Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Let the Drinking Begin!!!

I will be posting some new topics soon, but I am exhausted and going to bed soon.

I Have been drinking and drinking. (I hope I don't have to pee, pee and pee) I want to get up @ 5:30 a.m. so I can continue drinking and drinking til I drink myself silly. I am talking about wonderful H2O and by morning some really good coffee and water, water and more water. Why? Because this afternoon I found out I am going back to SDS tomorrow for another ureteral stent placement, but because I am an add on, I'm not scheduled to go into the OR until 4:30 pm. I can't have anything past 7am.

I honestly do not care about the food, but do get PANICKY when I think I can't drink water. I probably get thirstier then I would normally be if I went without water for 8 or 9 hrs. It's like someone telling you not to think about something - you KNOW that IS what you WILL think about!

The irony here is, that when I worked my 3-11 shifts at the hospital, I routinely only drank maybe 4 0z of a beverage during 8 hrs or more, unless I really needed some coffee. There were nights when the coffee brewing in the ED drew me in like a moth to flame, only to later go home to sleep with eyes wide open. I didn't like to drink when I was busy (x THAT x years!) because I didn't want to have to stop what I was doing to go pee because bathrooms I chose to use, were totally on other side of the building. Sometimes, I would sneak into the cardiac room and use that one as it was only a couple of doors away but that only works if the room is unoccupied. I wonder if that is how I got the BIG kidney stone that started this whole debacle?

Of course I am uncomfortable now because My ureter is somewhat constricted and so the water backs up into the kidney - but drink - I MUST. I actually want to see if this stent makes a difference in relieving the pressure that I have been feeling. Part of me wants it to work because then I know I am not a crazy lady or like the patients "Dinosaur Doc" refers to in his Dinosaur laws of medicine - 2nd law "It is impossible to make an asymptomatic patient feel better.". However, if it does feel a lot better, than I know that I can't be stented forever and then I don't want to think of the alternative. What to do? What to do? I need to let tomorrow take care of itself and what will be - will be.

I guess I am NOT REALLY crazy because if you think you are - you're not, because the really crazy people DON'T know that they are crazy. Neurotic - maybe. A friend told me once, that he thought the whole world was neurotic and that it was a matter of whether or not your neuroses were compatible with everyone elses. :) Speaking of crazy, more specifically schizophrenia (ok, too tired to look that one up - hope spelling is correct) if you want a really funny read, click on one of the doctor's links and look for trench doc on their links and then go there. Read the post regarding the "red velvet cake" and the post "what is everyone's deal" about his day off. I am sorry for the patient and anyone that may've eaten the cake but this ED Doc is a hoot in the way he conveys his stories. :)

I'm STILL drinking!

So that is what I will be doing tomorrow. We were supposed to get our Christmas tree today at 3pm but instead I had to get the P.A.T. done. I didn't realize that dept. closes at 3pm but my head was in another place. For one thing ,I got an instant headache once I heard I was going in tomorrow and immediately got this mad rush of thoughts of everything I was doing at the time, what I wanted to be doing as the day progressed, what I was now going to have to do, what I STILL wanted to do (GET THE TREE) AND what I wanted to accomplish tomorrow BEFORE going over to the SDS dept . for the procedure and what I wanted to do afterward. If I were a transformer, I would've blown, hence the instant headache. Thankfully, I had already showered, but I took time to put my make-up on, worked on the area where we put the tree and filled out a card for the SDS nurse to go along with a box of candy. I was looking forward to seeing her because we have worked with the same ED Doc and hospital system and even tho it is a PAT interview - it's fun - we just click and do a lot of laughing and so I wanted to bring their dept. something.

I have a rule - NO using cell phone when driving but when I was half way there I decided I wanted to know the name of the other nurse and include that on the card as well. So, I called the hospital switchboard (my son says I am like rainman in that I am quirky and remember all kinds of numbers) and requested that I be transferred over to SDS. A recording comes on (no big deal - just means they are with a patient) and to my abject horror the recording says the PAT dept hrs are from 7-3! SEVEN to THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look at the clock and it is now THREE minutes to 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! At wharp speed, I had visions of SCREWING UP THE PROCEDURE PLANS AND ALL "THAT" WOULD ENTAIL.

Now, normally this scenario would cause me to feel weak at the knees as all the blood was draining from my face but instead my adrenalin kicked in along with my now pre- migraine headache. The blood wasn't draining - it was pulsating! This all transpired over seconds in time. Practically apoplectic, I call the swithcboard again and quickly relayed what is going on could she find a person - she put me thru to the same recording. I called her AGAIN and (calmly and politely - honest) asked her to please connect me to someone I could speak with that might be able to help. I kept driving over there - not willing to give up - just in case we could still do this. Mercifully, she connected me to SDS and the nurse I was speaking with also does PAT'S . She said she would call me back on my cell. After about 2 minutes, I called her back and she said she could do it. Thank you God and you wonderful nurse! The headache exacerbates as I hit traffic and every darn lite! She was a sweet nurse and very calming and reassuring, which was a good thing considering that my BP registered at 213 over 1oo and something. She took it twice after that and each time it came down more - so that was a good thing. I was worried about getting a migraine and can't take I-buprofen (which is a miracle drug for me - it always works on everything) She actually jumped up and started massaging my head and my hair. (touch my hair and I become an intant slave as it TOTALLY relaxes me) It really did help along with the tramadl (spelling?) she encouraged me to take. The rest of the time there was uneventful. Blood drawn on the first needle stick (luv that) and I actually KNOW where there is a good vein and can direct them 2 it. It has worked twice now and hope it does tomorrow.

We did get this amazing and huge christmas tree tonight and it is up in the stand, so I DO feel better about that. I will be doing a post about what I call our Chevy Chase Christmas moments as they relate to our trees - never goes smoothly. However, tonight - so far - perfect tree! :)

Tomorrow night- SURVIVOR, GREY'S ANATOMY and E.R.! I love my TiVo!

Have a wonderful day! :)

P.S. McDreamy eyes - I HOPE so! :)

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