Thursday, November 30, 2006

Survivor , Greys's Anatomy and ER - TONIGHT!!! :)

It's this girl's opinion that Jonathan, Yul and Ozzy deserve to be in the final 3 and I personally hope Jonathan and Yul are the final 2 players. Ozzy has been amazing in the physical challenges, but Yul and Jonathan have fascinated me with their "strategery" over time. :) Yul wants to take Jonathan to the final 2 because Jonathan has betrayed everyone at some point and figures the jury will still be angry with him and therefore, never vote for him. However, Jonathan is like a cat with 9 lives - just when you think he's dead - he comes back again. Both have played the game well.

I think it is rediculous when the ones voted off lose their cool on national tv because they feel so betrayed! It is totally naive of them to think ANYONE can be trusted. Sometimes alliances work and sometimes they don't. In the end, it is everyone for themselves and IS to be expected.

Go Jonathan! Go Yul! :)

Nothing to say about Grey's Anatomy right now, although, I DO hope McDreamy uses those eyes on Merideth tonight. ;)

ER- finally (in my opinion) picking up the pace and getting better story lines again. I really Like that new chief of surgery doc - he's so obnoxious. Is he the chief? Not sure. He seems to call the shots. Personally, I think I would turn into a spot of melted jello on the floor because I would feel so intimidated by him or if he didn't kill me first, I might get so irritated with him that that I would toughen up just to spite him - which I guess is what he really wants in the first place.

I still mourn the loss of bad boy George Clooney from ER! Hmmm... imagine HIM using the McDreamy eyes on Merideth............ Is there an AED in the house? ;)


P.S. After seeing survivor tonight I just want to say I didn't like how obnoxious Jonathan was with flaunting the food or his cockiness during the bidding. I still think he worked hard and has been skillfull in his manipulations. The other tribe is so lazy - they didn't deserve to eat! Yul and Jonathan are still my favorites. I also think it was wrong when some people called him a cancer, etc - not necesssary.

Grey's anatomy was EXCELLENT as usual - even without the McDreamy eyes. It felt good to see everyone's troubled relationships start to heal. Also, thought the siamese twin storyline was interesting. I was totally amused when they started physically fighting with each other - something I never contemplated before. That whole dynamic was interesting.

Still have to watch ER on TIVO.


Sid Schwab said...

I guess I need to get TIVO. Had to choose, and went with Scrubs. Liked the dual role thing.

Thanks for your kind words about my book/blog. The post you referred to got a bit of negative reaction as well. Misinterpreted, I'd say.

Medblog Addict said...

You and I have something else in common besides the medblogs. I love Amazing Race and Apprentice. I also watch Survivor. I want Yul to win; can't stand Jonathan. I like GA and ER too, but am a few episodes behind on each.

SeaSpray said...

Dr. Schwab - tonight, I left a comment under your post from Oct.7th:"Taking Trust" after rereading it tonight. I also reread the comments. I stand by what I said - that it was eloquently written,and am adding intimate and amazing. Your patients weren't just another number! You cared, really cared. Perhaps the post wasn't for the squeamish or for some patients that may have felt traumatized,but for the rest of was a gift.
I also want to tell you I like the latin references in your posts.

Re: Tivo - if you are recording one channel, you can't then switch to another one (although I did hear they were working on changing that)but you can simultaneously watch other programs you you have recorded. Get one that holds a lot of hours as you will find you are saving a lot of things on there. I can't imagine not having Tivo! :)

medblog addict - Amazing Race is awesome! I would LOVE to do something like that and have to find ways to communicate in the native languages of the different countries. French is my all time favorite language, but I am fascinated with different cultures and think I would do well. And all the traveling - wow!

I like the apprentice because I like seeing their ingenuity in who will raise the most money. This coming from someone who as a little girl in 2nd grade collected the most UNICEF in her class. I love collecting money for a cause!

Jonathan has played the game well tho. I think Yul is the nicer guy and would like to see him win but then because of all the effort Jonathan put into it I would like him as a 2nd choice. Maybe I missed something? What made him so evil in peoples eyes?

jonnydangerously said...

In order to be able either record two different channels at once OR in order to record one channel and watch another, all you need is a "DUAL-TUNER" TIVO (or any DVR device for that matter). "Dual-Tuner" TIVO's usually run $50 - $75 more than a regular TIVO, but the added benefit usually makes up for the additional cost.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you JD - I didn't know that. :)

Medblog Addict said...

I just think Jonathan is obnoxious. I heard the Apprentice starts in January!

SeaSpray said...

medblog addict - Yay! I am looking forward to it - L.A. this time. :)

Medblog Addict said...

What did you think about the blondes being eliminated last night? I didn't want them to win, but I wanted them to be in the final three because they are sneaky.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Medblog addict! I have mixed feelings about it. I wanted the CHO brothers to win. They impressed me when they were in Vietnam, at the Hanoi Hilton. They took the time to honor the fact that they were in the presence of Senator John McCain's uniform from when he was a P.O.W. there and honored the other American soldiers as well, even tho they knew it could possibly cost them the game. However, I thought it was absolutely stupid of them to wait for the Bama ladies after they completed the tank competition because now the game was getting more competitive. They certainly weren't going to wait on them. Also I don't know if they were really being loyal and nice at that point or if they were insecure about their senses of direction, which seemed nonexistent.

I think the real competition in this race has been between the blondes and the boys. They have played the the most aggressively and I loved how competitive they were to the end. It was neat to see, Bama, the under dogs come in second. Kim and Rob play pretty well too. Rob lost it in the tomato thing last nite. He was too preoccupied with throwing the tomatoes but in the end - he was right because they did find it. The stress must get unbearable at times in that game. The tomato thing was totally amusing to watch tho. Even Kim toward the end threw tomatoes at the people!

I was also moved earlier in the game when the Kentucky guy was totally in awe of the fact thay he was in Vietnam where his father fought so long ago and really seemed to be back with his dad in some moments.

I was surprised to see Rob profess his love for Kim and that they would be getting married. They must've worked some things out.

Can you just imagine the stories these contestants have to tell people? So much must be edited out. I wonder what we don't see?

I really am totally amused by the tomato fight images. :)