Friday, February 9, 2007

A Friend's Most Embarrassing Moment

The story below is not about SeaSpray. It happened some years back to her dear friend Donna. While SeaSpray is an avid scrabble player, she has never smoked cigarettes (other than being a naturally curious 16 yr old who then proceeded to cough and gag - YUK!) and therefore would not have been out buying cigarettes. If this had happened to SeaSpray, you would not be reading this now because, she would've died in the store. :) Besides, trust me - SeaSpray has enough of her own embarrassing moments to tell and will - except for one story. One story that she will never be able to tell - ever - and it is a good one. No - SeaSprays lips are forever sealed on that one . ;)

SeaSpray is totally annoyed right now because although she scanned this story that was sent to her by her friend - she doesn't yet know how to transfer it over to her blog and so has to retype it. Having said that - SeaSpray is totally amused that she is talking in the third person. :)

SeaSpray has removed Donna's story. SeaSpray posted this story because she came across it while cleaning out some paperwork. She had Donna's permission to put it up on her site but she has requested that SeaSpray take it down because she wants to do something with it in the future. So, SeaSpray won't be able to share Donna's funny bird story either. Drats! Double Drats! SeaSpray has said this before - Donna IS the funniest person that SeaSpray knows and they have shared many,many moments of exquisite humor and laughter. :) :) :)

SeaSpray's P.S. Donna had sent this and another story out to some friends via the postal service. A mutual friend of ours and I were cracking up over the phone while reading parts of her letter to each other. We KNOW her and so we could totally envision this debacle. I must confess that at that point in time we didn't feel any empathy or sympathy toward her plight but were instead just falling over in laughter with tears streaming down our faces practically unable to breathe - again, because WE KNOW HER!


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray you are too much! I was laughing out loud here. I haven't laughed like that since reading Surgeonsblog some time back. I feel for the poor woman, but reading that was just hilarious.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis Angel - I love it when something is so funny that we laugh out loud! For one thing it means that something is is THAT funny and laughing like that is healing to our bodies, not to mention just plain fun! :)

Donna - is the funniest person that I have personally ever met. :) She will be delighted to know that people are laughing at her story. :)

Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I don't wear skirts. I could not stop laughing and today I really needed a good laugh.
Wow. That truly is em-bare-assing.

BTW thank you for your well wishes.

HP said...

That's a true 'wish the ground would open up and just swallow me' moment. Poor girl but terribly funny!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Good one Billmaker: em-bare-assing. I just got another chuckle! :) What a pretty name, Tamara.
Make sure your dear friend knows we are laughing at the story, not at her. Your a doll Seaspray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Tamara, HP and Chrysalis Angel - Thanks for stopping by and glad you all got a good laugh.

I called Donna this morning and told her that I posted her story. I also read your comments to her and she got a big kick out of them.

Yes, she knows we are laughing at the story. She has a fantastic sense of humor. Even in her darkest moments she would say something funny, really funny and then I'd realize I was laughing at her situation and then I would feel guilty and always explain that it wasn't her situation but how she presents it. She understood. In high school a guidance counselor actually told her that she should be a stand up comedienne. If she had a blog, it would be the funniest one on the net.

Funny Billmaker - em-bare-assing! :)

passionstamper said...

OH MY GOODNESS-Donna happens to also be a mutual friend of Seaspray and mine as we were all neighbors once upon a time...and I really needed a good laugh today-it has not been a great weekend... Reading this actually made me CRY I was laughing so hard..not only because I know Donna personally, but because a similar incident happened to ME! But you all don't want to hear it...I'm sure! Thanks for sharing this Seaspray-laughter sure can break thru barriors that sometimes nothing else can. so can friendship-and right now I'm gonna cry again..but not because I'm laughing-but because I feel so blessed in the midst of some very trying times, to have wonderful friends such as Seaspray and Donna..thanks, girls! LOVE YOU!

PS-Billmaker, I LOVE it-em-bare-assing! LOL!!! And Chrysalis Angel, I don't know you and you don't know me but you have been very supportive of my friend Seaspray-I just want to say THANK YOU-you are a blessing too!

passionstamper said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
passionstamper said...

OOPS! I guess I didn't realize this comment would go thru twice...well, at least now you know I really mean what I say!!!!!!

SeaSpray said...

YES we do! YES -we- DO Passionstamper! YES - we want to hear ALL about your embarrassing moment! Do share - :)

Glad you got a a good and much needed laugh. Laughter is truly a gift from God and so are good friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Seaspray! The story you won't tell us can't possibly be worse than this one, can it? Oh my totally horrible!

SeaSpray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SeaSpray said...

Yes, Bloghore,it is.

Only I didn't realize it at the time and it was MY wild idea too! All because of something I read in a book and I BELIEVED it!

It is amazing the things you realize when you mature more.

I started to post it and took it back out.

I will chalk it up to being a naive 20 year old and youthful indiscretions! :)

I did copy and paste it so maybe I will put it back in or do it as a post, but I still can't say what it was.

Besides, everyone has a secret or two...or...thr ;)

Moof said...

* OH * MY * GOD! * ... now if I can just stop laughing!

Thanks for posting this!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Moof - Donna is one of the funniest people that I know. This story was even funnier when she told it in person because she changes her voice and expressions to go with the story. She's a good writer as well. Glad you got a good laugh and thanks for stopping by. :)