Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sutured on Sunday

Years ago, I was working on an Easter sunday morning in emergency registration. I was wearing a silky 2 piece dress that kept opening in the front, revealing my lacy slip. So, for a couple of hours I performed my tasks, clutching the front of my dress so it wouldn't fall open. (It was going to be a looong day.) Finally, in exasperation, I went back into the ED (still clutching the front of my dress) to see if anyone had a safety pin. They didn't.

For some, thoughts of an emergency department conjures up images of drama of some sort, accompanied by pain, suffering, illness and long waits. This particular morning was obviously getting off to a slow start as the ED Doc cheerfully volunteered to suture the dress (the part that covers my chest) closed for me while I was still in it. In desperation - I agreed. So, there we were, standing in the cardiac room with him skillfully (Thankfully - given WHERE he was suturing!) suturing my dress closed while we were surrounded by our co-workers amidst their delightful comments - use your imagination!

Obviously all the Doc's schooling paid off as he was able to save the day for this damsel in distress! ;)

Later that day, someone else told me it was o.k. that my dress was falling open as that was the style and it was supposed to show the lace. Sigh! :)

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