Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From Just One Question

I love this question mark in the sky.

One night when my ER shift was done I went into the back by the doctor and nurse. It was quiet. I don't remember what had happened that caused me to ask the doctor the question I asked him. I don't remember if some one had died and therefore the after life was on my mind. Actually, it was a kind of statement question. I said something like, "Boy being a doctor and working around dying people - you must really think there is more to this life than just living-dying and that's it." He then looked at me quizzically and said, "NO...." in a sort of open ended response.

So I commented that he must see the difference when he is working with patients. One moment they are alive maybe even animated and in the next moment they are dead and so totally lifeless that they might as well be a stone. Where did all that energy go? Surely he must see the difference. He still said, "No..." and ended up lying down on the cardiac stretcher on his stomach with his chin propped up in his hands while listening and exchanging ideas. I don't recall what was said at that point. The nurse that was there was also a Christian and if she happens to come in here ...well maybe she can tell us.

I didn't know this doctor well other than working with him on occasion. He was a real nice guy. After that night we seemed to make a real connection. At that time, registration closed at 11 PM. If the waiting room was empty after my shift was over he would come out to me and want to talk about Christian things and so I stayed. We sat on the sofas and talked with the TV still on. He seemed filled with questions.

He wanted to know exactly what I believed and why. We talked about the salvation message but we also talked about healing miracles for today, eschatology (one of my favorite topics) as it relates to Biblical prophecy and current events and more.

He had also given me his phone number to call him at his apartment down by the city. I remember calling him on my weekends off on a couple of Saturday nights. He moved to another area not long after that and had wanted to keep contact but other things started happening in my personal life and I ended up getting sidetracked.

It was kind of exciting to see him soak this information up like a sponge. I never pretended to have all the answers but shared Biblical truths as I understood them. I encouraged him to read and study the information for himself. I encouraged him to pray and ask God to show him things and give him understanding.

I had this sense that something might be wrong, that he had a serious concern. I never asked him and he never said. Just one of those 6th sense gut feelings I had. I hope I was of some help to him. I hope I was instrumental in helping him discover the joy, peace and love that our Heavenly Father promises each of us who seek to know him.

I heard Billy Graham say once that he could study the Bible for the next 40 years and he STILL wouldn't know everything there is to know and his entire life's work was in the study of Biblical truths. As I said in an earlier post - I think this is because it is the Living Word revealing revelation after revelation and like God, it is never ending and it's profound truths breathe life into one's spirit.


Chrysalis Angel said...

What a sweet post. He was perhaps being called...the stirring and the questions are all the beginning of their spirit feeling the call. How great it would be for him to understand..there "really" is more.

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Angel. :)

Yes and I still think there was something else. He was so attentive and even seemed grateful.

There was only one other time that I had that kind of experience and it was with a close friend's husband. Every time we got together as couples "he" would inevitably steer the conversation in that direction. Then he would challenge me and I never minded. I am someone who loves a good discussion regardless of differing viewpoints. makes it all interesting and we can learn from each other. Although...I'm ALWAYS RIGHT- {WINK}

Besides, I get a kick out of someone that keeps me on my toes. :)

I have had a lot of theological discussions with a lot of people but those 2 people stand out because of their apparent thirst for knowledge in that area. I just hope I helped to plant good seeds of faith.

I wish I knew what happened to both of them. As I said earlier - I dropped the ball with the Doc because of some significant things going on in my personal life and then with my friend's husband we lost contact because they got divorced and went in different directions.