Monday, May 21, 2007

Life After Death -OR Cartoon

Have you ever had a life after death experience or known someone who has? I do. I wonder? Do medical personnel have patients that have had these experiences who later tell them what happened in the OR, ER or anywhere else? I've heard that often times people don't discuss their L.A.D. experience because it takes them a while to process it themselves and for fear of being misunderstood.

A close friend of mine had the experience of drowning in a lake when she was younger. After the initial struggle she said it became very peaceful as she left her body and watched it float downward. She said because of that experience she is not afraid to die.

This same friend developed an interest in the Death and Dying field/ministry and was involved with Hospice at various levels - teaching, training, grief counseling etc. She had also interviewed a man who was rear ended while driving in his Pinto. They were known to catch on fire if this happened and his did. He caught on fire and fell onto the pavement in awful pain. He too rose above his body and was able to watch what was happening below. He didn't feel any pain until he went back into his body.

I remember hearing a story of someone who was on the west coast flying out to see her father who was a pastor that was on his death bed on the east coast. While she was in the air she was praying that she would make it on time to see her father and say good-bye to him. He died while she was in the air but came back again.

They told her what had happened while she was still on the flight. Her father said to her, "Baby - dying is no big deal. It's like taking your next breath (he inhaled) and you're on the other side."


Chrysalis Angel said...

Interesting post Seaspray. I could describe to you things and tell you things that were told to me. I don't talk about it, because some people don't understand anything they can't touch, feel, smell. They have these brilliant minds, but are trapped by their own intelligence..I've heard some have a choice whether to stay where it is beautiful and peaceful, or come back. I did not. I wouldn't be here now if they had, that's for sure.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - thank you.

I would love to know about your experience - maybe sometime you could post about it or e-mail me.

"brilliant minds but are trapped by their own intelligence" - so true.

Chrysalis Angel said...

The funny thing is...God gave them their brains, that intellect...and now the pot believes it is smarter than it's maker. Too funny really.

SeaSpray said...

I think it takes more imagination to believe there is no God.

I definitely don't believe in the big bang theory or subscribe to the idea that we evolved out of some primordial goo.

What differentiates us from other creatures is that while they have a soul, God breathed his spirit into us along with having a soul. We were created to be eternal beings and this is just one stop along the way.

"Pot believes it's smarter than it's maker" - I like that. :)

Anonymous said...

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