Thursday, December 7, 2006

Good Morning!

The coffee is brewing and I am so very tired. I just can not sleep before these procedures. I was going to take a lunesta,(which knocks me out) but thought better of it since I had taken that tramadl earlier for the headache. I think I read something somewhere about contraindications for mixing them even though it would've been at least 8 hrs apart. I took another tramadl instead and it didn't help me fall asleep. So, I tossed and turned and it seems like I just fell asleep when my husband's 4:30 alarm went off. I had mine set for 5:30 and basically just stayed there thinking that even if I couldn't sleep, that at least I was resting. I usually think it is better to just get up when you can't sleep and do something productive and then you eventually get tired. I have also heard that when you absolutely can't sleep that you are supposed to pray for whatever comes to mind as it may mean someone or something needs urgent prayer. I confess that I didn't even think to do that as I just wanted to sleep.

Back in a moment - getting that 2nd cup of java. :) I keep forgetting I can take the pot with me. I have a Bunn coffee maker, which I love because the water always stays hot and so when you pour the water in the top it instantly causes more piping hot water to drip through to the bottom. (The ED has a really nice coffee maker and I liked the concept of instantly brewed coffee!) This particular model pours into a stainless steel pot (I am into stainless steel) and doesn't stay warmed on hot plate. I think you have to drink the coffee fairly quickly as it doesn't stay as hot for later, although it doesn't get old tasting from being on hot plate too long. I am the only one in my house that drinks coffee. I wish they did. I miss having long, lingering talks on a weekend morning over a hot cup of coffee like my family used to do.

Spelling words accurately is my strong suit (usually) but I must be really tired because 1st I spelled POUR as PORE then POOR and then finally realized it is POUR! You could toss the most complicated medical word at me and I almost always spell it correctly.

I wonder if drinking my now 3rd cup of coffee is a good idea after all since I just took a diuretic and coffee is a diuretic and I have to go all day without drinking? Time to drink the water. I admit it - I am starting to feel panicky about not being able to drink water all day. I could have some dry toast and I have opted not to eat anything - but keep the liquids coming.

I think a patient needs to be proactive with their healthcare and is why I politely, yet assertively questioned the NPO past midnight instruction when I am not scheduled for OR until 4:30. After some hesitation, the nurse did check with anesthesia and THEY said NPO after 7 am.

Nine minutes and counting - time to really hydrate myself. :)

Well, have to call SDS to find out what time I should be there today and have to take my son over to the H.S. as his friend just called, sounding terrible,feeling sick and unable to drive and bus already came. Ok I have to be at hospital between 2 - 2:30. ***All prayers welcome. I REALLY would like to know why I still feel the discomfort I feel even tho clinically the tests show improvement. At the crux of this for me, is that I feel like I am blocking more than than I was last spring. I CAN live with it - annoying and sometimes really uncomfortable, but i can tolerate it. So, after today - I will know!

Off to the races! :)


Medblog Addict said...

Good thoughts.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Med Blog Addict!

I do have a ureteral stent in me now and my husband and I are meeting with the urologist next Wednesday evening. I am sore now because of the procedure and stent and I am wondering why my husband has to go to the meeting. I was groggy when he told me to bring my husband and the only thing I remember is that he showed me a pic of my ureter with a smaller hole than normal but it works, just not as efficiently as the other one. I am thinking he will tell us why I do or don't need surgery. I embrace your good thoughts!

I only saw part of Survivor and E.R. and Grey's Anatomy which was a repeat as I stayed overnite in the hospital and the nurses kept coming in to chat a bit, which was nice. I do know Jonathan was voted off but don't know why.

And what's up with a Grey's Anatomy repeat?