Thursday, November 30, 2006

Survivor , Greys's Anatomy and ER - TONIGHT!!! :)

It's this girl's opinion that Jonathan, Yul and Ozzy deserve to be in the final 3 and I personally hope Jonathan and Yul are the final 2 players. Ozzy has been amazing in the physical challenges, but Yul and Jonathan have fascinated me with their "strategery" over time. :) Yul wants to take Jonathan to the final 2 because Jonathan has betrayed everyone at some point and figures the jury will still be angry with him and therefore, never vote for him. However, Jonathan is like a cat with 9 lives - just when you think he's dead - he comes back again. Both have played the game well.

I think it is rediculous when the ones voted off lose their cool on national tv because they feel so betrayed! It is totally naive of them to think ANYONE can be trusted. Sometimes alliances work and sometimes they don't. In the end, it is everyone for themselves and IS to be expected.

Go Jonathan! Go Yul! :)

Nothing to say about Grey's Anatomy right now, although, I DO hope McDreamy uses those eyes on Merideth tonight. ;)

ER- finally (in my opinion) picking up the pace and getting better story lines again. I really Like that new chief of surgery doc - he's so obnoxious. Is he the chief? Not sure. He seems to call the shots. Personally, I think I would turn into a spot of melted jello on the floor because I would feel so intimidated by him or if he didn't kill me first, I might get so irritated with him that that I would toughen up just to spite him - which I guess is what he really wants in the first place.

I still mourn the loss of bad boy George Clooney from ER! Hmmm... imagine HIM using the McDreamy eyes on Merideth............ Is there an AED in the house? ;)


P.S. After seeing survivor tonight I just want to say I didn't like how obnoxious Jonathan was with flaunting the food or his cockiness during the bidding. I still think he worked hard and has been skillfull in his manipulations. The other tribe is so lazy - they didn't deserve to eat! Yul and Jonathan are still my favorites. I also think it was wrong when some people called him a cancer, etc - not necesssary.

Grey's anatomy was EXCELLENT as usual - even without the McDreamy eyes. It felt good to see everyone's troubled relationships start to heal. Also, thought the siamese twin storyline was interesting. I was totally amused when they started physically fighting with each other - something I never contemplated before. That whole dynamic was interesting.

Still have to watch ER on TIVO.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

PLEASE God - Let There Be LIGHT! ;-)

Be forewarned: The following is long. I should have broken it down into parts I,II and III. Hope it gives you a chuckle or two! :)

***As of 1:34 A.M. this morning, (Wednesday - November 29, 2006) the outside Christmas lights are are officially up !!!

The Heavens opening up over our house, revealing a multitude of
angels singing the Halleluiah Chorus was spectacular!!!

Too bad all the neighbors were sleeping - it was a sight to behold - all of our Christmas lights on and WORKING...SIMULTANEOUSLY.... uh, I mean the angels, the angels were a sight to behold!

After my extremely busy day and given the hour this job was completed, I was totally exhausted, yet I felt that I had just given birth to something wonderful. Too bad there was no one awake to share my bliss - well, yes... I did have the angels with me in the moment, but they were too high up in the heavens to share hugs and help dab the tears of joy from my face. Sigh... I know,they were with me in spirit. :) That is how yesterday ended (well there was the big black bear) or how today began. Now let me take you back to the beginning.

No matter what, ( drizzle,snow, freezing cold weather or late hour) I always get the Christmas lights up the nite after Thanksgiving. As I said in a previous post that between the hospital or Lifeline job schedules, I really only had this little window of time to get the lites up as I always had to work Thanksgiving weekend and black friday. It, along with putting up the fresh wreaths is the first thing I do. I prefer to do it at night as I like to see what it looks like as I go along. I don't want one of those Chevy Chase moments like in his "American Christmas" movie, where after ALL his hard work the Lights don't work. (I loved that movie!) laid plans....were not to be this year AND I am not even working! Chris (younger son) spent 2 days days ( we let him come down for meals ;) ) up in our BERMUDA TRIANGLE of an attic looking for the outdoor Christmas lites. (My joke has always been if it goes in the attic we will never see it again - except it's not funny - we never see it again! So, we tied a long rope to him - just in case! ;-) ) Finally, both triumphant and jubiliant, Saturday nite, he emerges with "a" tub of Christmas lites! I told him THEY weren't "the" lights. He insisted that they were and proceeded to point out all the reasons why they HAD to be the lights. I understand why he NEEDED to believe this - but, these were NOT the lights. (I think at this point he would rather have been getting a tooth filled or take an exam - but he was a good guy about it. Needless to say I OWE him, BIG TIME!) So, back up he went and brought other decorations down as well. Still, no lights! So, I decorated inside, all the while privately stewing about the missing outside lites. Several sets with hundreds of little white lites - M.I.A. !(Missing in Action) Later, Chris tells me that they are out in the shed. I said "No - they can't be - they DON'T go there." He said he remembered them being there and that he thought HE put them there. Well, perish the thought! Because then they would be burried under all the summer stuff, which is now stored for winter! He even suggested that they may have been thrown out! No, that scenario did not compute in my brain. I asked my husband if they were in the shed and he mercifully (or for self preservation) said that he thought they were in the attic. Ha! 2 to 1 - democracy rules - the lites ARE in the attic. I NEEDED to believe that!

However, it was late so I gave him a reprieve from the attic for the nite. I continued decorating inside but then the seed of doubt had been planted and I wondered if Chris would be using passive aggressive tactics to get back at me knowing that I would be obsessing about the lights in the shed. "Nah! He's my son and he's not that kind of guy and besides it could've backfired and I could've at that point insisted he start looking in the shed. Still....desperate people have been known to do desperate things.....where are those LIGHTS???? " I think it is a fair assumption to think that I lost my focus Saturday nite on the REAL meaning of Christmas. Yes, I went to bed obsessing about those darn lites.

Now, Sunday morning, I again mulled over the where abouts of the M.I.A Christmas lites ad nauseam in my mind. In reality, it was only a half of a BERMUDA TRIANGLE attic as in Novemebr 2005, I spent 4 days up there cleaning out one entire side of the attic. I set up a kitchen section, clothing section and CHRISTMAS SECTION. In my perfect world, the lights would've been in the Christmas section, which stands out because of all the RED and GREEN storage tubs.

You know how you want something to be true even when you know it's not? Well, I started to reason that maybe...just maybe, Chris was right... that he DID find the tub of Chrismas lites. Yes.. that's it ..sure that's the tub. After all, they were the same type of heavy duty lights, there were outdoor power cords in there and the plugs had my usual M.O. of zip lock bags, electrical and duct tape. So,I looked at it again, wanting it to be so.... longingly.... looking, as if wishing could make it true. NO! No! Wrong lites. Not enough in the tub. Evidently from a time when I didn't use as many lites. Sigh!

Sunday afternoon Chris goes back up to the attic, only this time armed with a plan,the 10 o'clock - 2'oclock method! (I love using this. Whenever a task seems daunting, implementing this method facilitates organization in short order. For example, if the entire kitchen needs to be cleaned - start at 10 o'clock,then 11 o'clock and continue around the clock until everything is clean. This is better than randomly doing something here and there because even tho working hard over all it still looks like nothing is done. With 10-2 , it is methodically being cleaned a section at a time and this method gives a good visual to the progress achieved.) He wasn't up there 5 minutes and he found them! Someone had moved them and left them in the kitchen section and covered them with a big heavy box! I KNEW they were up there! :) I spent Sunday nite testing and replacing bulbs.

Monday was a day filled with tasks, and by evening I started setting up the lites on the front bushes and my son helped me with the little pine tree. My husband was hungry for dinner (he's funny that way - wanting dinner at dinner time) and I had been simmering the turkey for home made turkey soup. At first I told him in a little while but quickly realized I would have to abort the mission and do the lites later. The turkey with dumplings soup was excellent (says me) but after that meal, I felt like a dumpling and lost MY ambission to finish the Christmas lites.

Tuesday - another busy day plus picked up my films at the hospital, went to the grocery store,picked up the fresh wreaths and got my granddaughter from her after school program. Then, I admittedly had a couple of hours to work on the lites but started reading the medical blogs and then it was time to pick up my younger son from his job at the local news paper. (He works in the sports dept. and is a senior in High School.) I didn't get back home until 10:30 and then I procrastinated. But then, after starting some wash etc., I decided I WILL put the remaining lites up after all!

All I wanted to do was go to sleep BUT rain was in the forecast and at the very least I needed to put electrical tape over ALL the open plugs/receptacles that were already out there. I am usually very methodical about this and do this when setting the lights up but didn't have any electrical tape the previous evening. By now it was 11:30 at nite. The bushes have gotten larger so I needed more lites. I got the first tub of lites that he originally found and pulled out 3 more strands of 100. They all worked! Then... I had a Chevy Chase moment! I started thinking of ALL the other places I could put the extra lites. We live on a corner property. I could go around to the side bushes! Heck! I could go to the back yard too! Or... maybe the fence? Now it is midnite. I am wearing a blue (color irelevelant - just like blue) ski jacket, I had a roll of duct tape shoved in one pocket and a roll of electrical tape along with 3 different sizes of ziploc bags in the other pocket,4 sets of lights in my arms (extra one for back up) and grabbed my hot tea on my way out into the black nite.

My family was nestled in their beds as was the rest of the neighborhood.

When I brought everything over to the front patio area I looked up and saw a moth. A moth! A moth in NJ in November! It's not right. November is supposed to be cold and my hair is supposed to be silky and shiny NOT frizzing from the humidity. And there were other little bugs flying by the porch lite. The only good thing is that my feet and fingers didn't feel like they were going to freeze off as in years past.

I put my tea down and walked over to the side of the house where I had left an extension cord ready to plug the lites in to. As I was rounding the corner I was starting to feel uneasy because it was so dark on that side of the house. It is the only side of our house that doesn't have outside lights. We live on a country road so there are no street lights either. There were no stars or moon out and everything was pitch black around me except for the Christmas lites and the porch lite. Also, my neighbor on the opposite corner had her porch lite on and that at least helped me to see where the power cord was to hook up the rest of the lights on that side. I felt a little better once the 1st set of lites got plugged in but I was going to be out there for a while and I couldn't shake this uneasy feeling. I am not afraid of going out in the dark. I do errands at night and I don't hesitate to be out in my yard at night or even in the neighborhood. Here I am, putting up HAPPY Christmas lights and I am feeling scared. You know the feeling you get when you become hypervigilent and you hear EVERY sound and it all seems magnified? (I remembered someone telling me that when you have that uneasy feeling that you should pay attention to your instincts because sometimes we sense things before we are fully cognizant of a situation.) I also realized that if I saw a moth fluttering about then the bears probably aren't hibernating either. Hmm... looking around.. don't see anything. Could sure use some Christmas music right about now...Fa la la lalala...

It was eerily quiet. I usually stand out by the road to get the overall view of the lights to see where they need adjusting, (if you stand back and squint your eyes you can see the gaps you may want to rearrange or fill in with more lights) but I decided not to this time. Not only was I thinking of bears but because of this uneasy feeling, I was also thinking of the possibility of some unsavory character being in the neighborhood. "Ok, you are being rediculous!" I say to myself. "These lights are getting done TONIGHT!" I looked uneasily down to the far corner where the little pine tree was and dreaded going down there to tape the wires, etc. Ok - ALL lights up - we have touch down Houston - everything is operational, all 1500-1600 of them! Yay! But still - I can't go back in the house because I practically gift wrap the darn plugs and connections to ensure that they are protected from the elements. Thats where the ziploc bags and tape come in to play. Then, just as I was going to go out to the corner to gift wrap the electrical things on the little pine tree, my husband came outside for a smoke, so I had him stay there until I finished the little tree. However, he went back to bed (chivalry dead?) before I finished wrapping the other electrical plugs/connections, but at least they were on the bushes closer to the house. At this point, I was seriously tempted with not trying to find EVERY connection but then I heard Aunt Janet's voice in my head saying " Patricia, if you're not going to do the job right - then you might as well not do it at all - because no one will think you did it anyway." In this case I reasoned that if I miss "one" connection then the whole thing could blow. DARN! Take me to your leader - I hunted them ALL down. Done - a fait accompli! And now... the angels..... and I go inside.

So, what was all that uneasiness outside about anyway??

I rested on the sofa as I still had one more load in the dryer. I never leave the dryer unattended for safety reasons. (know of 2 house fires) I fell asleep briefly and then, just as I awoke, looking out the sliding door into the back yard, my eyes focused on something moving under the spotlight - a REALLY BIG BLACK BEAR was lumbering across the yard, towards the pond. I immediately jumped up to get a closer look as did our german shepherd (Bob), who stood at attention, his eyes totally fixated on the bear. We both watched him walk up the little dirt lane, into the black nite. (I should have brought Bob outside with me earlier!)

I wonder if that bear was lurking around the neighborhood and THAT is what I was sensing? Glad I didn't do any baking that night and smell of pastries! :)

I know that the
REAL meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savior and All that represents for mankind, but second to that - it's the Christmas lights. I KNOW people complain about the commercialism of Christmas and how we lose sight of the REAL meaning of the holiday (HOLYDAY ) but I like to think of it as one big birthday party for Jesus that is celebrated world wide. Some birthday bash! To me, the lights are symbolic of Christ being the LIGHT of the world - and....they SPARKLE!! :)

I enjoy everyone's lights - white lights, colored lights, flashing and not - they're all beautiful, especially cascading on the snow. We have non - flashing white lights on the bushes (3 seperate areas), a little pine tree towards a corner of the property and around the living room door so they shine thru the glass surrounding the door to the inside. They also light up the big wreaths w/red ribbons on the doors. We also have wreaths on every fence post of our split rail fence. Then, inside, there are the fresh pointsettias with white candles in the windows, except the kichen bow window has a small christmas tree with white lights along with a display of snowmen and other types of smaller pine trees and the living room has another small christmas tree/white lights displaying from a side window. Then there is the hanging garland with white lights and soon there will be a very large real Christmas tree with hundreds of white lights and hundreds of ornaments. Yes - I guess I DO like white lights! I also love the ambiance of using only the Christmas lighting in the home - so cozy! Then there is the Nativity scene to be displayed and other collections along with hanging all the Christmas cards and letters. I LOVE Christmas!!! I am SeaSpray - AKA Mrs. Christmas! :)

P.S. My neighbor jokes that she always knows when I am working at the hospital because the outside lights aren't on! My husband is NOT Mr Christmas and and just sees it as another day. He believes the Christmas story but just doesn't really get into all the festivities of the season. He doesn't dislike it - just not a priority for him. The rest of us love it tho! :) Also, if Chris is home, he always turns the lites on.

Also, If the electric meter on the side of the house were fixed on the roof with the glass cover removed and the spinning wheels reading the kilowats used were designed like chopper blades, then at the moment all the Christmas lites are turned on ... I do believe we would have lift off Houston! ;-)

And so, since I am not working this Christmas season - the lights will be on every nite. Please God - Let there be LIGHT!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Culmination of Past Experiences?

I just posted a comment on Laughing Pastor in response to his wife and daughter helping an elderly couple. I made reference to the other hat that I wore working for the Lifeline program that was contracted by the hospital system for whom I also worked doing ED registration. I always joked that Lifeline was a job that I would've paid to do. Maybe I did, considering how gas prices soared upward during my almost 5 yrs there. :)

It's been an unusual year. I had to leave these jobs because of urological issues. I miss the work. I miss the patients. I miss my co-workers. Oh, and getting a paycheck. :)

I believe that when things happen in our lives that are seemingly out of our control, that God has another plan for us and he is doing some re-directing for our greater good, even if we don't understand as we go thru it. I also think that if we are willing vessels, that he will work through us, using our experiences to help others.

I have been cleared to go back to work by my doctor but I am waiting on 2 more tests that I had recently to be sure before I commit to a new employer. I met a lot of really nice new people this year and there are some places that I am interested in working for. Even tho there has been a lot of uncertainty for me this year, I am optimistic about my future and do believe this next chapter in my life will be a good one. :)

If it is true that we are the culmination of all past experiences, then I wouldn't change a single thing regarding anything that happened this year.

Friday, November 24, 2006

She says PUNKMANS! :)

While I am still thinking about Thanksgiving and pumpkins, I am reminded of my granddaughter who calls pumpkins - punkmans. One October nite while riding in the car she said "Come on Mum-Mum, we have to get the punkmans and I want a punkman." As I said earlier, she wants to send "punkman" cookies to her other grandmother in Ohio. She is actually very articulate for her age, so much so that she astonishes me with her vocabulary. Children - so cute and truly a gift from God! :)

The Most Precious Blessing

Thanksgiving was wonderful! Everything turned out beautifully. We truly had a feast here because not only did we cook all the things I usually make but other family members brought food as well. My older son actually made cornbread (it was good Jon) and my daughter-in-law(peggy) made her totally awesome fresh green beans with ham and onions, her mom's delicious cheese potato casserole and she also made pumpkin cheesecake. My mother-in-law brought coleslaw, fruit salad and brownies. My granddaughter and I made two batches of the infamous Thanksgiving pumpkin cookies the nite before and we are going to make another batch over the weekend because she wants to send some to her other grandmother out in Ohio. There were 11 of us , including a friend my daughter-in-law and son invited to dinner, as all of his family is out in Oregon. The more the merrier! I am a born nurturer and would feed the whole world if I could. I love the sound of the guys getting loud and excited over football games or sports in general. Even tho it was rainy and cold outside, on the inside, our house was filled with love, laughter and the wonderful aroma of home cooked food.

The most precious blessing was having Aunt Dee here. She was diagnosed with cancer back in September. A breast cancer that had spread to her neck and groin and was causing so much groin/leg pain that she couldn't walk. They couldn't remove the breast because there wouldn't be enough skin to close the area. She has been thru a lot. However, thanks to God and a new chemo drug that is helping to save tens of thousands of lives, she is doing so much better. She did get to the point where they were talking about removing her breast around Thanksgiving, but she is responding so favorably to the drug that she may not have to go thru that. She has a couple more chemo treatments and then more radiation in January. Her hair has fallen out (my d-i-l knitted her some beautiful silk wool hats) and she is using a cane. She looked so good yesterday, even radiant with her beautiful smile. We are all very hopeful and having Aunt Dee with us yesterday was truly the most precious blessing. :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fish eggs, Vas Deferens or Multiple Nevi - Same Difference

I was thinking about Fat doctor's post regarding using products past their expiration date as I was thoroughly cleaning my fridge today.

How long does crisco last if opened last November and refrigerated? (I haven't used it since last Thanksgiving) It isn't anything real anyway - is it? I couldn't bring myself to throw it out earlier but I did by a new one at the store tonight, so I will toss it tomorrow morning. Then there was the mozerella string cheese dated for Nov. 8th. That is only 13 days past the expiration date and if they say you have a week past exp. for dairy products - then today is only 5 days past that. What will the cheese do? 13 days past expiration? I am thinking it is ok - at least for me. The moldy cat food? That's a no brainer - give it to him. I'm KIDDING ... or.. am I? I tossed it - the moldy cat food - not the cat, although.....

And then there are the fish eggs my husband and son use for bait, specifically Mike's Quality Salmon Eggs! Ugh! They have been kicking around the fridge for about 2 YEARS! Tonight, I asked my husband "3" different times if he thought the fish eggs were still good. (I think he is amused by my obvious disdain for those eggs!) He said they are good for awhile. Awhile? Define "awhile"'. As in short time? These are 2 yrs old! They have been knocking around between the condiments all this time. (hot dogs anyone?) When I clean everything - I also clean the egg jars, but I hate touching them. They remind me of the specimens I used to process - vas deferens, multiple nevi, etc. - same difference - all in a jar, interesting, yet gross and NOT something I want in our refrigerator! :)

P.S. And I got PAID to handle those specimens!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Love it when a plan comes together

I am so pleased with myself if I say so myself! Like most people, I have been busy, busy, busy with getting ready for Thanksgiving. My day was totally filled with tasks to accomplish and a hair appointment, non stop stuff, culminating with closing out 2 grocery stores, getting all the food for our feast. Even tho I hated going out into the cold nite (because I was so tired), it worked out perfectly as I was able to zip thru both stores quickly since they were practically empty. Admittedly tho, I didn't bargain shop. No, it was more like the frenzy of someone being allowed to have 45 minutes to have as much as they can for free, except my reward was getting out and getting done. I got it ALL put away, dishwasher on and here I am. I am soooo exhausted, but too tired to sleep. If I tried now my brain would be planning all the things I need to do tomorrow. I find this blogging thing relaxing and thoroughly enjoy reading other people's blogs.

So, tomorrow the baking and some cooking begins and I am glad I will be able to stay in. I plan on making the traditional Thanksgiving cookies with my granddaughter, Devan Cosette (pronounced Cozette named after the little girl in Les Miserables) as she loves to help bake. She is 5 yrs old and is truly the sweetest and most thoughtful little girl. :) Talk about things to be grateful for - she is a blessing from on high! I am glad that I am a young grandma or as she calls me Mum Mum. In my family everyone had their kids later in life and so I didn't have my grandmothers around for very long. I was 25 when I had my 1st son and 33 with my 2nd.

I feel guilty when I complain about grocery shopping when I know we have so much to be grateful for in this country. There are people going to bed hungry or starving and worse and they would love to be able to do the things we take for granted.

I am a traitor to my gender as I usually hate MOST shopping. I DO love toy shopping(then I get to play with them!), bridal and baby shower shopping. I love the sights, sounds and bustle of the Christmas season so I really enjoy Christmas shopping too, especially when I find the perfect gift. Antiques are interesting too, but everything else - bah! Humbug!

I am thrilled that I am not working on Thanksgiving or the days after this year. Usually, between my job at the hospital and my job at Lifeline I was committed to working one of those places on those days or else Christmas. I had holidays off at Lifeline but always filled in for the coordinator (I was her assistant) as she took the day after Thanksgiving off. I also filled in Christmas week. I worked last Christmas and New Years eve at the hospital and so this year I would've had to work Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. I love both Christmas eve and Christmas - but Christmas eve is my favorite. I also love being home Christmas nite enjoying the after glow of the days festivities. So, this year it will be nice to have the time off - unless I take a job in a doctor's office, in which case I will still have the holidays off. I am waiting for some test results and then I will decide what I am doing after I get them. That's why when I go back to work I want to work in a doctor's office, so that I can have holidays and Sundays off. I don't care what hours I work. After working 3-11 (and if it was a crazy, hellacious nite, I would stay much later to help and to catch up on all the paper work), holidays and every other weekend in a hospital for 20 years, anything else will have an easier schedule. Saturdays - no big deal, evenings - bring them on. Also, working all those holidays wasn't that big of a deal as the hours overall were perfect for raising my sons. Actually, for most of my time at the hospital I thought 3-11 was the coolest shift. Home for the boys in the daytime, could go swimming, get chores done and still go to work with lots of energy and the shift itself was fun. Conversely, when I did 7-3's on the weekend (always had fun on that weekend shift too), I would come home drained and not have the same energy to do things at home. However,I have paid my dues and am ready to make the switch to days/evenings. I would still even pull some late niters if I needed to. And of course if go back to a hospital then I will probably end up doing the holiday thing again. I just turned down a nice m-f full time job offer at one of the larger hospitals in the corporation I was working for. It would've been something totally different from what I was doing as it entailed overseeing the volunteers and managing the front lobby etc., so, there would have been a lot of patient/public contact, which I love. I just am not ready to commit so quickly as I want to see all of my options. Whatever I take I will commit to for a long time so I want to be sure. I really did appreciate the offer tho. The nice lady in HR really boosted this girl's confidence with all that she said! :)

I am also excited that I will be home Friday to start decorating for Christmas. I remember when I didn't start to decorate until the middle of December. I am like a kid with Christmas (favorite time of year) so the earlier the better.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

McDreamy Eyes!

I, along with everyone else that has become a part of the Grey's Anatomy cult am happy that McDreamy and Merideth got back together. The chemistry between those two is amazing and personally, I can't wait until he starts really using those McDreamy eyes on her. (Remember the season finale when they were on the dance floor? Their eyes spoke volumes.) They add a whole new dimension to elevator rides as well. I confess that I AM an incurable romantic! :)

Need Both Wings to Fly the Eagle

I have been politically depressed of late - ever since the recent elections. I know this because I have been avoiding all the talking heads on tv and talk radio along with not reading the news papers or anything on the net. This is temporary. I just need a little time to process the fact that Nancy Pelosi is our new Speaker of the House of Representatives. :(

Yes, I am a conservative republican. I call myself a bleeding heart republican because I do believe we need social programs to help the poor. Yes, it is a double edged sword in that the very system designed to help those truly in need is flawed and fosters abuses , even generationally, by people who are undeserving of the assistance. (Topic for another day) I don't consider myself a partisan voter in that I would vote for someone in a different party if I truly believed they were the better choice. ("If"- being the operative word here.) I believe a strong national defense trumps everything else because if we don't have that than nothing else matters in the end. The Republican party stands for a strong defense and I believe a strong defense prevents the offense or minimizes it. There are other reasons that I align myself with that party but again, a topic for another day.

I hope that both parties will work together for the good of the country. It SHOULD ALWAYS be that way! Perhaps, since the 2008 presidential elections are underway BOTH parties will be motivated to do their best for the good of the country so they can ride on their accomplishments all the way to the White House. In a perfect world - it could happen!

We need the checks and balances in our political system - we need both wings to fly the eagle.

Sutured on Sunday

Years ago, I was working on an Easter sunday morning in emergency registration. I was wearing a silky 2 piece dress that kept opening in the front, revealing my lacy slip. So, for a couple of hours I performed my tasks, clutching the front of my dress so it wouldn't fall open. (It was going to be a looong day.) Finally, in exasperation, I went back into the ED (still clutching the front of my dress) to see if anyone had a safety pin. They didn't.

For some, thoughts of an emergency department conjures up images of drama of some sort, accompanied by pain, suffering, illness and long waits. This particular morning was obviously getting off to a slow start as the ED Doc cheerfully volunteered to suture the dress (the part that covers my chest) closed for me while I was still in it. In desperation - I agreed. So, there we were, standing in the cardiac room with him skillfully (Thankfully - given WHERE he was suturing!) suturing my dress closed while we were surrounded by our co-workers amidst their delightful comments - use your imagination!

Obviously all the Doc's schooling paid off as he was able to save the day for this damsel in distress! ;)

Later that day, someone else told me it was o.k. that my dress was falling open as that was the style and it was supposed to show the lace. Sigh! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fashion Faux Pas!

Hmmm... Where shall I begin? I know ! At the end of the day, where my epiphany moment was born! The following is not verbatim but went something like this.

My older son (Jon) arrived home in the evening to pick up his daughter, our precious granddaughter. After a few minutes he says "MOM! WHAT are you wearing?" I say "Wearing? What do you mean WHAT am I wearing?"

Jon - "You can SEE through your blouse!"

Me - " No you can't!"

Jon - " Yes YOU can!"

I'm in the kitchen, I look down - it looks fine. I go look in the bathroom mirror which has several lights running across the top of it - it looks fine. So, I go out to the family room and stand directly in front of him and say "no you can't - it's a white bra under a white blouse."

Jon - "Mom - I SEE your bra and I SEE your skin!"

And now ....slowly,.... I feel the blood draining from my face and am afraid to look where he is looking because simultaneously my days events are flashing through my mind, replaying EVERYWHERE I had been and EVERYONE that I came in contact with! I proceeded to sit on the sofa and look down at the blouse, and look at my skin showing THROUGH the blouse, REALLY SHOWING through the blouse!

Me - "Oh my God - you're RIGHT!!"

Now, I'm feeling mortified as I again see my day flash before me. Also, I don't do well with these personally embarrassing situations, like the day(and of course this was worse) after finishing a 7-3 shift at the hospital, I left the ladies room and walked into the ED to chat a bit before going home, only I didn't know what I had done - or not done - story for another day.

So,this white blouse was just like a pretty robin's egg blue blouse I wore all summer, the exact same blouse in a different color. (If it came in light pink or baby pastel yellow I would've bought them too.) I wore a matching aqua bra under it. I loved that color on me and would've worn it every day if I could. Plus it was light and perfect for the hot weather we were having. You can see bras under women's clothing. You could see the aqua bra under the blue shirt, like seeing panties under light weight pants.It's OK - right? I've heard you should wear beige under your light clothes but that always feels wrong to me.

That morning (the morning of committing the dreaded fashion faux pas) I grabbed the blouse out of the closet, took the tags off, finished getting ready (in front of the bathroom mirror) and headed off to the doctor's office.

This doctor's office is very busy! Sometimes 2 doctors are there, always a lot of office staff and patients - all under very brightly lit fluorescent lites - in EVERY room. They would've seen thru this blouse! (F.M.A.! - feeling mortified again!) I don't recall anyone looking at me funny, but then they are all very polite. In a way it is good that I didn't know as I would've wanted to DIE on the spot!

After I left the office I then stopped at the bagel station (also packed with people) and did I say it was also a BRIGHT,SUNNY day? (F.M.A.!) From there I went to Araura (not sure of their spelling) Electric and purchased a lamp. Now, I know why I saw the guy avert his eyes from my chest (F.M.A.!) while he was ringing up the lamp! I then went to the plumbing store, but at least mercifully they have low lighting in there! Then home. Mind you, neither my husband nor my other son (Chris) ever said anything to me - nothing! So, I wore the blouse ALL day !

First of all - I NEVER would've left the house with that on unless I had something more under or over it.
2nd - I don't have the body to show off THAT way and wouldn't even if I did. (F.M.A.!)

C'est la vie! :)

So, if anyone else has any embarrassing fashion faux pas or moments in general, please feel free to share them here as misery loves company! :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

New Blogger and Feeling Shy :)

I am totally new to this blogging thing. Last month while looking up some medical info for myself I inadvertently came accross the Urostream Blog (yes, I was looking up urological info) and then her site led me to GruntDoc, Surgeonsblog, FatDoctor and so many more.
Thanks to my all the way or nothing personality - I injured my neck (cervical fasciitis) do to the fact that I forgot I am not 17 any more and the word moderation didn't ever enter my mind as I dove into the pool at the Y and proceeded to do 4 laps of the front crawl, some breast strokes, side kicks and yes even twirling! Oh and did I say there was no warm - up of any kind and the word exercise wasn't in my vocabulary or that I can totally relate to Garfield the cat? So, after coming home from the Y, I enthusiastically exclaimed to my husband "I feel soooooo good ALL OVER my body!!! The next morning as soon as I sat up in bed I realized I couldn't turn my head left. Fortunately, I already had an appt. with the ortho doc that morning to get clearance from him to use equipment at theY as I was going to join their fitness program. I have a hx of meniscal tears (same knee x2) but thanks to that terrific doctor all is well. So, because I couldn't bare to have my head touch even a pillow, I sat at the computer practically all weekend and THAT is when I became addicted to these medical blogs. I am sure they were therapeutic as laughter is like a medicine for the body. Of course the percocet helped too and thank God for it! Boy did I laugh! Still do as they are most entertaining and the more serious ones are interesting.
Until recently, I worked as a patient access (receptionist and so much more) for an emergency dept. for 20 years in a small Mayberry RFD type hospital. Patients coming in for help from the big city areas often looked concerned as they would say that the hospital looked like a post office, etc. (guess they haven't seen our post offices - not real big here) They would leave with smiles and gratitude and often comment on the good service! I appreciate these blogs so much because I understand what it is like to work with the many unique happennings that go on in an emergency environment, indeed the medical environment! I especially appreciate Dr. Keagirl's Urostream blog because of my own urology issues this year.
So, why am I blogging? Because I want to reply to urosteam's and surgeonsblog and to do that I had to set up my own blog. Well, ok I did get totally in to it and my older son told me last nite that I was turning into a computer nerd! He is a computer networker himself! Need I say more?
I really am shy about this, really.
May anyone reading this have a beautiful day and a wonderful life! :)