Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Five Early Memories...the Meme Continues...

1. I vividly remember the day I made my 1st friend. I was 3 years old. One morning, after breakfast I bounded out the back door and I immediately noticed over to my left that there was a boy playing in the sand next to our back yard. He was playing with a shiny red metal dump truck. I can still see how the early morning sun was reflecting on the shiny red metal. I ran back in to ask my mother if I could go play with him and she said yes. So, I bolted out the door and ran over to him. His name was Devin, Devin Lester. So, there we sat, in the sand playing with his shiny red dump truck. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I liked to play with his trucks and he liked to push my doll carriage. We did everything together and once a ridiculously stupid thing, but then we were only 5. He decided to go to the bathroom outside, right there in his front yard and then he told me to step in it. So, I did. Then I froze because I realized what I did and so I screamed that piercing kind of scream that little girls have and really loud. Immediately, Anthony a 16 year old boy burst out the front door, down the steps, from a house three doors away-and ran over to us. My mother, 2 doors away was there in short order too. She asked what was wrong. I (still frozen in position) looked down and said “Devin pooped outside and told me to STEP in it and I DID!” Then I started sobbing.

2. When I was 3, my mother left my father and we went to live with her parents at the Jersey Shore. They were Scottish and used to call me their “wee bonnie girl” (roll the r’s) or their “we bonnie lassie”. Grandpa would sit me on his lap and tell me stories about the “wee ghosties and the wee goblins” and Grandma made the best meat pies and apple pies ever.

3. I was a friendly little girl and have always enjoyed interacting with people. (Still do) One evening (I was about 7) I was riding my bike down the street. That evening there were 3 retired couples sitting outside in front of each of their houses. As I went riding by I said “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone, Hi Mr. and Mrs. Russell, Hi Mr. and Mrs. Johnson” and then I turned around and on the way back up I said” Bye Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, bye Mr. and Mrs. Russell, bye Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone.”

4. (a) Sometimes as a teenager, I would get these zany ideas and then act on them. I know I kept my guardian angel very busy, if not amused. :)
This one hot summer day, I got this brilliant idea for my girlfriend (Iris) and I to rub real butter all over our bodies because I figured if you could use cocoa butter, why not real butter? So, we did and we glistened. :) We later got into the back seat of her father’s Cadillac as he was going to take us to the beach. He gets in the car and immediately starts sniffing and says “WHAT IS that S-M-E-L-L??” I proudly announce that we rubbed butter all over ourselves to get tan. This man had the patience of a saint with us, but this day he yelled in exasperation “It smells RANCID! Get out of the car and WASH THAT STUFF OFF!”

(b.) Another idea of mine was that after the waves break and there is all that frothy whitewater around us that maybe we could use it to whiten our teeth. I don’t remember why but I had the notion that salt whitens teeth and so I suggested that when we are in the whitewater, that we should crouch down, open our mouths but keep our teeth closed and let all that salty whitewater wash between our teeth. We did this for a summer. Need I say more?

(c.) For some reason unbeknownst to me now, I had the brainy idea that if I climbed up on the roof of our house, laid down while holding on to the peak, that I would get a better suntan because I was that much closer to the sun. (We lived in a one story house.) So, I got a blanket and climbed up the ladder onto the roof. So, there I was, in my bikini, lying on my blanket clinging to the roof. It only worked while on my stomach though as I had to hold on so I wouldn’t slide down. That didn’t last too long as I think a neighbor must’ve told on me because one day my mother caught me and I caught heck for doing that.

5. One crisp autumn night in October, when I was 17 and a senior in high school, I was walking toward home from the lake. A guy I was dating who was 4 or 5 years older than me (in my mind casually dating him) happened by in his car and stopped to see if I wanted to go for a ride and do something. So, I said “Sure!” I told my aunt and uncle and then off we went. He offered me a can of soda. He told me he wanted to go see some friends who were in this cabin in the woods and I said that would be o.k. By the time we got to this cabin a few towns away, in the woods and in the middle of nowhere – I was starting to feel really tired. When we got inside this very rustic cabin I could see there was a bunch of guys huddled around a fire that was burning in the fire place. They were all older and I didn’t know any of them. They were nice and I was too na├»ve to be afraid. Still that friendly girl and trusted everyone. I was becoming more tired by the minute and one of the guys said “Here- take these. (He held up a little plastic container) They’re No-Doze and will wake you up. So, I took them. After that, I was hardly able to stay awake and so the guy that brought me there said they had bedrooms there and that maybe I should lie down for a while. So I agreed. He brought me in there, but he kept trying to do things with me and even though I kissed him I resisted everything else. Finally, he gave up and said he would take me home. I know nothing happened sexually because even though I dated, I wasn’t sexually active and I definitely would’ve known if that happened. I should have known better. I started dating him in the summer, but was dating others too. He was always trying to get me to do things and called me his blonde haired vixen(blonde highlights), but I never gave him any reason to think he would have his way with me. A few days later, I heard that the cabin had burned down that night. It never occurred to me that they were up to something bad. We never went out again after that. Oddly, we never spoke again. We just went in different directions and I didn’t think twice about it.

You know how random thoughts go through your mind and you think of something from the past? This one day when I was 27, I thought of this incident and it hit me “ OMG – he slipped something in my soda when we first left and his friends gave me something other than No-Doze at the cabin!” That could’ve turned out very differently. Maybe they were hoping I would pass out – I don’t know.

Maybe, my guardian angel did something to scare them and they changed their mind or maybe he got an attack of conscience. Thank God I wasn't harmed!

Hmmm...who shall I tag? I tag Medblog Addict, Fat Doctor, Health Psyche and View From the Trekant. Am I allowed to tag that many?


Chrysalis Angel said...

You sure were protected Seaspray. Lot of creeps in the world, unfortunately. HE would have us gentle as doves and wise as serpents.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel-Yes - I definitely was.

I can't believe that it never once occurred to me that they were up to no good. Thank God they didn't have that date rape drink back then! The thing is I was not at all the kind of girl who would willingly do that stuff - so why did they think that I would - under any other circumstances? Did they think I wouldn't remember and that would make it ok? Or if my inhibitions were so low, that would make it ok?

There certainly were girls who would've done what they probably wanted - why go for the girl who made it clear that she says "NO"?

I really did keep my guardian angel busy. HE could probably write a book! :)

patientanonymous said...

Hey, you finally did it! But what about the wrestling? Did you delete that? Oh come on...email it to me please?

When I was in university, I'm 99% positive some guy slipped something into a beer I was drinking. We went to the campus pub and I had all of two drinks. Our conversation veered toward drug use and at that time in my life I really hadn't done much, if any, at all. I told him I wasn't really interested.

I got up to go as I was in the middle of doing my laundry and wanted to get back to that and... whoa! Something just hit me out of nowhere!

A short while later, my roommates came home and I was so out of my mind. I told them what happened and they were concerned, called the Campus Police and they took me to the hospital as I was freaking out.

The hospital said they couldn't test for anything which I think was kind of bull. Their excuse was that I had taken Acetaminophen or Ibuprophen or something and that would mess up toxicology tests. Okay, any med bloggers out there...if I'm wrong, tell me but I think they were just being lazy. Granted, they didn't necessarily know what they were looking for but they could have done something based upon how I was reacting? And the circumstances?

Anyway, I was kind of tripping out, up all night, came home and slept for about 14 hours after it all. I was MAD.

SeaSpray said...

Hi PA - I am sorry that happened to you and glad that you ended up alright. It is a creepy feeling to feel violated that way.

Miracles do happen -I DID the meme!

Yes, I did remove the 2nd part of #4 and part of #5. I probably could've left all of 5 but decided to leave #4 with the humor.

The 2nd part of #4 took a more serious twist because of my girlfriend's pervert father and I decided that maybe I shouldn't have been so explicit regarding his actions. (he had been watching me but there was more to it than that, but enough said) Maybe someday I will post about it, but it wasn't even just that day, it was actually that summer only I didn't realize what he was doing and years before that summer he did something when I was only 9 years old and again when I was 11. I was never physically harmed by him but he did seriously inappropriate things. I never told anyone until years later just before I moved up here and then no one did anything. I never discussed it again until I was 24 and happened to mention it to my mentor. I totally understand why my friend, his daughter became a really tough tom boy and why his wife got taken out in a straight jacket to a mental institution. She snapped. That was a really sad day - I was a teenager and I stood nearby on my front lawn and watched the men take her out in a straight jacket on a stretcher and she was screaming the whole time. She was such a gentle soul, really sweet and did not deserve that awful man. I felt so sorry for my girlfriend - I cried, but she just acted tough about the whole thing.

SeaSpray said...

P.A. I also don't ever want to post anything that would bring the wrong kind of attention here or offend anyone,so that is why I decided to not be as clear about what he did. I am willing to have an "R" rating once in a while on my blog but not going for the "X" rating :)

He wasn't the only one. For some reason I must've been a magnet to these sick men.

Another girlfriend who was 15 months older then me remembered another neighborhood man letting us in his house and he brought us into the kitchen. She said he picked me up and put me on the counter and was standing right in front of me and she remembers having the feeling he was going to do something with me and it didn't feel right, but then his wife came home and he rushed us out the back door. She told her mother and she told us not to go back there again. I vaguely remember it now and it definitely wasn't appropriate.

And there were a couple more times when I was a teenager, but thank God the my guardian angel was there. :)

And thank God for the good men who know how love, respect, take care of and protect women. Even though I am perfectly capable of looking out for myself, I love the feeling of knowing a guy is looking out for my well being. I also appreciate being treated like a lady and enjoy having doors opened, chairs pulled out, When they hold out their hand to assist you, helping with an article of clothing or having a guy stand up when I walk in the room. There are so many wonderful things the good guys do and this girl is grateful and glad that chivalry isn't dead yet. :)

patientanonymous said...

Oh dear, that's kind of frightening stuff and I'm glad that nothing happened to you. I had to be honest that when I was reading the last one I was kind of worried for you.

I agree with you about chivalry and manners. They never go out of style and are incredibly important. I take great pride in that kind of behaviour.