.

So, tomorrow the baking and some cooking begins and I am glad I will be able to stay in. I plan on making the traditional Thanksgiving cookies with my granddaughter, Devan Cosette (pronounced Cozette named after the little girl in Les Miserables) as she loves to help bake. She is 5 yrs old and is truly the sweetest and most thoughtful little girl. :) Talk about things to be grateful for - she is a blessing from on high! I am glad that I am a young grandma or as she calls me Mum Mum. In my family everyone had their kids later in life and so I didn't have my grandmothers around for very long. I was 25 when I had my 1st son and 33 with my 2nd.

I feel guilty when I complain about grocery shopping when I know we have so much to be grateful for in this country. There are people going to bed hungry or starving and worse and they would love to be able to do the things we take for granted.

I am a traitor to my gender as I usually hate MOST shopping. I DO love toy shopping(then I get to play with them!), bridal and baby shower shopping. I love the sights, sounds and bustle of the Christmas season so I really enjoy Christmas shopping too, especially when I find the perfect gift. Antiques are interesting too, but everything else - bah! Humbug!

I am thrilled that I am not working on Thanksgiving or the days after this year. Usually, between my job at the hospital and my job at Lifeline I was committed to working one of those places on those days or else Christmas. I had holidays off at Lifeline but always filled in for the coordinator (I was her assistant) as she took the day after Thanksgiving off. I also filled in Christmas week. I worked last Christmas and New Years eve at the hospital and so this year I would've had to work Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. I love both Christmas eve and Christmas - but Christmas eve is my favorite. I also love being home Christmas nite enjoying the after glow of the days festivities. So, this year it will be nice to have the time off - unless I take a job in a doctor's office, in which case I will still have the holidays off. I am waiting for some test results and then I will decide what I am doing after I get them. That's why when I go back to work I want to work in a doctor's office, so that I can have holidays and Sundays off. I don't care what hours I work. After working 3-11 (and if it was a crazy, hellacious nite, I would stay much later to help and to catch up on all the paper work), holidays and every other weekend in a hospital for 20 years, anything else will have an easier schedule. Saturdays - no big deal, evenings - bring them on. Also, working all those holidays wasn't that big of a deal as the hours overall were perfect for raising my sons. Actually, for most of my time at the hospital I thought 3-11 was the coolest shift. Home for the boys in the daytime, could go swimming, get chores done and still go to work with lots of energy and the shift itself was fun. Conversely, when I did 7-3's on the weekend (always had fun on that weekend shift too), I would come home drained and not have the same energy to do things at home. However,I have paid my dues and am ready to make the switch to days/evenings. I would still even pull some late niters if I needed to. And of course if go back to a hospital then I will probably end up doing the holiday thing again. I just turned down a nice m-f full time job offer at one of the larger hospitals in the corporation I was working for. It would've been something totally different from what I was doing as it entailed overseeing the volunteers and managing the front lobby etc., so, there would have been a lot of patient/public contact, which I love. I just am not ready to commit so quickly as I want to see all of my options. Whatever I take I will commit to for a long time so I want to be sure. I really did appreciate the offer tho. The nice lady in HR really boosted this girl's confidence with all that she said! :)

I am also excited that I will be home Friday to start decorating for Christmas. I remember when I didn't start to decorate until the middle of December. I am like a kid with Christmas (favorite time of year) so the earlier the better.


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Hi Pat !

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Thanks Lou! It's a lot of fun. Say hi to everybody! :)