Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Classic M*A*S*H Clip - Soot!

This cracks me up! Don't you just love the kind of falling over, unable to breathe, knee slapping with tears streaming down your face kind of laughter? Hawkeye is excellent in this scene. Enjoy! :)


Sisyphus said...

I am a big fan of MASH. (As is husband). What made the humour even more funny for us, though, was when we watched it every night in Norway. They had Norwegian sub-titles but the vocals were American as per normal. The translation was sometimes funnier than the actual scene. I love laughter like that.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Sis!

That sounds so cool! I think that show is timeless and so well done.

I used to say working with the ER was like M*A*S*H because when it was crazy you worked really hard and when it wasn't - THEY were crazy.

By that I mean there was always something funny going on - someone playing a joke on someone, sometimes really zany and the camaraderie was great.

Then as people left and rules and regulations changed it couldn't be what it was but I always LOVED working with them and miss them even now.

It's funny how life works out because I know that I am going in a different direction (literally) when I do go back to work and if I do go back to a hospital I have decided that I want to work in a different hospital system or one of the larger ones in the corporation I worked for.

That said - I will always be grateful for opportunity to work with such great, caring and compassionate (and Fun) professionals doing a job that I loved 98% of the time - nothing is perfect. :) I learned a lot!

Wow! Where did THAT come from? I am feeling sentimental about everything these days! That's o.k. as it is good to appreciate one's blessings. :)

Sisyphus said...

Certainly agree on that, SeaSpray, the counting ones blessings bit. Thanks for sharing that bit too....I get sentimental but I also have a tendency to get rather maudlin too! (That's a sign I need to hunt out a comedy video!) ;)

SeaSpray said...

ooooh Sis! I'll watch one with you! I do love the comedies! :)

I am a sentimental type person but a big part of it right now I think is that our younger son is graduating H.S. this month and so it is a major milestone and it is like I get this flood of memories of when he was little and through the years. So it's not bad - we are designed to move forward but I am admittedly feeling wistful.

He is actually going to community college and so he will still be living at home for now. I remember taking all these pics of my husband taking his crib down because I knew he was the last baby I would have.

I remember being all sad when my older son moved out - again another milestone, but now I have a wonderful d-i-l and precious granddaughter. I love that multiplication thing. :)

I am going to wear waterproof mascara though for his graduation - just in case. :)

Carha said...

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