Sunday, February 18, 2007

Practical Joke :)

A couple of nights ago, my younger son had some friends (H.S. seniors) over to play video games. Technology is truly amazing. They use a couple of TV's and something about routers and play against each other and some others on line.

They get really loud but it warms my heart. Boys are really funny and I so thoroughly enjoy their humor!

Some of them are on our local first aid squad.

Some other guys that weren't here had stealthily come up to our house and grabbed our snow shovels that were by one of the front doors. They then proceeded to totally bury the car of one of the guys that were inside our house. (It was parked on the road in front of our house and it took a half hour for them to do this.) The pranksters then parked their car away from his but to where they could still watch. They called the guy and asked him why he didn't respond to the first aid call (he was on call) and he said he didn't hear it.

When he came out to our family room he told me that he may or may not be back. (this was around midnight) He went running out the door trying to get his stuff on.

Evidently, when he got to where he thought his car was parked and with key in hand ready to open his car door - he just stood there - and stared! While he was still processing this, the others exuberantly came bounding over and then helped him clean his car off. :)

They then left to bury some other cars and built a snowman made out of ice chunks (I saw the pic yesterday) and left it on the hood of another car. Too funny!!!

P.S. Yesterday, my husband with a puzzled look on his face said "do you know where our snow shovels are?? There is snow all across the road and the shovels are ..... gone???".

They need to bring our shovels back. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Snow can be great fun. Love your Seaspray to the right of your blog. That's great!

SeaSpray said...

Hi and thanks Chrysalis Angel :)

OHN said...

I have 3 sons and this post made me laugh out loud. I love it when "the guys" come over. They make me crazy and eat all my food but it is so much fun.

SeaSpray said...

Yes! They DO eat food - lots and lots of food. The Friday before the Super Bowl my son had a bunch of friends over.

Earlier I had put a small roast in the oven and had decided to make way more potatoes than we would've needed. It was a good thing because even tho the roast was small I still had plenty to feed them by adding extra vegetables and biscuits. I also made brown gravy to go with it.
I knew I was going to invite them all to have dinner but hadn't said anything yet. One of the boys came out and said "Are you cooking for the Super Bowl or are you just cooking dinner?" I said that I was cooking dinner and they were all invited and he lit up like a Christmas tree and exclaimed "Wow!" and quickly left and told the others. I guess the aroma of a good home cooked meal was getting to him. :) Then a couple of hours later another of our son's friends came over (He's like our 4th son) and went in to see the guys. He comes back out to me and says "Hey Pat - I heard you made a pot roast can I have some?" to which I told him to go help himself and he fixed himself a plate. They are all such blessings. :)

We have 2 sons and I call this one kid my 4th son because my older son has a close friend that I used to call our 3rd son.

Older son is now married and on his own. They grow up so quickly! Hard to believe younger son will be graduating High School in June. :)