Monday, November 13, 2006

New Blogger and Feeling Shy :)

I am totally new to this blogging thing. Last month while looking up some medical info for myself I inadvertently came accross the Urostream Blog (yes, I was looking up urological info) and then her site led me to GruntDoc, Surgeonsblog, FatDoctor and so many more.
Thanks to my all the way or nothing personality - I injured my neck (cervical fasciitis) do to the fact that I forgot I am not 17 any more and the word moderation didn't ever enter my mind as I dove into the pool at the Y and proceeded to do 4 laps of the front crawl, some breast strokes, side kicks and yes even twirling! Oh and did I say there was no warm - up of any kind and the word exercise wasn't in my vocabulary or that I can totally relate to Garfield the cat? So, after coming home from the Y, I enthusiastically exclaimed to my husband "I feel soooooo good ALL OVER my body!!! The next morning as soon as I sat up in bed I realized I couldn't turn my head left. Fortunately, I already had an appt. with the ortho doc that morning to get clearance from him to use equipment at theY as I was going to join their fitness program. I have a hx of meniscal tears (same knee x2) but thanks to that terrific doctor all is well. So, because I couldn't bare to have my head touch even a pillow, I sat at the computer practically all weekend and THAT is when I became addicted to these medical blogs. I am sure they were therapeutic as laughter is like a medicine for the body. Of course the percocet helped too and thank God for it! Boy did I laugh! Still do as they are most entertaining and the more serious ones are interesting.
Until recently, I worked as a patient access (receptionist and so much more) for an emergency dept. for 20 years in a small Mayberry RFD type hospital. Patients coming in for help from the big city areas often looked concerned as they would say that the hospital looked like a post office, etc. (guess they haven't seen our post offices - not real big here) They would leave with smiles and gratitude and often comment on the good service! I appreciate these blogs so much because I understand what it is like to work with the many unique happennings that go on in an emergency environment, indeed the medical environment! I especially appreciate Dr. Keagirl's Urostream blog because of my own urology issues this year.
So, why am I blogging? Because I want to reply to urosteam's and surgeonsblog and to do that I had to set up my own blog. Well, ok I did get totally in to it and my older son told me last nite that I was turning into a computer nerd! He is a computer networker himself! Need I say more?
I really am shy about this, really.
May anyone reading this have a beautiful day and a wonderful life! :)


the Stamp Lady said...

Congratulations, neighbor on starting up your own blog! You are too funny! (I have one for my stamp business) It's alot of fun-I can see you really getting into this! It will be great therapy for long as it doesn't replace going out with your girlfriends!! LOL Good luck!

SeaSpray said...

I can't wait until the rehab guy transitions with me over to the Y. Also, I think it's real nice of him to want to guide me with all equipment. I feel like a maverick ready to break out of the stall!!! ALWAYS time for the girls!!! Let me know about late lunch after my tests wednedday. Tea Hive? Cozy in there and she probably has Christmas items to buy or Applebees?
p.s. Therapy? Ha! try addiction-this is fun!

Jonathan said...

How about a new post!?!?

SeaSpray said...

I'm shy girl again :)

The Laundress said...

Hey there Ms. SeaSpray,

You took off just fine here!

Glad you have stuck with it, you are a fine blogger.


SeaSpray said...

Hi TL - I just get wowed by other blogs when I go through them and think I have a lot to learn.

Thank you for the kind words. :)