Friday, January 12, 2007

Never Deny Someone the Opportunity to Say Yes!

Never deny someone "the opportunity" to say yes!

Sometimes, people hesitate in approaching someone with a sale or a request, especially if they (the person asking) are the ones who will benefit. I struggled with that in my early sales days.

Give me a cause to collect money and I'm your girl! I can do anything for someone else's cause, but back when I started my business I was sometimes shy and didn't want to impose. Now - I know better!

One should never assume or prejudge what another person may or may not desire or need. You could be providing a service or have something that person would appreciate having or doing.

**Yet, if you don't ask - you will never know. :)


OHN said...

Wow, talk about a smack in the face. Just this morning I was talking to my son about trying to get a new client and thought about not approaching them because they "would probably" not need my services--then I sit to read blogs and your statement smacks me upside the head :) I think tomorrow I will make the call :)

SeaSpray said...

Glad it helped Ohn. May you be successful in getting the new client tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by. :)

passionstamper said...

Nice reminder, Seaspray!I've been avoiding that phone to make customer calls lately (and I know better) because I haven't had alot of affirmative answers lately (mostly due to the holidays). But the holidays are behind us now..and I still haven't picked up that phone! It's so easy to fall into that "rut" and let the negative thoughts creep in...where is my passion hiding? It's a brand new year! And a brand new day! And I have some brand new classes to offer, with some brand new stamp sets! How can I get a "yes" when I don't even pick up the phone? Hello! I'm off to making those calls! Thanks again for the inspiration! BIG HUG seaspray!

SeaSpray said...

What are friends for? Glad it helped and hope you had success with those calls.

Sometimes the dry periods can lead to wild fires. Thanks for stopping by. :)