Friday, December 15, 2006

The REAL Reason Surgeons and OR Staff Are Gowned, Gloved and Masked!

I just reread a post written by Medblog Addict called "Corn Pops" in which she was quoting another med blog discussing "Little Blobs of Fat" that look like corn pops. Evidently, open surgery on an obese person reveals fat hanging on everything and it looks like little mushy corn pops. The author of the original post said that if a retractor pops loose that the corn pops can be projected outward. In this one surgery, one flew out and stuck on a light and later dropped off onto another patient's shoulder who had just come into the OR. (There is more to that funny story and you can check it out in Medblog addict's November posts.)

I recently found out that I may- ok, probably am - ok, do have to have surgery, although in my mind it is NOT carved in stone yet and MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN. So, as I was pondering the complexity (seems so to me anyway) of decisions I need to make, I started thinking about the actual surgery and then thought about the corn pops. Ok, admittedly, this girl is on overload thinking about everything and the corn pops provide an amusing diversion from how I really picture the surgery.

Since I am not as thin as I would like to be - I know I will have those little corn pops and so I began envisioning my surgery, the retractors slipping and the surgeons yelling "O-U-T-G-O-I-N-G!!!....D-U-C-K!!! and then in slow motion, see them diving into the foxhole... er.. uh.. under the table. Or, a passive aggressive assistant saying "Ooops!" and the corn pops fly and then not unlike a cafeteria food fight - EVERYONE gets in on the action!! Hence - the REAL reason the surgeons and other OR staff are gowned, gloved and masked! ;)

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