Monday, December 11, 2006


Sigh......sigh....and..... SIGH! Why? Hmmmm....why, you ask? As I am here sitting at the computer, breaking away only to prop my forehead up with my hand, while leaning on the desk, eyes closed, shaking my head, sort of chuckling, quietly a few times - all of this intermittently while I type. Have you ever just been stupid? Or done something stupid? Or something stupidly, rediculous just happens? And it's frustrating? And you can't do anything about it? What is - is. You KNOW there are worse things and yet you are really annoyed in an amusing sort of way.

We have been watching The Amazing race ALL season. ALL SEASON! I have really followed it. I originally wanted the Cho brothers to win, but since they were out of the race, decided tonight that the boys should get it because in my opinion they were consistently at the top of the game, although one could make arguements for why the other two remaining teams should win. But, it's a moot point. We DIDN'T SEE THE WINNERS! Why? Ha! Ha! Because I am apparently technically challenged with the TiVo system.

Sunday night football has been causing time delays in the show schedules and so Tivo doesn't record past the normal time slot for any given show even though it might overlap. Now - I knew this and so I always made sure that I was around to record the overlapping time. I didn't last night because I thought it was an hour show and it had started on time. We never watch the show on Sunday nite as my husband always goes to bed at 8pm because he gets up at 4:30 am.

So we were all watching it tonight...and then the TiVo...cut the program off. I calmly, yet in that fearful disbelief state said to my younger son "No....No...tell me "that" didn't just happen". Everyone is really quiet and we all just look at the tv and then at each other. Then younger son (while grinning) says "Yes Mom it did" Then I say (as if denial will make it all work again) "please tell me it really didn't happen and we DO have the rest of this on another TiVo section - just tell me that." Younger son says "No mom - it isn't." He then proceeds to scan the list of all things I have saved on TiVo, but to no avail because as we all already knew - there was no continuation of last nights Amazing Race finale on there. Not a trace of the Amazing Race!

Older son then informed me of what I could've done to prevent this - ah... hindsight 20-20.

We had gotten up to where the boys and the other couple were racing in taxies up to the final destination in NY state. At that point it looked like the couple might have had a lead because their taxi driver said he knew where they were going. We didn't see who got there first, second or third. We didn't see the other contestants cheering them on. We didn't get to hear what everyone had to say. Sigh......

I am wondering how everyone responded. Any shared insights appreciated. :)

This is akin to watching a 14 round heavy weight fight only to have the lights go out and you don't get to see the final knockout punch or the excitement afterward. Or it's the ninth inning in the world series with a tie score, bases loaded and Derek Jeter slams the ball far, far into the air. Home run? Oh no - someone might catch the ball! Power goes out- tv off!

In sports there are replays to watch - but it's not the same as the first moment. Yes, we can read about it (younger son already did and said the boys won) and maybe catch a re-run somewhere. It's just not the same. Tonight was the anticlimax of an otherwise fun and entertaining program.

ahhh... there are still the memories of last week's tomato fights. :)


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