Sunday, April 1, 2007

Palm Sunday


There are two things all the windows have in common – the grapevine and the cross.
Grapes are used to symbolize God’s care for His people. When the spies went out from the wandering Israelites to explore the promised land of Canaan, they brought back a huge bunch of grapes to show that it was really a land of plenty –a land of milk and honey.

In The New Testament, Jesus used the symbolism of the vine with the words, “I am the true vine”.

The cross, of course, is our most meaningful symbol.
The palm branches remind us of the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the crowd shouted hosannas and waved palm branches.

The cross on the bottom is called the Cross of Victory and denotes the triumph of Christianity.
Dedicated in the memory of

I am still technically challenged with doing some things and I was unable to keep the stained glass windows below as they were running off the blog page. You can still click on slide show to see the other beautiful stained glass windows in the Eastchester Presbyterian Church, Bronx NY

EPC Stained Glass Windows (Set)



Chrysalis Angel said...

So nice to come here Seaspray and see this. I had an interesting post, on my no news is good news post, I needed to address. So, it was great to come here and see the beautiful stained glass. So much to be thankful for this time of year. I'm going to go back and try to check out your slide show.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Chrysalis - I thought you might like the stained glass. I was looking for something for Palm Sunday and of course was immediately drawn to the "blue" and just loved the representation for Palm Sunday. Other ones pretty too - hope you enjoyed them.

Yes, much to be thankful for. :)

I am still believing for my miracle. :)

I will check your site out.

SeaSpray said...

Chrysalis Angel - I was just visiting you and wanted to leave a comment and it wouldn't change over to the comments. I wanted to leave something there last night too after you posted it and the same thing happened, so I will try again later. It let me post on your previous one, which by the way - I thought it was a chocolate chain. (was getting hungry)

I love blogging and reading the blogs. Yes, writing is a catharsis of sorts, Although I don't usually get too personal. I may regarding myself, specifically sometime in the future - but never will regarding anyone else even if they are connected to me without permission unless I know they are totally unidentifiable. Even then - some secrets - stay secrets. I would NEVER betray anyone else's behaviors or confidentiality. I'm not that person.

I am not sure what my blog is supposed to be. It just is and I suppose will be interesting to see what it evolves into and where I have come from. Right now it is the ultimate toy. I really do love a good laugh and that is what drew me to the medical blogs, initially anyway.

Also, I think I live vicariously through the med blogs because I feel like they help to keep me in touch with the medical arena, even if only at a distance.

Hopefully, my renal scan will be good and I will get to go back to work in that area. I love the interactions with medical staff and also the patients. :)

Chrysalis Angel - your blog is one of my favorites and that is up there with surgeon's blog,urostream,fatdoctor,trench doc, Dr.Anonymous,the independent urologist and so many more - too many more good ones to mention. Point is - yours is up there with the best of them.