Sunday, December 31, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Mix CD's - Thank You ! :) and Stuff

I am really enjoying the Grey's Anatomy mix CD's that my d-i-l made for part of my Christmas gift. She made four of them for me! I love them and am playing them all the time. I need to put them on iTunes so I can listen while working (or blogging) at the computer. I have my favorites that really speak to me and then there are other favorites that conjure up memories of some of the really great scenes in last year's season finale, along with other episodes.

I can't wait for the new episodes that will be starting this week! I watched the finale again tonight. It is the only show that I never tire of because it has everything in it. Humor, drama, romance and romance.

(I still have to see the first two seasons! That would be fun to do on a snowy day, all cozy inside. Where IS the snow???)

Having said that, by far - my favorite romantic scene is in the season finale, where he used the McDreamy eyes on Merideth and their eyes spoke volumes while they were dancing with other partners, yet looking at each other. (I already said this on another post, but it is my favorite scene and my favorite episode.) I wish Denny didn't have to die. I think he was a McDenny! :) SERIOUSLY!

Speaking of romance - I saw part of "It's a Wonderful Life" on Christmas Eve. I had forgotten about the scene where George is at Mary's house, they had just had a fight but were now close to each other because they were talking on the phone with a mutual friend. You could both see and feel the romantic tension between them and it was so obvious that they wanted to be together and then finally, they kissed. They played that scene really well. The entire movie is wonderful! My favorite thing about the movie is that it demonstrates how each of our lives are valuable and how we can affect things for good or bad, that can totally impact future events.

Tonight, Jane Pauly - talking about President Ford, demonstrated this concept. She said if President Nixon had chosen Ford to be his VP running mate in 1960, then he may have carried Michigan and won the election. If there was no Kennedy, then there wouldn't be any Johnson . There was more to this but too much to type now. Without Kennedy, would we have gone into Viet Nam? And if we did go, would it have escalated without Johnson? Mind boggling to think of the different outcomes abroad and on the home front.


The Ambivalent MSILF said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I noticed your profile and thought to pass on something you might be interested in. If you want the English translation of the Bible that is absolutely closest to Hebrew, and footnoted with tons of language-related notes when translating is awkward, and very much creates the Hebrew feel in English. The problem is he isn't done, so I think so far you can only get the first five books, and maybe the next volume (from Kings to somewhere along later) is out by you can't buy it all as one. But it's by far the best, and gives you a totally different feel.

Looking forward to reading your blog on the insurance side of things.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks for stopping by Msilf. :)

How do I get this more authentic translation? Sounds interesting.

I am a new blogger and still learning things. Still want to learn linking and get pictures up too. I am still trying to figure out my blogging boundaries. Sometimes I have pulled posts because I second guess what I wrote.

My personal favorite on my blog is "Sutured On Sunday", although it might be one of those - you had to be there moments. But, it really was funny and I was like "Lucy" with my frustration in trying to keep my dress closed.

I think it is time for me to do something else humorous. Sometimes, I wonder if my humor comes across, although a neighbor did call chuckling about Rudolph's red nose.

Anyway, I remember an ED doc cracking up at himself because "he" thought it was funny that "he" thought "he" was funny. I am chuckling just remembering that.

Have a beautiful day. :)