Tuesday, May 22, 2007

God in the Box - Harness the Wind?

Que isso/What's this about

Funny how one little cartoon (see post below) can evoke so much thought. Then reading Chrysalis Angel's comment in my previous post - I guess has stirred something inside me, so I am not sure where all of this is going.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of an after life and since I am a Christian, I do believe in the teachings of Jesus who actually, spent more time warning people to live right so as to avoid hell and he made it clear that once there - there was no changing our minds. People ask how a loving God could condemn someone to hell but it comes down to free will - he gives them what they wanted - to be apart from him.

I realize the paragraph above might be offensive or seem ridiculous to some. I welcome any and all points of view.

That is my belief system and - I do embrace the Judeo-Christian ethics. Yet, sometimes... I still seem to make wrong choices - even when I know better. (Does that mean I am stupid? Or oh so very human?) I am counting on His grace, patience and knowledge that I am a work in progress. :)

It's too bad that some people limit God -if they even believe at all. Try to put him in a box and limit him to their own finite understanding or deny his existence all together- oblivious to the fact that as they can not harness the wind, so ...they cannot contain the Eternal Creator and because they do not believe-does not mean He does not exist.

Theology is such a deep subject. You can take one small topic and as you study, question, etc., it is like you just peel away layer after layer and still the information is inexhaustible as it leads to even more revelations. Probably why it is called the "Living Word". There is no end - there is always something more. Truths that profoundly breathe life into one's spirit if given the opportunity.

There is so much more after this life.


Chrysalis Angel said...

"sometimes... I still seem to make wrong choices - even when I know better."

I don't like when I see this, I feel people somehow think they should be perfect to be God's children ....it puts such a burden on all men. (and women)

The truth is...we will always fall short..always sin, always make mistakes, never, ever, be perfect, because we are in the flesh. No one can be perfect until they are quickened. So, relax, be good to yourself and know you can not be perfect. We are thankfully saved by grace, not in doing, or in any other manner. We can't buy it, or earn it, or bargain it.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - I do know that but what I am talking about is when I do things that I clearly know I should not and don't make an effort to stop.

The very first verse a teacher had me memorize when I was 9 was Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

I know God loves us more than our own parents do - so much that he let HIS son die for us. I believe the only way to heaven is with Salvation through accepting Christ as Savior - no other way. It is not through works that we are saved but through grace. (That is actually an awesome concept.)

That said - there are other scriptures that talk about how we would be known by the kind of fruit we bear. Jesus said something like that he would rather we be hot or cold because if we are lukewarm he will spew us out of his mouth. I am thinking I am in the lukewarm range. Not in faith but in action, particularly since I do know better.

I do take comfort in what Paul said when he said that he finds that sometimes he doesn't do the things he wants to do and he does the things he doesn't want to do. (paraphrased) I mean if Paul wrestled with doing the right things even after having the encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, having heard his voice talking to him and having a concrete knowledge based on his real life experience - could still fall into temptation, etc then how much easier is it for us? Not excusing - I'm just saying.

Chrysalis Angel said...

I completely agree with you on this Seaspray. I knew you knew everything I wrote. Paul has got to be one of my favorites for this very reason. We do it anyway...and then we suffer. It's our unfortunate nature. There really is a most glorious place, it's hard to be here at times.

I really liked your one friend's site by the way. I.U. nice site. A keeper.:)

SeaSpray said...

Paul's written works are totally awesome! Of course, God inspired. He was a highly respected and educated man for his day. I believe he was responsible for having 5,000 Christians killed.

Here we go - as I said - just pick a topic and one could get layers of revelations. I have time constraints today and so have to get going but I will say that God's choosing Paul after all the killing and persecution he was responsible for is a beautiful example of God's forgiveness and using the bad and turning it for good.

When Paul talks about the forgiveness and mercy of God - he really knew what it was all about to be forgiven and to experience God's unconditional love. His Damascus road experience had such a profound effect on him that he had a complete lifestyle change and from that moment on was willing to sacrifice his own life, which he ultimately did, for the cause of the gospel.

I look forward to heaven someday but because this is all I know for now and because I want to be here for my family - I want to live to be 103.

The reason I say 103 years old is because my paternal grandmother "almost" made it to 103 yrs. So - it's just a goal. I hope that I will be a blessing and not a hindrance and can still encourage in some way. :)

Yes, The Independent Urologist(Dr Schoor) has a good site. He is one of my favorites. :)