Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dance of the Dolphins


patientanonymous said...

I once had a chance to go whale watching on the East Coast. It was amazing. We went out on a boat on the ocean and it was so rocky and wet but it was great to get as close as we could to those beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, we didn't see any dolphins.

They had various small tour businesses in the area and they would keep in contact re: various sightings via radio and if you could get there quick enough, they'd alert the other captains. We *just* missed a Humpback. Now that would have been something.

SeaSpray said...

That sounds so nice P.A.

I have never done that and I only live an hour or so away from the ocean depending upon where I go. My usual destination is about 2 hrs away.

I have seen dolphins going by while watching them from the beach. it was really cool. :)

They are so amazing. I wish we could understand what they are communicating. Whales too. There supposed to be very intelligent.

Actually, I don't know if we have dolphins or porpoises off the Jersey shore or both?