Friday, May 4, 2007

This looks fun :)

I get to be the computer... no wait, I want to be the cookie! Just be warned -I am going to own both Google and Yahoo ..and then houses and just wait until those hotels go up! I don't care if you are only 4 - this isn't Candy Land! You owe me 3 thousand dollars! Move over Trump! ;)


patientanonymous said...

HA! I love it. I always (well and still do if I ever play) used to like to go for the Railway Stations. They're good! You can't build on them but if you get them all you can clean up fairly well.

And they're easier to collect than other properties in groups? Or maybe I'm dumb and just think the are. It might depend upon a lot a couple of variables such as how many players there are and ultimately the random roll of the dice.

So if I play by that strategy, I would need to be a major Instant Messenger. But that's okay. I've been known to talk like nobody's business. I've walked into a chat room and totally dominated everything. Nobody's minded--it's all been fine...I mean if no one else is talking why not PA yap away! And sometimes there are multiple conversations so I'll talk in all of them.

Gee, I'm even yapping away in your comment section!


patientanonymous said...

Oops...bad typos in there. I was too busy talking to type correctly!

That's always how it actually goes in chat rooms too. You get carried away with everyone and it's typo central.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Your a riot Seaspray. Ruthless abandon competing with a 4 year old!
Where's the Rosie section. You land on that, you start over! ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi PA-glad you stopped by! :)

Yes - I like the RR's and utilities, but my theory is to buy everything! Even the cheap little Baltic because once you have the set you can start building and bring in more revenue. Every little bit helps! :) Yes, I agree - variables and luck.

I went into chat rooms briefly in the 90's and it wasn't my thing. I did meet a couple of nice people on line that also e-mailed, but I eventually let it go.

I really like blogging so much more! The creativity, humor, interesting info etc. Words in writing/print mean so much to me and is one of my most valued ways of communicating. Obviously, to hear someone's warm and sincere voice or chuckle and hearty laugh or see their eyes dancing with laughter or to know someone cares about you by just taking one look at their face - that all means a lot. But words on paper - you can read over and over again - even years later.

You are always welcome to comment as long as you want PA. You are full of energy and I have enjoyed your many interesting and insightful comments, not to mention amusing. :)

Hi Angel-Ha!Ha! I am competitive in games!

I did let my kids win though - most of the time. I think it helps to build their self esteem. However, I also let them lose sometimes as I figured they needed to learn good sportsmanship and that you won't win all the time, but that just means try harder the next time. I also always wanted them to understand that indeed it is not if you win or lose but HOW you play the game.

One time we played (Parchese-spelling of that?)with my husbands family. My M-i-l, sweet woman that she is (she really is)said to me,"Oh - you can have that." which totally killed the game for me. If I can't win because I played well, then I don't want to win because it is supposed to be a competition. I know it is also about sharing time with someone, but then I will share time doing something else. It's pointless to play a game that is "given" to you. The pursuit of the win is what makes it fun! :)

Scrabble is my all time favorite board game. I and my closest friends will go for the jugular in that game - all in good fun and not too many happy dances :)

Years ago I had a friend who I played scrabble in French with. That was fun. I have mentioned to my friends that I think it would be fun if we played scrabble as a multi-language game because we don't all know the same foreign languages, yet might also know bits and pieces of some. I know French but I joke that I know Sesame Street Spanish and a tiny amount of German and Italian.

Seriously - because of Sesame Street and maybe some knowledge I gained elsewhere I could communicate with the Hispanic population (who only spoke Spanish)that came into our ER, so that I could get the demographics. I do mean basic level, but I did it. Then over the years, some of the people that accompanied some the patients would take time while waiting for the patient to teach me some words with the correct pronunciation. I think they appreciated that I cared enough to learn and they enjoyed teaching it.
Maybe someday I will take some Spanish courses.

Gosh - I really, really miss the patients! :)

ok, I digressed greatly! So to play this multi-lingual game - we would be on the honor system and the words could always be verified on line. I think it would be fun and maybe someday we will do it.

LOL...the ROSIE section! That's a good one Angel! :)