Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Apprentice Prediction

This is for Angry Medic,Medblog Addict and anyone else who follows The Apprentice.

I think Trump truly likes all of them, but I think he views either James or Stephanie as the serious candidates.

Nicole is enthusiastic, talented and successful in her personal life but I think that she needs more experience and time to mature. I think it is wonderful that she and Tim have a chemistry going but I think it knocked him off his game and he would have been better off keeping his focus on the task at hand. Trump liked the energy between the two of them and it made for good entertainment, but still I think they both should have agreed to stay focused and to get together after the competition.

Trump likes Frank because he admires the fighter in him and both he and his kids like his work ethic. However, they have already said they didn't think he was polished enough for the position but would like to have him heading one of their construction sites. Trump also identifies with Frank because he is from the Bronx like he was.

James and Stephanie make an excellent team. They have been a dynamic duo.

I believe it will come down to one of them and I am hard pressed to choose which one. If I absolutely have to pick someone then I think it will be Stephanie. So, we will see who it will be, unless he decides to hire them both. He did want to do that in a previous Apprentice but the winning candidate said no. These two do have a mutual respect for each other.

I loathed the commercial Nicole and Frank did because I do not think it was appropriate to make fun of someone who was destitute, regardless of the guy's history. I felt pained when the kid pointed at the man indicated he was the reason for the bad odors. I am someone who believes that ALL people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We never know why some people walk the paths they do and we should not judge.

The other commercial was excellent! Loved it!

Time to go watch TiVo! :)

Wow! It was Stephanie after all! I do think it was close. I would have been happy if either one got the position. It was a no brainer that it was not going to be Frank or Nicole. Turns out Trump did not approve of Nicole and Tim's relationship which did not surprise me. if I were in management, while I would've thought it was cute I very much would have questioned whether or not they really wanted to work for me. I think if you are in that competition - you have to wear blinders so as NOT to be distracted by anything so that you can press forward to the goal - which is to win the apprentice position.

I didn't realize that Trump and his kids did not approve of Frank and Nicole's commercial in which they poked fun at a dirty destitute person. I was truly surprised last week when the audience laughed and seemed to approve as did Trump & co. I re-evaluated my opinion after that and I still felt that it was disrespectful. I am glad they brought it up this week.

I didn't warm up to this Apprentice season until the last 4 or 5 episodes. I still prefer the NY locale. Also, that they not focus on the haves and have nots, but prefer when most of the focus is on the assigned tasks. I did enjoy the ocean shots though.

Finally, I did not care for the ending to this season. I was disappointed that they did not have one grand finale of a task where they enlist the help of their former competitors.

This girl hopes that there will be another season, but that it will return to the program's original format. :)


HP said...

I'm ticked off because The Apprentice is no longer airing here. Used to really enjoy it evn though it aired at midnight.

SeaSpray said...

Hi HP - that is too bad. Can you watch it on the web?

I am going to pick up that tag and will write something as soon as the inspiration hits me. :)

DrGwenn said...

The LA scene didn't do it for me either...but made me curious to visit LA. Some places I think you have to experience to "get".

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr. Gwenn - perhaps I would have liked the LA scene if they had kept the old format, I don't know.

Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Oh and your Redsox link inspired me to put up the Yankees link. :)

The Angry Medic said...

Hey SeaSpray,

No probs for posting the Apprentice comment under that post of mine - I enjoy reading your views on The Apprentice anyday.

Aww, this finale didn't really hit it for me. Stefanie was just this ice queen who bitched about everybody, even James, and suddenly she won. I have no idea why Trump let her get away with it, but then again considering he gave in every time a team ganged up on someone to be fired this season, I shouldn't really be surprised, should I?

But along with your analysis of every candidate, you're also right about the feel of the season. I also preferred the NY locale and the old format (and I LOVED George showing up! Awww the memories...)

But there's still respite for me though...the UK version of The Apprentice is still on, and in an hour I get to go and watch them battle it out. The UK boss (Sir Alan Sugar) is a lot more snarky and sharp than Trump, and the equivalent of George (a man called Nick) is deliciously sarcastic. I'll be blogging on the two versions soon. Thanks for putting this up!

SeaSpray said...

Hey Medic!

I forgot about Stephanie being the ice queen, probably because I wasn't so into it in the beginning.

I am alright with her winning it though. After seeing their videos, I wonder if the fact that James was married with children and Stephanie seemed more available had anything to do with his decision? Also, she seems like a tough negotiator, etc.

I left the room just before George came out and didn't think to pause the TiVo! Drats! I really liked George. Everyone must've been happy to see him. :)

I do hope the Apprentice airs again in the fall.

So, you have your own version of The Apprentice over there but better? You Brits get to have ALL the fun! :)

I will come by to check out what you post on both versions.

The Angry Medic said...

Aww thanks. I really should get to blogging about The Apprentice (even the British version). Did I rant to you that I met the lady in person the other day? :P

SeaSpray said...

Hi Medic - yes you did and I believed you and commented but then when that other person commented on your photo shop abilities, I figured it was a joke so I deleted it before I posted it.

Did you really? If you did that's super! If you didn't great joke!

I don't always know when you and Trench Doc are kidding and find myself second guessing what I am going to leave as comment and sometimes I remove before posting. :)

Now, if only you could meet Trump.... :)