Saturday, November 18, 2006

Need Both Wings to Fly the Eagle

I have been politically depressed of late - ever since the recent elections. I know this because I have been avoiding all the talking heads on tv and talk radio along with not reading the news papers or anything on the net. This is temporary. I just need a little time to process the fact that Nancy Pelosi is our new Speaker of the House of Representatives. :(

Yes, I am a conservative republican. I call myself a bleeding heart republican because I do believe we need social programs to help the poor. Yes, it is a double edged sword in that the very system designed to help those truly in need is flawed and fosters abuses , even generationally, by people who are undeserving of the assistance. (Topic for another day) I don't consider myself a partisan voter in that I would vote for someone in a different party if I truly believed they were the better choice. ("If"- being the operative word here.) I believe a strong national defense trumps everything else because if we don't have that than nothing else matters in the end. The Republican party stands for a strong defense and I believe a strong defense prevents the offense or minimizes it. There are other reasons that I align myself with that party but again, a topic for another day.

I hope that both parties will work together for the good of the country. It SHOULD ALWAYS be that way! Perhaps, since the 2008 presidential elections are underway BOTH parties will be motivated to do their best for the good of the country so they can ride on their accomplishments all the way to the White House. In a perfect world - it could happen!

We need the checks and balances in our political system - we need both wings to fly the eagle.

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