Monday, April 2, 2007

What REALLY Happens in the OR!

This coming Friday will be 6 weeks post-stent removal and I can go for the Mag III renal scan to determine if the ureter is still blocking, which I was planning on maybe getting done the following week. If it is, than I should go through with the surgery. I confess this girl may need some coaxing to make the appointment for the scan and to then follow through with it. I do feel fine and better than last fall and so I am thinking that I am fine.

I have read on some doctor blogs, that if you are going to be a patient in a teaching hospital that you should really try not to be a patient in May, June or July because the monkeys run the asylum. Is that true?

The reason is that the med students just graduated and are inexperienced residents that will now be responsible for your care. Hmmmm.... I am thinking of the Scrubs episode when JD, Elliot and Turk were left on their own for the first time and were mortified. YIKES!

So, hypothetically - if I were to need surgery than using that logic, it should be in April or else fall, to allow for more experience. Or is all of this a moot point because it isn't really doesn't matter?

Last week I had to bring my mother down to a doctor in another county. Actually, he sees patients in another doctor's office up here, but only one day a week. I felt that something was emergent and wanted to get her in to see him right away and so traveled down to see him.

I went in to the exam room with my mother and the Doc and I got talking about some things. At one point I briefly told him about being stented and my ureter blocking and that I may need surgery, etc. I wasn't distressed or complaining, just very matter of fact about it all.

Anyway, he said he has a friend that is a urologist that knows this other urologist in some big hospital down the line, who is the only person who does this certain procedure and he wanted me to call him back Friday morning. So, I did...but he didn't have the info yet. I didn't expect him to do anything as we have only met a couple of times and he is a busy doctor.

He called me Friday night and gave me this doctor's name and number and location of his office. I am not looking for other doctors and the only reason I considered it is that this procedure would mean I wouldn't have to have surgery. Unfortunately, he misunderstood what I said and he thought I was having a reflux problem where the urine goes back up. This particular urologist uses some medication and procedure that will cause the ureter to scar. (He is the only one who does this) When I heard that, I quickly told my mother's doc that my ureter is fibrotic and WANTS TO SCAR and that is why I have been fighting a ureteral stricture. So, then he said that I should do the surgery. We talked a bit about how my life has been on hold with all of this medical stuff and about him being a doctor and surgeon and juggling other things too.

I thought it was interesting because he said he likes tools and when he isn't working with them in his profession, he is working with tools at home, doing carpentry, etc. and when he goes to the dentist (who is his friend) that his friend lets him open the drawer and check out the dentistry tools. I found the image of him checking out his friends tools to be amusing or maybe just cute. I think it is really neat when someone has a passion for something and I thoroughly enjoy seeing their enthusiasm. :) It is interesting to see how we are all wired differently, seemingly created to do different things. Some of us are fortunate enough to follow our calling and obviously he followed his.

I was touched by how this nice doctor went out of his way, even with his busy schedule to get information for someone he hardly knows. I will definitely choose him to be my doctor should I ever need his services and I will certainly refer people to him that may be in need of his specialty. :)

I hope our younger son focuses on a career that will be just as rewarding for him. He will be starting college in the fall. It will be exciting to see this new chapter in his life unfold.

I am also feeling very sentimental about it all. I have loved being a Mom to both of my sons. They are terrific guys and have brought so much joy to our family. They truly are gifts from God. :)

O.K., guess I rambled on this post. :)


patientanonymous said...

That was kind of interesting. I sort of learned a few things about you that I didn't know.

I like to play with stuff in doctors' offices too. I'm really bad like that. I usually do it behind closed doors when they're not around though! And no, I don't mess with anything sterile...that would be bad!

In my dentist's office, he had a tool that had a little camera on it and I was curious about some work that he had to do so he popped on this overhead television and he let me use the "wand" and probe around in my mouth and look at everything and show me where he was going to do the work. It was really cool.

Yes, I'm a geek.

SeaSpray said...

Hi P.A. - That wasn't me playing with the tools, but the doctor telling me he likes to check out his friend's dental tools.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be doing the meme soon. I've been busy and am having a writers block of sorts. :)

HP said...

What a great doctor. Shame the non-surgical option wasn't appropriate but how nice that he put some thought and effort into helping you with your problem.

Doc's Girl said...

It's very nice to see when very busy people have a passion for what they do, I agree...and kids are such a blessing. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Health Psyche - yes,it would've been great if the nonsurgical option were the way to go. So,I am relying on God, the last stent, aloe juice (specifically Aloe Force with herbs) and other positive reinforcements to facilitate healing.

To use my urologist's word - the discomfort is "minimal" and not as strong as last fall. Last fall I became hyper-vigilant regarding the discomfort, but it was worse.

It wasn't that I couldn't live with the discomfort - although annoying, but because one of my first symptoms to this whole debacle was sepsis/pyelonephritis and hydronephrosis with no real warning. In retrospect, there were clues about 2-3 months prior, but I wasn't sick and so who doesn't get aches and pains? So, for me, last late summer/fall, I couldn't get past the fear that the pain was indicative of me blocking again and that I could end up that sick again.

Then there were other concerns like a family member getting CA, my mentor in hospice, finances and in Oct. my OBGYN wanted me to go to a surgeon to have a lump checked that had been cleared in the summer via mammo and ultrasound. Turns out I was fine and she was just being cautious. Also, the fact that my elderly mother is only making it about half way through the month financially - so of course we help - but now I am not working.

I have gone through worse things then this - for sure and been a lot stronger. I think that the roller coaster nature of the kidney/ureter issues just got to me over time because of the chronic and uncertain nature of it all.

I wasn't imagining it though as my ureter is constricted more then the norm as evidenced by various tests.

So, right now - I really do feel better than back then and when I do feel the discomfort, instead of becoming hyper-vigilant - I redirect my energies into something more positive.

All I know for sure is that I am giving it my best effort and if for some reason I end up needing the surgery then I really believe that is the path that I am meant to take.

I know I have said this before and this is a long response comment, so I guess I am working through all of this again since I know I will be finding out after my next scan, which is why I guess I am tempted to put it off a bit which is silly because fear is the opposite of faith.

Health Psych and Doc's Girl - yes it was sweet that the Doc went out of his way to help me (Thank you note already on the way)and it really was neat to see his enthusiasm and passion for his work.

Kids - are a blessing from God for sure. A Doc I know once said " You know, sometimes you love your kids so hurts."

HP said...

What an unpleasant history, SeaSpray. Poor you. I had a stent in my ureter for a couple of weeks to allow a stone to pass and it was very painful. At least it ws only temporary. Nothing near what you're going through. Hope things settle soon and you can avoid surgery.