Sunday, December 3, 2006

Dr.Sid Schwab's post ( Oct.7th) "Taking Trust"

I have been profoundly touched by Dr. Schwab's post called "Taking Trust" dated October 7, 2006. Maybe because I have been through a few surgeries myself and maybe because I thought I was about to have another one - one that was actually scaring me. It appears now that I am not and I will find out more about that tomorrow.

Taking Trust is eloquently written, taking you right into the OR, seeing thru the surgeon's eyes. He is truly a gifted writer. It reassured me to think that there are surgeons out there who would be that compassionate, respectful and yes, seeing the surgeries as something sacred.

Dr. Schwab has many interesting things to say and also a new book out called "Cutting Remarks". One of my other favorite posts of his are the ones about the relationship between surgeons and anesthesiologists. You can access his blog by clicking on his link, surgeons blog to the right of this post.

This year,I have been blessed with an excellent doctor who has been doing everything he can to facilitate my healing process and it is thanks to him that I am so much better and may not need the surgery after all. :)

Thank God for doctors!

P.S. For easier access, Dr. Schwab has put a direct link to his "Taking Trust" post in his comment to this post.


OHN said...

I just popped over from Fat Doctor to say hi and let you know that I am a fellow blog addict--do you think there is a 12 step program for us ;)?

Sid Schwab said...

Seaspray, I'm honored by your post. I may try again sometime, because there are so many ways in which doing surgery is a source of amazement to me. And, if any of your readers want a direct link to the post to which you refer, here it is.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ohn! Ha!Ha!ha! I just came on line and you were my first comment. We bloggers are OBVIOUSLY such a great bunch of people with marvelous senses of humor along with having the sensitivity to touch one's soul with our words at other times. I haven't done the latter as yet, but somewhere down the road, I will - I hope. Fat Dr. was right in her post "Put Down the Crack Pipe! I could so relate. I am an avid scrabble player (and good says me)but have been blogging ever since I set this up only a few weeks ago. I don't know how medblog addict can take some of these medblog posts to read at work-I would be cracking up out loud to much and I think she has taken them into the court room. :)
12 step program, er, ugh...I don't think I am ready for that, I mean I don't have a problem, no not me. What crack pipe! :)

Dr. Schwab - You are very welcome. I am amazed at how I NEVER thought about surgery (even when I had c-sections) or that I never considered all that a surgeon had to learn during their lengthy education process. I didn't even know that any specialty surgeon had to know how to crack chests, repair hernias, remove things, etc., before they moved on to their specialty. For example,I thought my urologist would only know about the entire urinary system and have training to operate only there. Naive? Yes,but other than socializing at work I never discussed their training - just never thought about it. One of our ED docs who also worked down in a NYC ED used to tell us about his cracking a chest the nite before and I assumed that was something he learned for the ED. So, thanks to you and Grey's Anatomy, I now have a more complete view about surgeons and their professions. I find it reassuring to know there are doctors like you out there. I can't imagine the courage it must take to put that knife into someone and know that their life depends on you - WOW! This girl is still in awe!

Thank you for putting that link in your comment to your "taking Trust" post. I am still in proccess of learning these things. :)