Friday, November 24, 2006

The Most Precious Blessing

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Everything turned out beautifully. We truly had a feast here because not only did we cook all the things I usually make but other family members brought food as well. My older son actually made cornbread (it was good Jon) and my daughter-in-law(peggy) made her totally awesome fresh green beans with ham and onions, her mom's delicious cheese potato casserole and she also made pumpkin cheesecake. My mother-in-law brought coleslaw, fruit salad and brownies. My granddaughter and I made two batches of the infamous Thanksgiving pumpkin cookies the nite before and we are going to make another batch over the weekend because she wants to send some to her other grandmother out in Ohio. There were 11 of us , including a friend my daughter-in-law and son invited to dinner, as all of his family is out in Oregon. The more the merrier! I am a born nurturer and would feed the whole world if I could. I love the sound of the guys getting loud and excited over football games or sports in general. Even tho it was rainy and cold outside, on the inside, our house was filled with love, laughter and the wonderful aroma of home cooked food.

The most precious blessing was having Aunt Dee here. She was diagnosed with cancer back in September. A breast cancer that had spread to her neck and groin and was causing so much groin/leg pain that she couldn't walk. They couldn't remove the breast because there wouldn't be enough skin to close the area. She has been thru a lot. However, thanks to God and a new chemo drug that is helping to save tens of thousands of lives, she is doing so much better. She did get to the point where they were talking about removing her breast around Thanksgiving, but she is responding so favorably to the drug that she may not have to go thru that. She has a couple more chemo treatments and then more radiation in January. Her hair has fallen out (my d-i-l knitted her some beautiful silk wool hats) and she is using a cane. She looked so good yesterday, even radiant with her beautiful smile. We are all very hopeful and having Aunt Dee with us yesterday was truly the most precious blessing. :)

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