Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sorry About the "R" Rated Cartoon - but I Do Appreciate the Humor :)
*I decided to pull the "R" rated cartoon. Maybe I will put it back sometime... or not.
I am sorry about the 2nd cartoon, the "R" rated one, but I do appreciate the humor in it. Yes, I am feeling a twinge (o.k. - more than a twinge-but I'm still amused by it) of guilt in posting it. One of my absolute favorite comedies of all time is "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" and anyone who has seen that movie will remember the infamous scene where Steve Martin loses it with the clerk and he uses the "F" word, seemingly as every other word during his tirade and I think it was quite humorous. :)

Suffice it to know that I am so annoyed at myself right now, that I could spit nails at ME! I have yet to find that one small box with important info for about a quarter of the year's tax deductions. This, by the way, is why the wonderful accountant I mentioned in a previous post gets amused with me sweating it out. Every single year, I wait until April to do this stuff - but then- I procrastinate until I get so close to the deadline that I have tax dreams. I also don't allow for a problem with the tax program, or for the possibility for a confusing (to me) change in tax law/info or as in this year - my quest for the missing receipts. Obviously, if this was January/February - no big deal.
Ha! I must've been delusional, back in one of my December posts when I actually thought I would get an early start on taxes and send them in early! I will get totally into it in short order, (always do) because I get that adrenaline rush as the pressure mounts. I do work well under pressure. I guess I like the challenge or am I a masochist? Seriously though, I CAN think of more interesting ways to challenge myself. However, from a psychological perspective - one would observe that obviously the gain for me to continue this practice of filing so close to the deadline is greater for me on some level than if I were to file earlier OR I would do it differently.
Once and only once - I filed for an extension when we were getting a refund!
I know the last cartoon is about being late with the NY state budget - but I liked "deadline-schmedline". Deadline - schmedline! Go ahead - say it. Out loud-it's fun. DEADLINE-SCHMEDLINE! :)
Younger son just came in to inform me that I am not getting anything done. Out of the mouths of babes - even if they are 18. He's right!

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Well - at least I haven't resorted to this yet! :)


HP said...

Being a BIG Steve Martin fan, I love that movie and that particular scene is very funny...the same word is used to very humourous effect at the start of Four Weddings and a Funeral...the sad thing is I can't let my daughter watch that movie for that reason.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Health Psyche - there are so many scenes in that movie that just cracked me up. When they backed into the motel room, when they drove between the 2 trucks traveling in tandem and then Steve Martin's reaction when he realized that it wasn't John Candy's rental car after all that burned in the fire - he was so angry, so fit to be tied that words couldn't come out of his mouth and he could only communicate his anger through bodily gyrations, them driving this totally destroyed car and being stopped by the police officer, the way Steve Martin and the dog looked when they showed the scene of them totally frozen in the back of the truck. The image of Steve Martin scowling and stomping into the rental place, etc. The end of the movie was so endearing.

I cringed when my sons saw that scene. I was pretty guarded about what they were aloud to see. They were at least in middle school by the time they saw it, but still. I was conflicted because my laughter would seem to condone that behavior and I remember explaining why it's not appropriate but why it was understandable.

I remember when my older son was sixteen and we would watch Seinfeld (which we loved) I would say - ok enjoy the show but don't do what they do. I am thinking of the episode of Elaine in the "sponge worthy" episode or other episodes where they were very free and casual about sex. Seriously though - which message did I think he was absorbing more clearly?

I was always very open and communicative with our sons, did my best to raise them with good values and then there comes a point in time where you just have to trust that the important stuff took root - even if they seem to stray a bit.

I didn't see Four weddings and a Funeral - will have to check it out. :)

sisyphusledge said...

These are great cartoons and nevermind the F word, I think the second cartoon is hilarious. It sums up my feelings about tax in one picture.It has also given me something to smile about, which I can tell you now, is a big accomplishment. I don't smile often these days.

SeaSpray said...

Aww Sis - I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling at your best right now.

The good news is that these things that seem to put us in the valley do pass and the exciting thing about life is that we never know what wonderful thing is waiting for us around the corner, down the road and back up to the mountain top.

Sometimes, it is the very thing that is hurting us, even feels like it is breaking us - that will lead us in a direction that is so much better.

Sometimes we ARE being broken and melted down, but then reshaped into something more resilient and suited to go in that new direction

O.k., so we just took a more circuitous route to the mountain top. Some amazing thing could happen that could cause you to feel like you are soaring beyond the mountain. Whatever is going on with you, I pray that it will pass and you will feel comfort and peace along the way. :)

Still doing taxes - partly because I am cleaning out and organizing other stuff along the way. I found some interesting things that I might post. After finishing the tax stuff, my next post is going to be a commentary on The Apprentice because I know Angry Medic and Medblog Addict have probably been wondering. After that, I am going to put something up that I think is really funny, a tad risque and cute! It will bring smiles. :)

In all seriousness, if I am really distressed - I believe in the power of prayer. Gods timing isn't always our timing and maybe he has a different path for us than what we think we want - but HE does know what is best for us, loves us, wants us to experience joy, peace, love and fulfillment. He will take the bad things in our lives and cause them to work out for good if we with our free will will let him.

That last paragraph is an insight as to who I really am - that is my belief system.

That said - the impish side of me still thinks that cartoon is hilarious! Might be therapeutic to have a stamp like that in the desk drawer and on a particularly bad day, shut the door and go wild with it! Then shred the evidence! It could be one's little secret in the drawer. Sometimes knowing you have this little secret no one knows or ever will know just brings a smile to your face because it is your little secret, your little place to visit. :)