Monday, December 18, 2006

My Blushing Face/Rudolph's Nose

It has bean a most dreary afternoon here in NJ. I needed to go out and do some errands and so I decided to take a nice, long and luxurious shower - you know - the kind where you pamper yourself with your favorite scented bath and hair products. Then after the shower I have this current absolute favorite body lotion I like to put on.

Ok, I'll give it a plug - it is Victoria's Secret "Dream Angels - Heavenly" and I am in heaven when I wear this. I always get compliments when I wear it, yet I don't smell it anymore after I apply it before I leave home. I wear it so much that I must be desensitized to it and should probably be careful not to over do it

I also was playing Christmas music, specifically, I had the "Christmas Canon" on repeat play which enraptures me every time. Suffice it to know that by the time I finished giving myself this practically spa treatment I was oh soooo verrrry relaxed. :)

And... then.... I turned around.....only to see that the window covering had silently and totally fallen off the window. Remember dreary day? My very bright bathroom lights were on, doing what they are supposed to do, shine light on everything, including ME, only I did not choose to be an exhibitionist for my neighbors or anyone else who may have been back there! YIKES!

I started to leap, lunge or whatever toward the window,while simultaneously emitting a high pitched shriek of horror! My lunge quickly turned to a duck low below the window, which mercifully was steamy. I then fumbled with the covering and slowly rose up with the covering and got it back in place.

Like I said, I love this lotion and so I was taking my time putting this Heavenly lotion on and so I don't have any idea how long I was on display and I am praying no one could see thru the steam anyway - although I am certain my blushing face probaly shined through like Rudolph's red nose on a foggy night!

Then I emerged from my relaxing spa shower experience- frazzled, blushing with hair standing on end, yet Heavenly scented!

***note - MUST call contractor back to put up that LAST window frame! We had a few new windows put up in Oct. and he ran out of the trim for one side of that window and so that is why I don't have the usual curtains hooked into the window frames.

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