Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yikes - it's Day Light!

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I have just pulled an all niter doing these taxes. I haven't done this since the mid 90's.

Yes, I am a tired, although quite happy girl that we are getting some refunds after all. :)

Thank God - I did find that little box of misplaced receipts and just as I thought, they were in the attic. Fortunately, the Bermuda triangle up there didn't swallow the receipts or me up during my quest to find them and I got back down in short order and without being tied to a rope! ;)

I always back my receipts up with doctor office print outs, etc. It is a good back up system. Then I log all the amounts, etc. and add the totals for each office and then finally add all the totals for each section. Then I triple check the figures and again when entering info into the tax program. It's actually fun when everything goes smoothly. I did end up in tears around 2:40 am, but I will come back to that.

Egads! I had something like 24-28 visits to the urologist's office alone. Probably around 26 and the remaining payments were either mailed to their billing or I paid with another check besides the one for the co-pay. Also, I was able to deduct for 504 miles driven to his office and the office is a bit under 9 miles from my house. Then of course there were other doctors and the hospital, etc., etc. Suffice it to know it is the 1st time we have ever been able to deduct medical expenses on the Federal forms. We can thank my ureter for that. Believe me though, I will take good health over a tax deduction any day!

I have been going to my PMD since early 90's and I probably haven't seen him 15 times in all these years. Not even my OB. Thankfully, I never had a chronic condition before this and I pray that this too shall pass and the urine too - uneventfully. :)

O.k., younger son will be getting up shortly for school (he's a senior) and so I am going to surprise him with a nice breakfast. Back later.

Around 2am I was ready to go to computer and input all the info, but my husband's last pp stub was missing. I had it a couple of days ago and thought I put it in the basket with the other tax info and it was not there. I was looking everywhere. Prior to doing taxes, I had also been organizing and throwing out old papers/documents, etc and had filled a good size box for shredding. I emptied that and went through the entire thing. Nothing. The last PP stub has info regarding pertinent info on the past year's deductions. Earlier, I had been playing a pretty, romantic old song (For your Precious Love-the song just melts me) that I hadn't heard in forever, so I put it on replay and forgot about it because I was so focused on recording and totaling everything. So, all along that song was on in the background.

By 2:40 am, I gave up and just started to cry. I have never cried over glitches before, but I was tired and I think that the music was adding to a more sad feeling and I was thinking about younger son graduating and then of one of his classmates that died in a car accident last year and how is mom must feel knowing that her son would have graduated this year, and then I started thinking about a doctor who had lost his son last year in a car accident and he would've graduated too and then about Va. Tech massacres. It just hit me how short life can be and how precious it is and that we shouldn't waste time, but appreciate every relationship and the time that we have together. It wasn't about the pay stub anymore.

Then I just happened to look at the middle of the table and there it was in front of me the whole time. I really don't know how I didn't see it. So, even though I had it, the tears were still falling. My husband had gotten up, was surprised to see me crying, but he consoled me with a warm hug and I was good to go again. (Sometimes, even just a hug is the best medicine and makes the world right again.) So I entered the info IC.

The only other time I was up all night was the first year that I used the Turbo Tax program back in the 90's. I had worked in ED registration on the 3-11 shift and so as soon as I got home I started doing the taxes. I had everything together, but was going slowly as I wasn't familiar with it and I was reading everything. Around 1:30-2am, I went to get some jelly beans from the kitchen. As soon as I came into the computer area, the light flickered. I turned to look at the light and almost simultaneously thought " Oh no! I hope the comp..." Too late! It crashed and I didn't think to back anything up and I lost everything. Suffice it to know that everything was printing as the birds were waking and the early morning sun began peeking into the room. I didn't realize the state program wasn't included and so had to do that the old fashioned way and fast!

So, except for that year and this year - tax time is usually uneventful other than the fact that I procrastinate in doing them.

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