Sunday, January 7, 2007


Success is dependent on effort.


The Independent Urologist said...

I like this quote from Ben Hogan, the golfer. "It is the struggle that makes success so sweet."

SeaSpray said...

"It is the struggle that makes success so sweet." I like that and it is so true.

We all go through struggles at different times in our lives - some by choice, some not. Attitude determines altitude (don't know who said that) and whether or not we will rise above, persevere and press forward to the goal. When we get there...ah - sweet success. :)

I have been enjoying your blog and find your office/business ideas interesting. I am in awe of the knowledge and responsibilities doctors have. Do doctors have to take business courses? Just wondering how you all know how to set up a business or do you hire someone, but oversee everything?

Wishing you sweet success!

Thanks for stopping by Independent Urologist.

p.s. I hope you don't mind that I blogrolled you. Since I have had my own urological issues to deal with I find your site interesting and the same for Urostream.

The Independent Urologist said...

Don't mind at all. Thanks for the readership.