Sunday, January 7, 2007

I Just Miss the Snow

Yesterday, I took a shower (and the window covering STAYED up- see older My Blushing Face/Rudolph post) with the window open. "Yeah? So?" you say. I took a shower with the window open - in January - in NJ - and, I wasn't cold. That was because of our heatwave of about 70 degrees and slightly humid. We also had the windows open and no one was wearing jackets. There were gnats hovering over the water on the pool cover and my husband was considering mowing the grass - in January. Moths were still fluttering about. Do the bears stay in hibernation when it gets unseasonably warm? Do they hibernate because of an internal time clock or are they affected by the weather? By evening, a friend and I decided to visit another friend in the neighbor hood and I couldn't wait to get out of my house because it was so warm in the house and the heat wasn't even on.

I know that sometimes there is a January thaw in the weather cycle. I know some people are downright giddy with this weather and they are tortured souls when the first snow flake hits.

Not me. Call me crazy, but I don't like wearing sweaters in 70 degree weather. I want to wear my winter clothes and accessories. I am the girl who put the A/C on in the Patient Access Dept. every shift I worked in the winter! (I will tell this story in another post)

I LOVE the cold weather! I LOVE SNOW! I like it when it is frigid and you can see your breath and you crunch through the snow while walking. I especially love the silence in nature while the snow is falling and the snow and ice is transforming everything into a seemingly magical winter wonderland. It's like entering another world for awhile. I appreciate the beauty of snow on the mountains, contrasted by the trees, the rocks and the sky or the occasional red cardinal resting on a tree branch. My absolute favorite thing - is a full moon shining across a snowy landscape, illuminating the country side with it's silvery light cascading down upon the sparkling snow. I am so profoundly moved by these moonlit nights, that I wish I could absorb them into my very being, becoming one with nature through some form of cosmic osmosis.

The laughter of kids while sleigh riding, building snowmen and snow forts, ice skating and snow ball fights - followed with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows - all fun.

I shouldn't admit this, but speaking of snow ball fights - years ago, we had a quick snow ball fight in the ED and hallway while on the 3-11 shift. It was later in the shift and obviously, there weren't any patients. That could never happen now - but it was fun - and then we had to clean it up.

I love that cozy feeling of being nestled in a warm house while outside the wind is howling, whipping the snow around and sharing a good home cooked meal, curling up with a good book or watching a good movie or whatever other activity pops up.

In my perfect world people wouldn't freeze to death in card board boxes and under bridges. Everyone would have a warm home to go to. People wouldn't come into the ED because their fingers got chopped off in a snow blower, they got an MI from shoveling snow or fractures, sprains and lacerations because they slipped on ice. No one would be driving in fear or get stranded in blizzard conditions.

We still have heating oil in the tank from our September delivery. We can go through a tank of oil in a month when it is really cold. Since we are a one paycheck family right now - ti's a good thing!

I will count my blessings.

I just miss the snow :)

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