Thursday, May 10, 2007

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (from Grey's Anatomy)

My fellow Grey's Anatomy cult members will appreciate this video. :)

Grey's will be on tonight and they are down to the last 2 episodes of the season. I don't watch much TV, but this show is my absolute favorite.

I thoroughly enjoy all the characters on the show and appreciate the drama,humor and romance. I love that the female surgeons nick named the hot Docs McDreamy, McSteamy and Mcvet. I am sorry that Denny DuQuette had to die. This girl thinks he was definitely a McDenny or a McPatient. Oh - btw, I have a McHusband. :)

A while back, Medblog Addict (she's a link on my sidebar-Addicted to Medblogs) asked the question in one of her posts if sex really happens in hospitals like they show on Grey's Anatomy? Needless to say her comments on that post were interesting. :) If I knew how to link, I would link you up to that one. Anyway, My answer is yes - yes, sex does happen in hospitals. How do I know? Because as a doctor once said to me, "There are no secrets in hospitals. It's like the walls have ears." :)

My absolute favorite thing about Greys? The way McDreamy (Derek) looks at Meredith. I said this in my McDreamy post - their eyes speak volumes. I think you can read a lot in someones eyes. They have there own language of the soul, 2nd to the eyes - overall body language and then words. Just my observation. In my opinion, Derek has this way of looking at Meredith, whether it's in amusement, compassion or desire that just melts me every time. I think last years 2006 Grey's Anatomy finale was the most moving episode and I think the way they looked at each other on the dance floor was the most romantically moving scene (again, their eyes spoke volumes)and there are so many excellent scenes in that show, but that one is my favorite. :)


Lynn Price said...

Hi Seaspray, I just wanted to send you all my good wishes for your renal tests next week. Saw your comment on Sid's blog.

I, uh, love Grey's Anatomy...much to my husband's ire.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lynn - Thank you for your well wishes. :)

Ah.. another member of the cult. :)

Last fall I had bought a magazine that had an article on McDreamy and so he was on the front cover looking good with his 5 day beard growth.(I love that scruffy look that men get when their beard has that stubby kind of growth - so masculine)

I went to go read the new magazine and the front cover was gone and I was annoyed. I asked younger son who told me older son took the magazine. So I called older son at home and he told me to look at the refrigerator.

Older son had carefully cut McDreamy's pic out and posted it on our refrigerator. So I left it there. The next thing I know my husband is sporting a scruffy beard! :)

He has since shaved it but I think it is sweet that he did that for me

I have always liked bad boy George Clooney but just like the way McDreamy is with Meredith.

The BlogHore said...

Grey's is my one and only "have to be on the couch by 9:00 p.m." show for the week. I love it. How did you like last night's show? I was a bit disappointed - except the ending blew me away - very suspenceful and that darn George. Just as I was starting to really wish he would just go he sucked me back in and I love him again. He is a Mcsweetie in my books (just wish that whole George and Izzie thing never happened.)

patientanonymous said...

Blogger ate my post. Let's try again.

Finally getting caught up on reading now that I'm home.

I was saying that this is a sign of good actors. What I find funny is when I hear of actors who don't get along on set and also do this extremely well.

Now I don't really follow celebrity gossip mags/rags but sometimes we're so inundated with pop culture that no one is immune. So it may be truth, it may be rumour but those that do it when they can't stand each other--that's good acting!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Bloghore- yes George is a McSweetie and he is the glue that holds them together.

I am ok with George and Izzy more then with him and Callie. That said I like their "best friend" relationship better. But the romance is doable, but I really think that psychologically they are still reeling from the deaths in their lives. They too would be better suited with other people.

I have never liked the romantic relationship with him and Callie. They have NEVER felt like a good match.

I think Callie is beautiful, sexy and has a fiery personality that should be matched up with a guy who is her equal in presence - someone who is more of a hotshot- bad boy. I know opposites attract but the relationship between her and George is just b-o-r-i-n-g, even with their conflicts - it feels painfully old already and I want them to move on.

I am really annoyed at Derek (McDreamy) for being such a WIMP and quitting on Meredith like he seems to be doing. The woman is going through an emotional hell and I believe you don't quit when the going gets tough but you stay in and see it through. THEN - when you get THROUGH the tough time - re-evaluate. Bottom line if you care, really care - then you stand by a person.

Last nite's show was mediocre. I can't imagine next weeks finale being as good as last years finale.

It appears more that they are setting up for plot changes that should have been done earlier on in the season. perhaps they shouldn't have taken such a long winter break from the show.

Hi PA - I am glad to hear that you are home. How are you?

I know of a couple of skirmishes but I was under the impression that they are friends. If they are not - then they ARE good actors. :)

Lynn Price said...

I have to admit to being on the fence with George and Callie's relationship. She's this tough, strong doc who doesn't take crap from anyone. But her personal side is frail and insecure. Remember how she was living in the hospital? Normal people don't do that - well, unless you're an intern/resident! She's vulnerable, and latched on to George. Had this been set up any differently, their relationship wouldn't have had an chance at sounding realistic.

I could never get the George/Izzy romance. She's GORGEOUS, and the writers never explained satisfactorily enough how or why the fit. It leaves a black hole for my credibility radar.

Ack, my editor/writer personna is showing - better get it hemmed.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Lynn-you are right about Callie's vulnerability.

I have heard it said that we meet people at our own level of brokenness and we know George had his issues. Also, as you said - the fact that she was living in the hospital wasn't normal and so that would be indicative of some underlying issues.

Maybe the writers have always wanted us to fight this relationship all along because everything in me says N-O-O-O.

You are right about the lack of explanation. Do the writers want us to surmise that there must have been some deeper level of attraction that was released by lowered inhibitions from alcohol? That doesn't necessarily mean anything either. I do think their judgment is clouded by their losses and then further compounded by avoidance on the marital front on George's part.

I enjoy your writer/editor persona! :)

I do think the plot line between Meredith and her father is a good one although I am seriously disappointed that they killed off her step mom so early. It would have been great to see Meredith bond with her, slowly over time - not without conflict but with the reticence of a wounded soul who ever so tentatively and with great effort attempts to trust - just one more time and then finally discovers - "this one-this relationship" is solid, real and life giving. I loved the stepmother. The writers could have done so much with her. They could have done so much with the mother -daughter relationship. It is rewarding to see someone wounded receive nurturing.

Maybe it is because of my own dysfunctional background showing now. I just know how eternally grateful I will always be to my aunt and uncle who gave me a real home and believed in me. Not that I didn't have one when I was younger but there were a few bleak years in the middle. Thank God they opened their hearts and rescued me. :)

Point is - because of my background I very much appreciate whether in fiction or real life - a good, inspirational rescue story. It is also probably why I do so well working with patients - I am giving back what I received, albeit in a different form, but still perpetuating that ripple of good. :)

Then later they could've killed her off for more drama if necessary.

Well, that's this girl's opinion. Boy - aren't I the critic? :)