Thursday, April 12, 2007

In MY Perfect Could Happen!

snoopy tax humor  strip deadline is near. No - I am not done. Yes I did start a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I have been procrastinating with a capital "P" and have been miserable because the whole time that I have been in avoidance mode, I am ALWAYS aware of what I am not doing.

However, when my accountant haunts me in my dreams like he did this morning, I know his dastardly invasion is a wake up call (sans alarm) to GET THE TAXES DONE!

I always do our taxes - pretty basic. I actually do like doing them, BUT I didn't keep track of receipts and medical info, etc. and so now I have to play detective. The problem is I can not find one small box. It has to have the missing info that I would use to itemize deductions. I have gone through EVERYTHING - every drawer, basket and box. The thing is (and this isn't good) I vaguely remember putting a larger box that I am now thinking contained the smaller box, up in the attic before Christmas. I joke about our attic being like the Bermuda Triangle - that once something goes up there, we never see it again. If we didn't tie ropes to ourselves - WE wouldn't find our way back out! :) (I do have the holiday stuff color coded though.)

We don't have a complex financial set up so I do think doing our taxes is pretty easy, especially with the Turbo Tax program. The first year I started a home business, I went to an H&R Block rep. I had EVERYTHING - categorized and itemized and totaled with attached receipts. I was surprised when I saw that all she did was check my totals and then applied them to a schedule C form. So, from that point on I have rarely used an accountant unless something was different from the norm due to certain new tax laws or different circumstances in our lives.

I haven't spoken to our accountant since April of 2004 regarding tax year 2003. Due to a small inheritance we were put in another tax bracket that year. I was practically apoplectic when I saw what we were going to have to pay in! I kept reviewing and reworking the program, but to no avail. So, finally in exasperation ... I called this wonderful man, the accountant who we have used in the past.

Sometimes, I have called him over the years if I had a simple question and could still do it myself. This particular year was more complicated though and so I called him a few times. I asked him to bill me for a phone consult and he chuckled and said " No that's not necessary. I actually enjoy hearing you sweat it out." and he chuckled again. I am amused that he was amused. :)

I have input some of the info into the tax program and do love to see the refund going up. However, I am not a happy girl at the moment because the refund number has gone down drastically, but I still have to input a few more itemized deductions, although I still have to add the disability payments for the Federal taxes. Then I will review ad nauseam , hoping to find someway to get the numbers go in our favor.

I thought that since I had only worked SIX WEEKS during the entire year in conjunction with with the fact that we have been paying a lot of medical bills and my husband's OT got drastically cut because they hired someone, that this year we would definitely get a good refund and it is not looking good. I wonder if the accountant is feeling my vibes of perplexity? Now, where is that box?..........


The Independent Urologist said...

Check out Dr Schoor's Urology Blog. I think you'll recognize something. (Hope you don't mind. Let me know if you do.)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Hi Seaspray. I'm glad mine are done and over with.

Looks like you might still get that snow puppy out of me. haha. Do you remember who Yolanda is? She'd grip her head and say "save yourself"? That's how I'm feeling-we all want spring! (She's a friend of Oprahs)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - Snow puppy would be nice. :) But, you may need your canoe instead. :)

No - I don't know who Yolanda is, maybe if I saw her face? I haven't seen Oprah in so long. That is a busier time of day for me.

Anonymous said...

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