Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still Snowing! :)

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Medblog Addict said...

I'm jealous. It rarely snows where I am. And when it does snow, all the Yankees say it's not "real snow". I'm still wondering what real snow is:)

Anonymous said...
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Chrysalis Angel said...

Good one Seaspray. Sorry it wasn't good packing snow..I still owe you a snow puppy.

SeaSpray said...

Ha! I don't know what they mean M.A. unless they think it should be a huge storm with a foot of snow or more. Snow is snow.

My Aunt and Uncle moved down to Fairhope Alabama years ago from the north and they said that if they even get an inch of snow down there that it is a big deal and they also don't know how to drive in it.

Of course, my aunt and uncle stayed behind in a huge hurricane because they thought they would be safe in their brick house. The lived a half hr from Mobile Bay and a half hr from Gulf Shores. As you can imagine everything got battered around knocking into the house and a huge tree fell through the roof right into their bedroom close to my aunt. they were without electric for over a week. All the local southerners evacuated! They said they were never so scared in their life and from that time on they used those hurricane tracking maps and they EVACUATED when told to do so. I guess it's all what you get used to.

The snow covering everything is really beautiful to look at and I really am happy that winter is here - finally.

M.A. - I didn't save the 1st Survivor episode on TeVo and so missed seeing it and will be commenting about The Apprentice, etc - was just preoccupied. I haven't talked to Angruy Medic in a while and want to catch up on his site.

Glad you all like the joke - me too. :)

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Thanks for the visit to my site. I like the postcard of the snow-like Madonna. All the very best. Michelle

View from the Trekant said...


Echo Doc

SeaSpray said...

Dr Michelle and Echo Doc - glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by. :)