Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Apprentice Tonight! :)

Yay! The Apprentice starts tonight! I am looking forward to sharing opinions/predictions with fellow bloggers as to date there hasn't been anyone in my personal life that watches the show. I do have one friend that may watch it and if so it will be fun to exchange opinions with her as well.

I don't like how Donald Trump seems so full of himself or that he brags. I don't like how sometimes he seems materialistic and the way in which it is promoted as the ultimate goal and definition of success in life.

*The truly important treasures can't be measured in dollars.

That said - I am intrigued by his ingenuity, determination and competitiveness. I do respect his work ethic. I also like the way he seems to have raised his kids to also have a strong work ethic, get a good education and to be respectful and productive in society.

My favorite part of the show is watching the enterprising Trump assistant wannabes. I enjoy seeing how their competitive spirits propel them forward to win. It is fun assessing which job candidate is most likely to succeed.

I was the little girl who collected the most UNICEF in 2nd grade and sold the most magazines for the H.S. senior trip. Give me a cause and I LOVE to collect money! I have experience in sales and I know the thrill of getting the client, making the sale (and money) and recruiting people onto your team. I would love to see how well I would do raising money in the various competitions he sets up.

This girl is looking forward to another interesting "Apprentice" season! :)


Anonymous said...

I don't seem to get that channel, or I'm busy when it's on. I can't wait to see Armed and Famous. My cousin is in law enforcement, and a few of our friends as well. I can believe Eric Estrada would make a good officer, but I've got to see a Jackson do it.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis - What is Armed and Famous? Sounds interesting. I enjoy Survivor, the Apprentice, (absolute favorite - "the Amazing Race") and some fishing series that takes place up in the Behring Sea.

I never thought I would like reality tv but these programs are entertaining. I don't like the trashy stuff or when they are choosing a bride etc. Then, one could also argue - how real is "REALITY" tv with cameras on them? I think we get glimpses of the real thing. Personally, I would always be aware of the potential everything I do would be aired. I would like to think my character is consistent and that it wouldn't matter, but some of them are in some stressful situations that cause them to do things they might not usually do. I don't think the editing might always be fair and it would be interesting to see what isn't aired.

I read your entire blog last nite and it is well written and interesting. I am glad you kept it up. I also admire your strength and beautiful spirit - not to mention those beautiful eyes of yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Seaspray, you are so funny. I just finished telling a friend yest.- mine is more of a diary. I just vent. I did start to write about some of my medical calls, but would rather keep them to myself, for now anyway. Those will always be a part of me.

Armed and Famous is on WBNG T.V., Channel 12 or whatever other channels, 2 or some such. It is about famous people now working as law enforcement officers. It airs Wed. night. I like Survivor and Amazing race too, when I get to see them.

Love to you Seaspray,

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis Angel - I did see the previews for Armed and Famous but went to church Wednesday nite after I dropped my son off at work.

They started at 7pm and I was passing by at 8:15, looked up at their sign and just felt this tremendous pull to go in there even tho it was ridiculously late. I really think it was God drawing me in. They are a really loving and welcoming church so I knew I wouldn't be disturbing anyone going in

With everything I have been going through this year you would think I would've become a permanent fixture there but I only went twice the entire year. I have a really strong faith in God and yet I distanced this year. :( I KNOW better.

Anyway, sitting in that church felt like a hug from God - it felt so right. Then, after the service I went to be prayed over for healing and wisdom in my upcoming decision making. I do believe God is a God of restoration and miracles (I have personally experienced it - twice)and I never went for prayer all year either.

Guess I am the prodigal daughter.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Seaspray-a God of restoration and miracles. Absolutely. Go to James 5:14,15. If you can't find an elder, as some feel this is no longer done, sadly. A mature believer using olive oil,who has true faith.( Got a hubby? )_
You are so sweet Seaspray..I wish you health and happiness...remember, we also have to except God's will. Sometimes we are not meant to be better here, but it will ALWAYS be better later. Love to you, Chrysalis (Romans 8:28)
(Don't let any medical personnel get in an uproar, who do you think guides them?)

Anonymous said...

God is with you always Seaspray, you don't need to enter a building to speak to him. The "church" is the body of Christ...which is other believers, two or more gathered together.

passionstamper said...

Hi Seaspray! Let's see if my password problem is corrected..I never watched Apprentice-noticed it last night in the channel guide, but then I realized 24 was on! There is no way I can miss this...and it continues with another 2 hour episode (season premiere) tonight! Chrysalis Angel is right-being in church is important, but not imperative in order to speak what's in your heart-because of who LIVES in your heart.

SeaSpray said...

High Chrysalis Angel and Passionstamper - I have spent most of my life out of the church, although, I have a deep belief in God. When I was in my 20's I wondered if people that didn't go to church went to hell. Then, from that concern, I went to God is everywhere and not confined to a building - which is true. Then - I realized that as Christians that Jesus has called us to fellowship together because we need the body (church) and the church needs us and the church can be a blessing to the community. Still.. having said all that - I am still the prodigal daughter and thank God for his mercies. I do believe that I am missing out on his best for me when I follow my own will. I can be so headstrong sometimes!

I have often quoted those 2 scriptures Chrysalis Angel and believe them whole heartedly. Just think - Christ is even in the middle of our cyber conversations! :)

24 is awesome! We TiVoed it and will watch tonight. I can't wait for the Amazing Race. :)