Monday, January 15, 2007

Someone Else's Post

I put a long comment on the Independent Urologist's post called "DaVinci's Other Code" and so I have exhausted any desire to post anything now - other than this. Actually, I have put other comments on his site as well. I enjoy reading about how he is setting up his new practice and other things he shares regarding business ideas.

Since I don't have a penis and my husband's prostate is in good shape, I don't relate to most of the medical posts on his site as yet.

I also appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude!

Also, I am a bit under the weather today as the stent is bothering me and I am getting a cold.

p.s. I found his "Letter to the Editor" post to be both amusing and fascinating, but it might be one of those - you have to be in the business to appreciate it. :)

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