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Kidney Stones Evidence for Divine Design-pics,etc.

I was recently looking up urology information (when am I not?) and came across this article "Kidney Stones Evidence for Divine Design"~ by Fazale (Fuz) Rana- which I have posted below the kidney stone pics.

I thought the author's perspective on kidney stones being evidence for creationism to be interesting. At the very least, it was to me since my world has been rocked around (Ha! "rocked" - no pun intended!) over this last year because of that mega 6mm stone that had gotten stuck in my ureter in May of 2004. That pesky stone caused a lot of scarring, leading to a totally constricted ureter 14 months later and the rest is hx.

My next renal scan to determine whether or not I will need surgical repair for my ureter is approximately 3 or so weeks away. I am still believing for a good outcome. :)

Also, I definitely do not believe in the "Big Bang" theory or in evolution. I don't have any problem joining God and science together and yes I do believe he created it all, and frankly, am amused at how people limit God.

The only question that I have that I can't wrap my mind around is - where did God come from? You know, if everything has an origin?

This does not hinder my faith in anyway, and I know we will have these answers on the other side of our earthly lives if not before. Faith is believing in things not yet seen/experienced. I have a strong faith, a strong unwavering faith and I thank God for it. Still being human - I have pondered that question.

One night I had a discussion at work in which I said that while it doesn't shake my faith, that I have wondered where God came from. The physician quoted the scripture where God says "I am that I am" and then we discussed the one in Rev 22:13 " I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." And we agreed that this is where we exercise our faith, knowing that one day we will fully understand.

I have also heard about scientists who have come to believe in God because of the discoveries that have been made with the Hubble telescope. O.K. I am digressing - that is a topic for another post.

Drink plenty of water every day to help prevent kidney stones. You should be putting out at least 64oz. (2 quarts) of urine every 24 hours.

Kidney stone crystals, coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM). Kidney stones are usually formed by the precipitation of the mineral salt calcium oxalate from the urine. The resulting hard, round stones (calculi) may cause severe pain, especially as they pass down the urinary tract. Large stones may need to be surgically removed or broken down using ultrasound therapy.

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Kidney Stones Evidence for Divine Design

by Fazale (Fuz) Rana, Ph.D.

“It’s the closest that a man will ever come to experiencing the pain of childbirth,” the attending nurse proclaimed with a noticeable glee in her eyes. Her comment only added to my misery as I writhed in pain on a stretcher in the emergency room, waiting to pass a kidney stone.

Mineral deposits such as those that formed in my kidneys develop in one out of ten people during their lifetime and account for nearly ten out of every 1,000 hospital admissions.[1] Stones can result whenever a chemical imbalance occurs in the kidney. The type of stone that forms depends upon the exact nature of the chemical imbalance and reflects different etiologies (causes). Calcium oxalate stones, the most common type, result from dehydration or excess levels of oxalate in the diet. (Oxalate is found in certain vegetables, nuts, berries, chocolate, and tea. [2]) Sodium urate stones, a second type, are caused by an inborn error in metabolism that leads to excessive production of uric acid.[3]

Uric acid is the breakdown product of adenine and guanine (key components of DNA and RNA). As a normal metabolic activity, the cell turns over biomolecules—continually replacing “older” molecules with newly synthesized ones, thereby maintaining structural and functional integrity. The cell recycles most of the adenine and guanine generated from the breakdown of nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA and RNA) through what biochemists call the salvage pathways. Still, the cell targets a significant portion of adenine and guanine for breakdown and secretion in the form of uric acid.[4]

Uric acid possesses low solubility in blood serum, causing it to readily precipitate into the urinary tract if the body dehydrates or generates an excessive amount of the product (which can occur if the enzymes of the salvage pathway are defective).[5]

Except for primates, including human beings, all mammals further metabolize uric acid to a more soluble derivative. Evolutionary biologists suggest that the enzymes responsible for this transformation were lost in the evolutionary process that gave rise to primates (and humans).[6] For these scientists, the elimination of adenine and guanine in the form of uric acid argues potently for evolution, since it appears to reflect poor design.[7] Why would an all-powerful and all-knowing Creator put into place an imperfect biochemical process that leaves human beings so susceptible to kidney stones (and other disorders, like gout)? Evolutionists would maintain that the adenine and guanine elimination pathways represent nothing more than an evolutionary “kluge” job, an imperfection that barely gets the job done—not a Creator’s perfect handiwork.

This perspective fails to consider, however, uric acid’s full range of metabolic properties, some of which are beneficial. This compound is a potent antioxidant that scavenges the chemically corrosive hydroxyl free radical, singlet oxygen, and superoxide anion, all produced by the metabolic pathways that the cell uses to harvest chemical energy.[8] The high levels of uric acid in the blood serum, though precariously poised to form stones in the urinary tract, also help prevent cancer and contribute to long human life spans. For other mammals, the conversion of uric acid to more soluble forms before elimination deprives them of a key antioxidant and limits their life spans.

When considered more broadly, it turns out that the primate adenine and guanine elimination pathways reflect an elegant, rather than a poor, design that finds an important use for a waste product. Though inborn metabolic error in the salvage pathway enzymes accounts for the less-common type of kidney stone, the more-common type is largely preventable by a balanced diet—which seems a small price to pay for cancer prevention and long life spans.

When the pain-killers finally took effect and I’d had a chance to research and reflect on what happened to me, I was able to muster thanks to God for kidney stones. But I don’t think anyone will want me to share my story at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year.


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Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

Thank you for your comments on my site! And thank you for the link---I've just added you to my own blogroll. (And I love your blog!)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Great photos of kidney stones Seaspray. Interesting post. Your Dr. you talked with gave you the very answer I was going to say to you. You do have a great blog.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Bohemian Road Nurse and Chrysalis Angel. Thanks for the blogroll BRN and thanks for stopping by girls. :)

Chrysalis - I will go check test out.

View from the Trekant said...

Fascinating post - Seaspray you write in the most interesting way!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Echo Doc or should I say VFTT?

I appreciate your writing too and those magnificent ocean pics you have been putting up. :) Your other site is also, both interesting and informative. :)

Anonymous said...

If kidney stones are part of God's grand plan, couldn't he at least have made the fricking ureter just a bit wider? Talk about a bottleneck! Ouchy-mama!

meek4usa said...

This is a great blog! I have a 9mm stone right now and am schedualed for laser surgery on the 16th of July.
If it were not for my belief in God, I would have killed myself by now!!! LOL.
Anyway, good luck to you and I just ask that you pray for me!?
Email me if ya want @

SeaSpray said...

Hi anonymous - I HEAR you and yes - it would be nice. Ha - my first urologist told me that my ureter was more narrow than most!

Hopefully it will all be in the past for me soon. :)

Have you ever had a stone? Ouchy mama for sure!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hi Meek4USA - I am sorry you are dealing with a stone now and I just prayed for you. There is power in prayer. Jesus said "Where 2 or more are gathered together there i am in the midst of them." He hears our prayers and even though sometimes things don't always work out the way we hope then I believe it all fits into a greater plan and ultimately works out for good. (Romans 8:28)

I am glad you like the blog and I will e-mail or visit you. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

That is yet anotherpiss poor argument for god's existence. How on EARTH does the presence of a kidney stone prove the existence of and omniscient and omnipresent creator and what makes you so sure that if god does exist that he favours human beings so much that he wants to bless them with longer life spans. Also... does he love giant tortoises more than us because their average life span is much longer than ours and they've been around for... oh a couple of hundred million years longer than we have?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anonymous and Welcome!

You ask some good questions and while I may not answer as satisfactorily as you might like I do have some opinions.

However, I am swamped at the moment with a lot on my agenda and can't right now.

I will come back to comment asap. :)

Ana said...

You posed the question: "Why would an all-powerful and all-knowing Creator put into place an imperfect biochemical process that leaves human beings so susceptible to kidney stones (and other disorders, like gout)?" How about this question: Why would an all-powerful and all-knowing Creator put into place such an awful species of beings called HUMANS that do nothing but kill each other over thousands of years for stupid reasons such as creed, race, politics, and natural resources? Why not make humans susseptible to things like kidney stones?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ana- I hear you.

I cant take credit for that article but thought it was an interesting perspective because I do believe in a heavenly Creator. The credit is given to the author and it is his references listed.

Oh wow! Theology is a deep, deep subject. Not at all hard but you can take one scripture lets say and peel away layers and layers of meanings/answers and things are connected to other scriptures and they all tie in.

In my opinion, people don't know how exciting and interesting it all is. Instead they think of the Bible as something written by man, poetic, maybe historical in some instances but certainly no God inspired. But it is the "living" word and is why there is so much info in here that people just don't realize.

Do you know that in one of the old testament books, I want to say Isaiah (not sure) the author refers to the earth as a sphere? That was written hundreds of years before Christ and certainly before Christopher Columbus. But I digress greatly - I apologize.

I agree with you - why not? But why not for anything? Sometimes we people want to know why me Lord? Why did this have to happen? Well...why not? I think things happen in this life that we won't always understand on this side of things and sometimes we might understand later on and will be clear immediately.

But to be specific, I believe based on what I have read in the scriptures and subsequent teaching and the reading of other literature that we live in a fallen world and THAT is why we have the imperfections - some really serious, that we do. It was not God's original intent. He created us out of love in his image (spirit) to fellowship with.

He had a plan and he still has a plan but he now has to go the more circuitous route with us because of our human choices.

BTW- one of the really cool things about God is that he didn't create us to be automatons but he wanted us to come to him freely with our own choosing. When someone wants to be with you they freely "choose" to be with you. If you have to force the relationship then it isn't real and no one is happy.

They say there are the 3 wills of God.
1. His intentional will but because of his allowing free will
2. His circumstantial will but then because he is God
3. His ultimate will will be achieved even if through a more circuitous route.

There have been many things done in the name of religion that God has no part of.

I am rushing through this and apologize if i didn't answer anything to your satisfaction. I have a friend that just came over to use the computer and so have to go for now but please feel free to come back and dialog or e-mail me etc.,- maybe we learn together. :)

Ana said...

Forgive me for assuming those words were yours...I didn't notice that you had posted someone else's article.

I think that all the things you say are very interesting. And you do pose a good question. "Why me?" I am not an avid Christian, but I do believe that a person's faith has positive and influential power and energy for others. I also have a re-newed belief in the power of prayer and meditation. My husband just passed a 6 mm kidney stone that he had been battling for months. A couple of weeks ago he was in SO much pain that all I could do was cry and cry. Our financial situation has not been good either, especially not having insurance to pay for ER and urologist fees. BUT - that dark night when I cried and cried, I prayed - really prayed - for the first time in a long time. The stone has now passed and we are doing better...I have to admit I owe it all to a great spirit watching over me that listened to me cry one night. All I could think of was "why my Kevin?" "Why not me?"

But seriously, I knew nothing about kidney stones until this happened to my husband. The more I learn, the more intrigued I am. Even though I am an evolutionist, I think it is interesting for one to pose kidney stones as "evidence of divine design." I am amazed at the fact that the human body can expel "stones" that are made up of the same material that the universe used to create this planet and the life on it. Big bang or not, evolution or creation, none of that even matters really. Why fuss. We'll never know the answer until the after-liefe. I think kidney stones are evidence that we and all things of the universe are ONE.

I just hope humankind will come to its senses one day and make the right choices for the betterment of the planet and all the wonderful life on it that we take for granted.

Cheers, SeaSpray.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ana - thanks for coming back to comment.

I am so sorry that you both went through that and of course I can totally relate to your husband.

I had a long, hard and painful labor with my first son. I had the back labor which was just awful because that was constant with the contraction but then when the contraction died down the back labor flared up hideously when I should have been able to rest. I remember saying, "My back! my back!" he was too big for me and I ended up with a c-section.

I said all that to is true...that a kidney stone is more painful then labor. That was my experience anyway. By the time I got to the ER I felt like I was having back labor and pelvic pressure and my urine was bright red. BUT...the flank pain was beyond description. Put it all together and it was worse.

I can imagine how hard it was for you to feel so helpless while watching him. I believe you did the best thing that could be done. Pray! Power in prayer! Who knows why we go through the things that we do? I trust that there is a higher purpose than what we can see at the time.

This is giving me an idea for a post, maybe my next one. After that stone and being stented etc, i had written a prayer I was saying to God down in a notebook. One of the prayer requests was for me to never have another kidney stone and for God to protect all my organs. It didn't work out like that. I ended up with 3 more stones when that 1st stent came out and 16 mos later I ended up with hydronephrosis, pyelonephritis and sepsis. Where was God? Why did that have to happen? So, check back when you have time I think I will write about that. :) I think it is human nature and good to question things.

I hear you about the medical bills. We have insurance and except for my urologist and a couple other docs I am behind in my med bills. Doing a payment plan with the hospital, and owe money elsewhere. We are robbing Peter to pay Paul and Paul has known for a while and getting impatient. But this has been extended for me and we have been helping other people financially too and it has strained us for sure.

I am a Creationist as I don't have any problem embracing that there was a Creator. it makes more sense to me. Just look around. Pick anyone thing and look how miraculously and wonderfully made it really is. If one little thing was off in our orbit we wouldn't exist. The human body? The earth? it took a lot more than one big bang to "make sense" out of all of this.

And if we are spirit-where do we go? There has to be more. And if there is more it must be so much more. We with our finite minds try to compartmentalize things and put God himself in a box. I like the quote said by a Christian Chinese citizen who said something like "You can no more put God in a box than you can contain the wind" and of course he is so much more.

It is so awesome to think about the possibilities! I don't recall the science behind it but there is some argument against evilution that presents it's case with the idea that it is proven that certain species have stopped evolving. They have been alive for for a long time and should have evolved into more. i will have to think of where I saw that. It made sense to this "non-scientific" mind. sorry so long with this.

You are right and in the end we WILL all find out one day and understand these things.

I do believe God did indeed hear your cries. Why does he help some and not others? A good question.

Cheers to you too Ana! Stop by again. :)

Jamesia said...

I just passed my second stone, and stumbled upon this site while searching for pictures to compare with mine. I think this is an interesting way to think about uric acid kidney stones, but I don't think the same arguments can be applied to the other four types of kidney stones. In fact, from what my urologist tells me, calcium & oxalate kidney stones are the most prevalent, so it would seem that the argument for Creation would need to specify that type primarily.

Anyway, interesting take on a very painful infliction. I met two women that were at the ER at the same time I was, and they mentioned stones were more painful even than childbirth.

I meant to look up the 'relationship' between stones and superstition because a friend of mine told me people sell their stones on Ebay to people that think they hold divine purpose. I failed to believe him, but evidently he was correct. What a strange world!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jamesia...I am sorry about the stones for you. It's great that you can pass them. Apparently according to my 1st urologist my ureter is too narrow and stones that other people pass...I cannot. The big stone caused scarring and is why I had so many subsequent problems.

Drink...drink...drink! I have been but I find that now that i am not thinking about it as much I have slacked off in my drinking.

I appreciate the point you are making. I also thought it was an interesting post and is why I linked to it.

I don't remember what my stones were comprised of. I think (vaguely remember now) that 1st urologist offered me my stone but I didn't want any part of it. he asked me if I wanted to hold the stent he took out and I declined.

I will come back to read the link you left.

My stone had a divine purpose.. haha!
It altered my life in many ways. At first I thought it was all bad but now I can see a lot of good things that have happened as a result. :)

I TOTALLY agree about being more painful than childbirth although I had c-sections. The flan/low back/pelvic pain was worse than the difficult labor I had with my first son.

Anonymous said...

I ended up here searching for stones because I am a chronic sufferer. I have had as many as 10 to 12 over the last 30 years. I do not thank God when they start, but I do thank God when they are over.
I ponder why most religions refuse to believe in evolution?
In my opinion, there is much physical evidence to support evolution and only hearsay to support creationism. On the other hand, there are many inconsistencies in the theory of evolution that creationism could explain.
Now that all the zealous religious people are all fired up and mad at me, I do believe in a creator and believe that due to the physical laws in our (His) universe it is by means of evolution that we were created.
Both creationism and evolution are the same thing. God created evolution so that we can exist.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Anon-10-12 kidney stones!Just shoot me if that happened! My urodoc I think removed a tiny embedded one while doing a procedure in June. I think I have had a total of 6 with only the 1st 4 causing pain. The other 2 were tiny and embedded in scar tissue I think. I don't know how I could've gotten the tiny ones because I do drink a lot of water. ?? i never think to ask doctor tho.

I think the difference is that in the Judeao-Christian teachings..God made man in his own image. he breathed his spirit into us and so we are not just soulish creatures as are the animals, but have spirits and are created to be eternal beings and we were given authority over the animals and are higher.

There are inconsistencies in evolution. Creation can be subject to interpretation.

Personally, I embrace the biblical interpretation... although disagree with those that say that man is only 6 thousand yrs old when it has been proven otherwise. But I Think that at that point in history is when God breathed his spirit into man..thus differentiating us from the animals. I heard an astrophysicist say that there wee soulish humans in the beginning but not created as eternal beings.

That of course is debatable but in my mind reconciles the science vs creation theory.

I agree that God is the ultimate creator.

We will all have our answers someday.

Thanks for stopping by anonymous.

I appreciate your opinions... and...May we not have anymore stones! :)