Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sea of Papers'm still navigating through this sea of EOB's , past med bills (paid/not paid), current med bills (paid/not paid) , and other bills. It gets complicated when the doctors send their bills before the insurance pays the claim and then the insurance isn't always reimbursing at the correct amount or they charge for copays they shouldn't, etc., etc. and so I am still organizing and getting everything ready for review. It is taking forever because I am going all the way back to 01/01/06. After everything is in order, it will then be ...the phone calls AND this isn't even doing the tax receipts/deductions yet.

Do you see the floating paperwork in the pic above? Thats a reflection of my fantasy in which I am shipping all my paperwork down to Dr. Schoor because he is both savvy and efficient with these matters. He is "The Independent Urologist" and is located on my side bar links. Ahoy there! :)


Anonymous said...

Well I will try again...blogger is not letting me post my comments to your site again. If, by any small chance I am successful with this one, please try to remember that I am a reader of your pots, that I enjoy them, and that I try and post comments to that effect, but blogger won't let me.


The Independent Urologist said...

Great idea about the specimen cup and pen issue from my blog. I will definitely implement that. In fact, I just implemented it. The internet. Wonderful thing, eh?

SeaSpray said...

Indeed - it is I.U. :)

I am glad to have shared that then. I am also impressed that you have done it immediately.

I wish you weren't so far down from where I live because once I get through this urology stuff, I will be going out to look for work and I would find it exciting to be in the ground floor of a start-up practice and I know I would enjoy working for you based on things that you have written.

Anyway, you know I appreciate the inspiration from your posts and God knows, there are a lot of doctor offices up here. All in due time. :)

P.S. This girl is smiling because she was able to be of assistance to you. Indeed, the internet is wonderful! :)