Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Beautiful Day!

I love this pic because of it's ethereal quality.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of younger son, Chris, mowing the lawn. He had already opened all the windows, (still a little chilly to do that early in the day) and put up and opened the umbrella on the picnic table. He also weed whacked. His father will be pleased to see this when he gets home from work. Last week he put the Adirondack chairs out. (I love Adirondack chairs!) I am sure he is inspired by the wonderful weekend weather forecast for our area - sunny and in the 70's. A welcome relief from this cold, dreary weather we have been having.

I love winter, but this girl is ready for some fun in the sun and all the wonderful things spring and summer bring. (No - I didn't do the renal scan yet.)

I love the smell of fresh cut grass! I love today! I hope everyone is having a beautiful day too - if not in great weather than in some other special way. :)

I'm off to take Mom grocery shopping then up to the Bermuda Triangle to look for summer shoes and clothes. :)


Sisyphus ledge said...

That is one absolutely gorgeous photo. You are right, it is superb. Thank you for sharing it. When you say that your son had already "weed" I assume that you mean 'has done some weeding (of plants)' rather than what we in the UK use the term weed in the past tense of 'to wee'?! I was a little confused about what age your son was....if he was fertilising the plants with his...., then ?? Sorry to lower the tone. I know words are sometimes different in the US. When I used to scuba dive, I was always bemused by the mainly US other divers who asked me where I "dove" that day. In the UK, the past tense of 'to dive' is 'dived' rather than 'dove' and I still find it odd when I hear someone talking about where they 'dove' rather than where they had dived.
Love the smell of freshly mown grass too.

Savanah said...

Spring is such a wonderful time of year! Thanks for the great picture!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Sis! LOL! Ha!Ha! Chris is 18. :)

Weed whacker - that thingy, thing that cuts weeds down around the borders of something where the lawn mower can't get to.

I am fascinated by languages and intrigued by the differences. French is my all time favorite language. It is s-o-o-o beautiful! I love to pronounce certain words. I had fun repeating the "vouloir ces't pouvoir" that is the title for my other post. I totally melt when I hear French spoken.

That said, I appreciate all languages and probably should have focused on a career where I could use that ability.

One of the reasons I like Amazing Race so much is because I enjoy seeing them have to interact with the various cultures. It would be so much fun to test survival skills that are dependent upon one's ability to communicate.

I think if you respect everyone and meet them where they are at, that the roads to communication will open.

I digressed.

I am in love with that picture! :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Savanah - thanks for stopping by. yes, it truly is. Your welcome, although I can't take credit for it.

If I had the originals to that photo, I would definitely enlarge it and display it. :)