Tuesday, January 2, 2007

What IS This Blogging Thing? /Blogging Boundaries?

Part 1

What is this blogging thing? Why do so many people blog? Why am I blogging?

As I stated in my very first post "New Blogger and Feeling Shy", that I discovered the blogging world while looking up medical information. That weekend, I became totally addicted to medical blogs (They are informative, interesting and totally amusing! Also, having worked in the field for so long , I definitely relate to so much of it) and I found that I wanted to comment on the different blogs. (Now, I also enjoy non medical blogs as well.) At the time, I thought I had to set up a blog in order to do that. I didn't realize you can post anonymously - but I never do. When I set up my profile, I put way to much in there, but was having fun. One of my favorite profile answers is from Charity Doc's "Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice", where in his profile under interests, he says "FingerPainting." That's it. Short and sweet. :)

I don't like using IM or text messaging for anything more than a couple of sentences. It is so much faster to just talk on the phone.

However, blogging is different. Blogging is creative and I suspect draws people in who like to write and share their thoughts through this medium. Perhaps some bloggers like communicating with anonymity. I have found some blogger's posts to be as evocative as picking up the evening newspaper editorial. You know, the kind of editorial you would thoroughly enjoy discussing with people over a cup of coffee (or beverage of your choice) somewhere? Instead, in the blogging world - you post a comment. It gets really interesting when several comments get posted in response to a blog - I enjoy that back and forth thing.

Dr. Keagirl had some interesting responses on her Urostream blog regarding her post on a Jehovah's witness patient, which sparked a lot of comments. I would've posted a lot more (I find theology to be a deep well of revelations, inspirations and controversy.) but, I was too busy at the time.

I wasn't sure I was going to personally keep blogging, but then Fat doctor linked up to me and she has me on her site as SeaSpray's Wonderful Life, which surprised me, but also gave me a shot of confidence and then.... I got scared. Scared because I thought "Oh No! What will I say?"
However, I always have SOMETHING to say - whether or not it is interesting, is debatable, but I am having fun with it. :)

Part 2

I am still trying to figure out my blogging boundaries.

It is a given that I will never reveal anything personal or identifying about anyone other than myself. I will never say anything mean spirited about any person, place or thing. (I know to some - it already sounds boring ) I would never want to hurt someone in that way - ever. O.K., I don't make any promises that I can't keep during the next presidential election, yet I would still vent constructively. Yeah, about that... I am only human. I do get totally addicted to the talking heads when the presidential elections come around and I find the political climate fosters some "interesting" discussions. :)

As for myself, I am questioning whether or not I have posted things a that are a little too personal about me - nothing bad - but you never know how something can come back at you. I find myself pulling posts - then putting them back. I just pulled one out today that I may or may not put back.

Many bloggers don't tell anyone they have a blog because they really vent on them, at least that is my take as to why they keep it a secret. Too late for me! I have told some people and I know they read it because they comment directly to me, yet they won't post. (I wish they would, but apparently not their thing - yet, although a few have.)

We have had a computer in the house since the 1st windows 95 came out. Other than at work, I have never cared to learn any more than the basics. Now- I want to learn everything! Pictures, links, and sound, etc.

Maybe blogging is a hobby, like ham operators, communicating with mostly strangers and some friends - just a different medium. Either way, for now - this girl IS addicted! :)


Irishdoc said...

Blogging has become for many, probably for me, this generations confessional. It can all be out there: happy, sad, angry, bitter, and no one can hold it against us.

SeaSpray said...

Blogging and connecting with other bloggers is a lot of fun - that's for sure! I AM totally addicted.

I just have to stop pulling stuff out. I know I am not,nor will I ever say anything derogatory about anyone or thing in my personal life.

I once worked with an Irish ED Doc. I loved how he called me Patrica with that Irish lilt of his. :)

Thanks for stopping by - :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so much like you Seaspray. I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I hope you won't mind.

SeaSpray said...

Thanks for stopping by again Chrysalis Angel. (I like your name) Also, thank you for adding me to your blog roll. Egads! The pressure is on! :)

I just love reading the blogs and communicating ideas, sharing laughs and sometimes pain - life.

Also, I said this on your blog - dangling in a cable car? :)