Friday, June 29, 2007

Medical Cartoon

Medical Cartoon 7018
Read through the medical blogs and you will see that doctors, especially the ER Docs feel they should order tests even if they believe they are unnecessary to protect themselves thanks to our overly litigious society.

Power Surge/Fruit Salad

Doesn't this pic look like there is some kind of heavenly being in the sky? (flicker picture)

Our computer was affected by a power surge when the power went off and then came back on during a thunderstorm today. Right now I am in safe computer mode as it will not open up into the usual format. It won't send messages to print in this mode either.

I am just a bit stressed about this as we can't replace this right now. However - hopefully first born son will save the day! (But he's busy) He works in the computer field and he built the one we have now. He put a lot more in it than what we would have gotten from the store and it has lasted longer than our first two computers which were store bought.

So, if I am not around it might be because of of computer problems. I don't know how long I can work in safe mode.

I will think good thoughts....son CAN fix this and it will be inexpensive. :)


On a happier note I just want to say that I got the best fruit yesterday at the Farmer's Market and at really good prices.

The rasberries are so large, plump and sweet. All the other fruit is a good quality too. I also got watermelon, a cantelope, 2 pints of blueberries, kiwis, white nectarines and 4 qts of strawberries along with some wonderful vegetables and nuts and seeds. I LOVE that place when everything is in season! I am getting the urge to do a fruit salad and I am going to make that cream cheese and marshmallow dip for the strawberries - that is if there are any left by the time I make it. :) Our zucchini and yellow squash are ready in our own garden now too.

I enjoy a good fruit salad on a hot day. So refreshing. Its also good with a yogurt topping. Last summer I put together a fresh fruit salad in a carved watermelon for my doctor's office - the Docs and staff - because they were and still are such a terrific group to go to. The weather was so hot and humid and just perfect for something like that. :)

I also need to think of a desert to make for a July 4th picnic we are going to. Any ideas?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Close Call!

Earlier tonight I headed over to another town about a half hour away to pick son up from work.

It had been unmercifully hot and humid today but now for the drive over it was a balmy summer night. Windows down. Music turned up. My hair whipping around in the wind. It felt like I was flying low because there were hardly any cars on the road to slow me down.

I LOVE that free feeling!

It even smelled like summer. Oddly at a few different points on my drive over it seemed that I could smell fresh corn - the sweet smell of husked fresh corn, except that it its too early for a corn crop to be harvested. Maybe it was just the sweet smell of some rich farm dirt or a balmy June summer night.

I picked son up. Inquired about his night at work. Then he put his iPod headphones on to listen to his newly downloaded songs. I put my music back up. Sometimes we share each other's music. Sometimes we do our own thing.

The drive back - uneventful but equally enjoyable as the drive over.

About a third of the way home a truck seemed to come out of nowhere, practically driving on my tail- too close behind me and the lights were shining right into my eyes. I felt as though I couldn't get away from them.

It hindered my vision. Darn Truck! I quickly tried maneuvering the power outside mirrors to reflect the light away from my face and in so doing, because I was slightly distracted - I slowed down a bit.

After checking the position of the outside mirrors I switched my gaze to the road in front of me. A car was passing another car and had crossed the double line on a curve in the road! We were just coming around that bend! I processed this in a couple of seconds but had no time to react. It was that fast.

The other driver maneuvered back in front of the car he was passing - barely missing them and us! It was like we were all on top of each other. We should have been and I don't see how we all didn't collide.

But we didn't! Thank God we didn't!

I looked over at son. He looked at me - his eyes wide. I'm sure my eyes were just as wide. I shouted over the music, "Did you see THAT?" to which he nodded yes and then I said "Wow! Thank you God!".

I know it was seconds but it was surreal and when this all happened I didn't even hear the loud music playing. There was no time to brake. No time to scream. The other cars were RIGHT THERE!

The other driver? IDIOT! (I thought that after I calmed down.)

That DARN truck? I'm so glad he did what he did! If I hadn't been distracted and slowed down those few seconds by his lights - I DO think we would have had a head on collision that probably would've involved all 3 vehicles and come to think of it the truck that was following close behind me.

Have you ever had close calls that seemed to defy all odds that you would remain safe and yet you did? I have. Ever wonder how many near misses we have that we don't know about? Maybe someday God will lift that veil and we will be in awe of how many times we were protected or rescued.

I do believe that we all have a guardian angel and that there are angels who are God's messengers that work on our behalf.

I don't pretend to understand why some people die when it seems they shouldn't have, why the sad things happen - but they do. God doesn't love them any less. Maybe their life's work here is done? Maybe they are spared something worse?

I am just so grateful that my son and I and the other people are alright.

Also, my referring to the other driver as an IDIOT is the pot calling the kettle black.

I totaled a car once - a brand new 1972 Mach I - that wasn't mine. We weren't belted, all three of us hit the windows but we stayed in the car and I really do believe angels must've been holding us in. I'll post on it another time.

While driving home, I couldn't help but to think of what could've happened and I wondered if I had died tonight - would I have been ready to meet God? Was my son? I quietly pondered these things until an odd thing happened as we rounded a corner by a traffic light in the last town before almost arriving home.

I could smell popcorn! What is it with me and corn tonight? Seriously, is corn symbolic of anything? :)

And to our Heavenly Father I say -Thank you - thank you very much! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blog rating

Online Dating

This is too funny! I first saw this on Grunt Doc's site and now they are popping up everywhere. A lot of the docs get the adult ratings because of their wordage used in certain posts.

Overall people get the adult ratings for profanity, certain body parts or violence. Evidently, the more often words are used about cutting, orifices, excretory functions, bajingos and schwing schwangs the higher the rating or for some people it isn't medical posts - just some vulgarity.

I guess the blog watchers don't consider the "u" words - ureter and urine to be warning worthy. If they did - I'd blow everyone away with an 'X" rating. :)

I did mention breasts twice in my bathing suit post - but they could think I am talking chicken for all they know.

No - I'm a "G" girl and proud of it! :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Britain's Got Talent - a Star Is Born

Below are two Youtube clips from the English version of American Idol. In the 1st clip Paul Potts sings so well that he wows the judges and the audience. It is exciting to see someone achieve their life's dream, especially someone as nice as this gentleman. Also neat to see Simon so visibly moved and appreciative of a singer.

The second clip shows him winning the competition.

I got goosebumps all over listening to this man's powerfully, amazing voice. :)

Britain's Got Talent-Paul Potts Wins Competition

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Socialized medicine? What are the pros and cons?

One only has to listen to the talking heads, read the newspaper, surf the net - particularly the medical blogs at any given time or work in the medical field to know that we are in a health care crisis in America.

Thank God for insurance and I am grateful that we have it.

I naively used to believe that all insurance companies always worked on the subscribers behalf and in conjunction with the doctors. I used to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny too.

My company has made some small mistakes (although repetitively) in not paying the 90% to the non PPO providers that are affiliated with the PPO hospitals but they have a good turn around time for reimbursements and they have covered thousands of dollars. They do provide better coverage than what I know some people to have. Still - the med bills pile up.

The physicians also have their concerns regarding insurance companies.

Dr. Richard Schoor, a urologist down in Smithtown : Suffolk County Long Island, NY and author of The independent Urologist Blog and Dr Schoor's Urology Blog, has written some interesting posts regarding his experiences with insurance reimbursements. Here are a few posts he wrote Back in March of this year: "Here's A Good One"
"5 Reasons For Denials"
"Never Say Die"
"Payment Not Guaranteed"

The insurance companies seem to be an adversarial system that looks for opportunities to deny claims or deny insurance applicants regardless of their legitimacy and everyone loses but the CEO's and directors, etc., whose wallets get fatter with each denial.

Doctors have given up many years of their lives pursuing a medical career. They have paid their dues. They work very hard with long days, on call nights and weekends, with a lot of responsibilities and pressures along with having to be ever vigilant in protecting themselves from malpractice suits. They are God's instruments of healing on earth - a truly noble profession.

It isn't right that they should be cheated out of fair compensation for the hard work they do or that they should have to waste precious time resolving insurance denials, etc.
when the time could be better spent with their patients or their own families.

It isn't right that people should be denied insurance coverage or have to fight for reimbursement on claims that should be paid. Sadly - many people don't even know to challenge a denial and that they have paid more money on a claim than they should have.

God forbid someone has a truly catastrophic medical illness causing astronomical medical bills so that even with insurance they could lose their home or not be able to continue their good medical care..

I don't pretend to be an informed politician, physician or insurance worker but I am a concerned voter, patient and insurance subscriber.

Having worked in the health field for 20 years I have witnessed the financial effect insurance companies have had on our hospital system. I have listened to the physicians complain about the ridiculously low or non reimbursements and their frustration with HMOs and treatment of their patients.

A little over a year ago, one surgeon personally told me he was involved in a lawsuit with Aetna because he was breaking his contract with them because they weren't paying enough. He wasn't happy with MDCR either.

Our ED never turns anyone away, not even the uninsured. We always had to hand charity care forms to the self pay patients. I didn't want to embarrass anyone, so I offered it as financial assistance from the state- if they qualified. If the hospitals in NJ don't offer that to the self pay patients then the hospitals can lose money from the state.

I felt sorry for many of the people that didn't have insurance. Some of them were hard working but didn't have benefits. They were the people that fell between the cracks in that they couldn't afford their medical bills, etc. but they weren't poor or sick enough to qualify for public assistance programs like MDCD, SSI, etc. The charity care program covers the ED, in patient and out patient but not the private physicians.

I remember a patient presented to the ED with chest pain and the ED Doc wanted to admit him for observation but he signed out AMA. Why? Because he didn't have any insurance and he was concerned about the medical bill. Neither the medical staff nor his family could convince him to stay.

Even if covered by insurance – co-pays and deductibles can add up quickly. I experienced that myself last year and am on 4 different medical payment plans I set up with the hospital, etc. as a result of hitting catastrophic while simultaneously losing both jobs. The radiologists, anesthesiologists and ED docs don't participate with my plan and so the catastrophic level for them was even higher. One good thing and only because I pushed the ins reps about it is that instead of my ins co. paying them at 75% they have agreed to pay at 90% because the hospitals I used are participating and it is not my fault if the doctors don't. However, I have to review every EOB and call to remind them each time. They apparently don't want to let go of that money!

I have some questions for my friends across the pond, as you Brits say. :) Is the NHS system better than what you know of our American health care system? Are you completely happy with the NHS? Is it a huge burden in your taxes? Are there any drawbacks?

One night I had a patient come in to be registered to be seen in the ED for a dog bite. She told me she refused the rabies shot because she could get it for free when she flew home to England the next day. She smiled and was quite pleased about that. Ha! My first rabies injection cost $5,000.00 and then there were less expensive ones to follow because it is a series of injections. I didn't have to pay a dime because I was insured but not everyone is over here.

How about my Canadian friends? You have socialized medicine. Are you happy with your health care system? Do you pay for your prescriptions?

Years ago I read an article in Reader's Digest that did not paint a good picture of socialized medicine in Canada. Waiting months to get necessary surgeries, not enough state of the art equipment and that Canadians were coming across the border to the U.S. to have surgery done.

How about the doctors in countries with socialized medicine? Are they compensated well for all the years they have invested in medical school to practice in their profession? Are they happy with the system?

Is every facet of health care REALLY better in the countries that have socialized medicine?

Everyone complains but no one seems to have an answer.

Doctors and any other medical professionals must unite to become a part of the solution to effect change, taking health care in a better direction. Do they have representation in Washington?

Shame on the doctors who have betrayed their Hippocratic oath by becoming a part of the system that denies appropriate health care to people in need life saving surgeries, etc.

Is there ANY kind of system in place that acts as a watchdog on behalf of the doctors and the patients??? If there isn't - then shouldn't there be? God knows we have investigative committees for everything today. Should we not have one that will respond to red flags that go up in the insurance system for every denial they issue? One that will PENALIZE THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR DENYING UNFAIRLY? These companies should be fined when they have unfairly denied a claim, not rewarded with higher incomes at the expense of someone else. And I will go one step further with this idea. I think the insurance employees that erroneously and unfairly deny payment of qualifying claims who work at ALL levels should be held accountable and penalized not rewarded with a higher salary or advancement. We are talking about people's lives and lively hood here!

Politicians must stop taking contributions from the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists and start working for the good of the people that elected them to their positions in the first place.

I believe BOTH parties have dropped the ball regarding health care in America and I sincerely hope the people will get out and protest with their votes regarding our current health crisis with the 2008 presidential election.

So what precipitated this post? Michael Moore! I am NOT a fan of Michael Moore and have considered him to be the extreme far left which is the antithesis of what my political beliefs are. He has been known to distort the facts.

However, his documentary (Sicko) and the resulting discussions have me thinking about all of this again. So… Kudos to Mr.Moore, if his documentary brings this issue to the forefront in time for the presidential elections.

We all know our American health care system needs revisions. In addition to some of the problems I mentioned earlier, they are predicting MDCR will go bankrupt with the influx of baby boomers reaching retirement age. Then what?

Hospitals in inner cities are closing because they aren't making enough money because they are providing services to a poorer population who is either on MDCD or uninsured. What happens to those people in need of treatment? The ones that have or can afford transportation will seek treatment in another facility. And will the strain of extra patients from that population then cause a domino effect of inner city hospital closures? Not to mention the strain on EMT's and paramedics traveling greater distances.

Insurance premiums are increasingly more expensive while coverage and reimbursements decrease for both patients and medical providers.

I do take issue with the comparison of Cuba's medical system vs ours because those people have been exploited under that system. If it is so wonderful then why do some of the Cuban people risk the lives of their children and themselves to cross the ocean to come to the United States?

Scalpel, an ED Doc and author of the "Scalpel or Sword" blog in his May 20th post "Sicko" linked to another interesting post along with pics revealing another side to Cuban hospitals and clinics that were not shown in the Sicko documentary.

Here is a review from Michael Kling from "Econlog" who was at the premier last night.

Another interesting post by Michael Kling "Reforming Our Beliefs Concerning Health Care"

This next post on socialized medicine is from Panda Bear,MD and emergency medicine resident.

Post called "Soothsayer" by Shrodingers Cat an ED Doc from M.D.O.D. blog

Post called "More Solutions, Long Post" By Dr Schwab a surgeon and author of Surgeonsblog.

REALLY want to know the pros and cons of socialized medicine. Does socialized medicine work as well as is was presented in Mr Moore's documentary? We know he misrepresented Cuba's health care system by not presenting all the facts. Mr. Kling in his post linked above sheds light on the kidney transplant denial.

I am a bleeding heart conservative republican and I believe in free enterprise and national sovereignty, etc., but I do want to know if the citizens in the countries he discussed are as happy with their health care system as the people he interviewed in his documentary?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Surprise! :)

Roses - Rozen

My husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of yellow and pink roses this morning.
All flowers are beautiful but roses are exquisite - truly this girl's favorite flower. What a wonderful way to start the day today!


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day

Fathers - love your children - they love you and need you for so much. Not just the material but even more importantly your time, wisdom and guidance given in love. Laugh and have fun with your kids. Build good memories.

Also one of the best things a parent can do for their child is to love their spouse. If the parents love each other than all that trickles down to the child as well and everyone benefits.

Happy Father's Day to my husband and to my older son! :)

May you all have a wonderfully God Blessed Father's day! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just a Thought

As much as we wish we could protect our children from all the bad encounters and experiences - we can't. But we can be there for them as the anchor for their storms and the light house illuminating the better path. We can be their rock of unconditional love and port of safety. We can be their solid foundation from which self confidence, compassion, wisdom, respect and love is developed. We can teach them to think independently - to see a situation for what it is and from that make sound decisions. But most importantly; we can teach our children about God - instilling a faith so deep within, that it will become a spiritual compass guiding them throughout their lives. ~ SeaSpray ~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From A Mother's Heart - My Personal Feelings

School Has Started, School Bus
Class of 2007


I am feeling so very sentimental at this moment. Actually, it has been building for the last couple of months.

I feel like it is our son's first day of school... except... it is actually his LAST day of H.S. and then he will start college in the fall. More milestones!

This son is the baby - who is now 18 and will be 19 in October. Our other son is 26 and soon to be 27 in August.

They both went to nursery school and I was sentimental about their little preschool graduations - again another milestone. But that 1st day of public school - tore at my heart strings.

Both sons were 6 when they began kindergarten and I am glad that we had that extra growth year with them. Another year to plant seeds of good family values, etc. so that they would be that much stronger and wiser to resist the negative influences that they would no doubt encounter along life's journey.

First son was profoundly shy (he's anything but shy now) and resisted going to school that first day. It was time to take him out to the bus stop except this wonderful child decided to crawl under the kitchen table and while sobbing, simultaneously say, "Mommy - P.L.E.A.S.E don't MAKE me go to school!" Truth is I wanted to cry right along with him (he was ripping my heart out at that point) but I went into our bedroom to collect myself instead. The truth is -EVERYTHING in me really wanted to say, "It's o.k. honey. You can stay home and I will just breast feed you for the rest of my life." That is exactly what went through my head at that moment.

He looked so cute wearing his kindergarten bus tag. He seemed both little and vulnerable on the bus while looking down at me as we waved good bye. I stayed there, watching the bus until it disappeared out of sight. The bus stop is right near our property and so I started sobbing across the street, across our lawn - all the way into the house. Then, I started to enjoy my free time and we were both perfectly fine the next day.

Second son was more eager to go but by that time - 8 years later - there were other kids in the neighborhood and they were excited about going to school. Even older brother was at the bus stop as he was still in grade school, but at the other end of the spectrum - 8th grade.

(Older son had been an only child when he started school and didn't have other friends he was going with and he was shy. So, there was a totally different dynamic going on.)

This morning images of younger son were flashing through my mind as he was walking out to catch his ride to school. I was getting flashes of him at the bus stop wearing his little kindergarten name tag around his neck. He was wearing these really nice (Tasteful) Osh Gosh plaid pants, cute shirt and suspenders.

(I loved those Osh Gosh clothes! I got him and older son to wear suspenders up until 2nd grade - after that they refused! I love suspenders on men too as I think they look really sharp - but husband never liked them either. It must be genetic!)

Younger son looked so little,cute and vulnerable on the bus too. I also watched until that bus disappeared but I didn't cry because there were other mothers there and we were all too busy socializing! :) Still when I walked across the lawn to go in the house - I was wistful, but I didn't cry.


This morning I took a couple of pictures for a memento of the last time he is leaving to go to H.S. and then I took a couple of him and his friend after he got into his friend's vehicle. So this morning - there was no kindergarten bus tag around his neck, no Osh Gosh pants and no suspenders. Instead, the piture will be of our 6 ft something son with a goatee looking down at his Mom. :)

Then I got a couple of shots of them in the truck waving back at me. And now with their very deep manly voices shouting good bye as they drove down the road. I watched the truck disappear out of site. *sigh*

I didn't cry but I could feel the tears - sort of there or maybe they were only in my thoughts. And so I started blogging about my feelings. That was short lived though as younger son called from his cell to ask if I could please bring something to school for him. It was an odd feeling to think that this was the last school errand I would be running - maybe even fitting and even though simple, it felt so good to do it.

Then I went to McDonalds and got a fast food breakfast - comfort food no doubt. I haven't had a fast food breakfast since I stopped working for Lifeline in May 2006. It was s-o-o-o SALTY! I could taste the oil too - yuk! But, I forgot how much I liked those biscuits! :) I came home - made some more coffee and continued writing this post.


Afterthoughts: When they go off to kindergarten they from that point on will be exposed to and sometimes affected by outside influences. That is as it should be - moving forward - forging a path of new beginnings that will hopefully lead them to fulfilling their destinies - what they were created to do. They still have home and family influences but the dynamic does change.

Of course we welcome all the wonderful changes and opportunities but it is the negative forces that you know they will also encounter to varying degrees that caused me to feel like I wanted to put them in a plastic bubble of protection.

Good parenting is realizing that as much as we wish we could protect our children from all the bad encounters and experiences - that we can't. We can and should be there for them as the anchor for their storms and the light house illuminating the better path and be their rock of unconditional love and port of safety. We can and should be their solid foundation from which self confidence, compassion, wisdom, respect and love is developed. We can teach them to think independently - to see a situation for what it is and from that make sound decisions.

Most importantly - teach them about God. Help to instill faith in their creator and steer them into developing a personal relationship with God and because we are Christians - for us, specifically Jesus Christ. I always wanted them to know how much they were loved by God. I taught them that God was there all the time - even when people weren't. I taught them the salvation message and why that was more important than anything else in their lives. I told them that education was important, that money helped to make things nice and that friends and family were especially important but that salvation was THE most important of all because that determines where they will spend eternity. I also taught them to pray for healing because God does heal the sick. I just wanted them to know that no matter what happens in life that God is there for them and if they let him direct their paths, if they seek his guidance - it will always work out for good.

I remember a friend's mother who had 5 kids once telling me that she used to say. "All I can do is my best and now I let God do the rest." In the end that is all we can do. Just try to do our best. We made mistakes as parents. There are plenty of things I wish I could do differently. I think we all can say that about our lives in general. However, it is humanly impossible to always be there for our kids, but God in his omnipotence is. So I taught the boys about having faith in God. I wanted them to understand that there are people that "know of "God and then there are people that "know" God. There is the impersonal text book knowledge type of faith that really is memorization, etc and then there is a real relationship of love, trust and knowledge. One is forced the other is life giving. Even if they stray from God (and I think most of us do) I have always taken comfort in this scripture (I think from Proverbs - not sure) -"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." I also believe that when we have an active faith in God that it helps to keep us on the right track and when we stray (I think we all do) it is like a compass, helping us to find our way back.

One day when I was in the check-out line at our local supermarket with our first born son who was then a year old, an elderly lady looked at him, smiled and said, "Ohhhhh, these are the happy years." She meant well but it kind of haunted me because she was inferring enjoy them now - you won't always have this. I know what she meant but I didn't want to think about it. I also wondered if she was lonely.

Then after our 2nd son was born, someone else came up to me and while looking at him said, "Just remember - you can never go back." I did find that useful and have reflected back on that statement many times when making certain decisions.

They have grown up to be two fine, intelligent, discerning and compassionate young men with marvelous senses of humor too. We are privileged to be their parents and are so very proud of them. :)

You really don't realize how fast time moves on. Not so much in grade school, but when they hit H.S. - it seems like time flew by.

**We have a real busy few days coming up. Sunday- Father's day, Monday-my birthday and Tuesday- sons' graduation! So if I go MIA - that is why.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Fray - How To Save A Life (Grey's Anatomy)

I thought I would put this video up since I have been thinking about Grey's Anatomy and am having post season withdrawal. Great song too!

I was also saddened to read the post "In Memoriam: Dr Preston Burke" in
that actor Isaiah Washington (Dr Preston Burke) was terminated from the show.

I don't condone bad behavior, but if someone sincerely apologizes - then I say make peace and move forward. We all make mistakes from time to time. Hopefully we learn from them and are stronger and wiser than before and able to share our newly gained insights to help someone in a similar situation should it come about.

I admired his character as a surgeon - one of nobility, tenacity and excellence. I was disappointed when he allowed Christina to cover for his surgeries and thought that was grossly out of character for him. I loved how he got Christina and was able to see past the icy exterior (o.k. and the selfish interior) and tap into and awaken the loving and compassionate woman within.

I think I identified with that because in my personal life - rescuer that I am - I have always had the ability to see through the rough edges, bad temperaments and even the distance to the real person beneath it all. I was never one to follow the labels of other people but appreciate them for who they are with me.

This girl will miss Dr Preston Burke.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Urinalysis :)

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No - this isn't code to say that I am pissed, angry, mad or even irritated with anyone or anything. Life is good and I am grateful for so much.

I just like the play on words here.

O.k. and maybe it got my attention because my world for the last 17 months was seen through urine colored glasses or something like that. ;)

I do love that cartoon - quite clever! :)

Talking analy....excuse me -URINalysis! Ha! At least talking urine is in touch with feelings, even if they are pissy. LOL!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Wipe Out!

It's really hot and humid out and I would love to be where these surfers are right now! I think Wipe Out is timeless and never tire of hearing it, especially with sound turned up. :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scrub Elliot - Bajingo Quotes and Other Euphemisms

I hope this isn't offensive to anyone. After reading and commenting on a couple of blogs dealing with a medical condition for certain schwing schwangs, I thought this tied in - sort of. This cute video discusses the nether regions in an amusing way. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

If you think....

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out of the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will--
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
is the man who thinks he can! ~ author unknown

I took this poem from a book I am currently reading called "Think And Grow Rich" but it doesn't mention the title or author for this poem.

Ross Cornwell, the editor of this contemporary revised edition of the book came into my blog a few weeks ago and left a comment suggesting that I buy this book and also graciously shared some much appreciated words of encouragement. :)

I bought the book from Amazon the same day and am gaining and reaffirming insights. I skimmed ahead just a bit and there were a couple of things that I might take issue with in terms of my faith but in all fairness - it's possible I could've taken it out of context and the book is still inspiring and a great read. It's a book that you can read over and over again and glean more information from each time depending upon your life's circumstances.

Scrubs-Elliot & Keith are Republicans-too funny!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Free in the Rain

Chrysalis Angel - I just want to tell you that tonight after my son brought my mother home (her 84th birthday today) I went outside to check the pool. I was really hot. It was raining lightly and it felt so good on my skin. I didn't care that my clothes were getting wet and decided to let the rain come down on me and walked around in it. I was thinking of you and of the comment I put in one of your recent posts. I was thinking how I am going to miss your blog and appreciate the friendship that has evolved between us. I hope you don't mind if I put my comment in this post as it is a sweet memory about another rainy day. :)

The following is a recent story I shared On chrysalis Angel's blog, although I changed it slightly.

One hot summer day I was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 yr old daughter. She and my 5 year old son were playing together. It was hot out but a huge rainstorm came and the sun was still out and there wasn't any thunder or lightening.

I said to the kids, "Let’s go outside and play in the rain with our clothes on. They LOVED the idea. It was raining cats and dogs. It was such a downpour.

We were soaked! The rainwater was so warm. We felt so free. Julie and Chris were taking extra delight in jumping in the puddles.

Then Julie exclaimed," This is the BEST day of my life!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I Did a Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, STUPID Thing!

So what stupid thing did I do? And for what? I'll tell you what. (Sigh!)

For a pair of shoes! SHOES! Specifically, for a really cute, sexy , fun pair of 3 1/2 inch strappy hot pink espadrilles. They are similar to the shoe in the pic above except mine have hot pink leather straps and inner sole or whatever it is called along with a thin striped multi-colored canvas also on sole and coming up across the top of foot similar to the shoe pictured above.

I LOVE these shoes! Well maybe now I HATE I still love them. O.k.- it's a LOVE/HATE relationship right now.

Ha! I wonder if any guys reading this zoned out yet?

I am thinking of a Scrubs episode where Carla and Elliot were talking about some personal stuff they didn't want turk and JD to listen to, so all they had to do was say the word SHOES and the guys said SHOES, sighed and zoned out. Then to bring them back all the girls had to say was, LACE BRA OR PANTIES" and the guys immediately snapped to attention. Of course it didn't work on Dr Cox and he knew just the words to say to get the guys attention again. Too funny! :)

High heeled shoes are really flattering to a woman's legs. Ya can't blame a girl for wanting to wear pretty shoes! :)

The problem is that I have a history of a meniscal tear in my l. knee - twice. SDS - twice with good results. I know I have a little o.a. on my r. knee - no big deal though.
( I used to wear heels a lot and walked really well in them - but that was before the knee injuries. Since then I have kept shoes usually to an inch and sometimes 2 inch heels.) So, because I could feel a slight strain, I decided that I would just get used to them by wearing them around the house first. I wore them for about a half hour and gave up. Then I started with the bilateral knee pain with the left being significantly worse. Darn! Why did I not remember that my ortho doc had told me heels not the best thing? And - since when do I have to "get used" to any shoes I wear? I swear - these shoes had a spell on me!

So I started taking 600 mg of I-buprofen for the next few days and applied ice occasionally. I-buprofen isn't good for the kidneys and probably less so for me since I have a chronic hydronephrosis but I wanted to counter the inflammation and the pain.

I am also drinking this wonderful Herbal Aloe Force product to help heal my ureter. It is also good for detoxing the liver, is an anti-inflammatory among other things and so I am hoping it will help this too. (This is good stuff but pricey with S&H. If you can afford bulk(12 bottles) you can get a better deal.)

Then it seemed to go away for a few days but now the last couple of days it is bothering me when on my feet a lot. However, if I had injured it, then why would the pain have subsided for a week? Also a torn meniscus really hurts at night even if you are resting. Mine doesn't.

Then I realized that my fingers were aching and my neck and I remembered that I had had a tick on me last month but no bullseye evident. Now I am wondering if Lyme disease could be a possibility?

I just wanted to have June to myself without doctor appointments, etc. but I guess I will go see my private Doc and get some labs done as I am overdo for them anyway.

I always take an elevator down stairs vs walking down stairs as it takes more exertion on the knee to do the latter. I do this to protect my knee. I am not one to put myself down but this time I did do a stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID thing - for SHOES!

I welcome all healing prayer and good thoughts should anyone feel inclined to do so. :)