Sunday, June 3, 2007

I Did a Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, STUPID Thing!

So what stupid thing did I do? And for what? I'll tell you what. (Sigh!)

For a pair of shoes! SHOES! Specifically, for a really cute, sexy , fun pair of 3 1/2 inch strappy hot pink espadrilles. They are similar to the shoe in the pic above except mine have hot pink leather straps and inner sole or whatever it is called along with a thin striped multi-colored canvas also on sole and coming up across the top of foot similar to the shoe pictured above.

I LOVE these shoes! Well maybe now I HATE I still love them. O.k.- it's a LOVE/HATE relationship right now.

Ha! I wonder if any guys reading this zoned out yet?

I am thinking of a Scrubs episode where Carla and Elliot were talking about some personal stuff they didn't want turk and JD to listen to, so all they had to do was say the word SHOES and the guys said SHOES, sighed and zoned out. Then to bring them back all the girls had to say was, LACE BRA OR PANTIES" and the guys immediately snapped to attention. Of course it didn't work on Dr Cox and he knew just the words to say to get the guys attention again. Too funny! :)

High heeled shoes are really flattering to a woman's legs. Ya can't blame a girl for wanting to wear pretty shoes! :)

The problem is that I have a history of a meniscal tear in my l. knee - twice. SDS - twice with good results. I know I have a little o.a. on my r. knee - no big deal though.
( I used to wear heels a lot and walked really well in them - but that was before the knee injuries. Since then I have kept shoes usually to an inch and sometimes 2 inch heels.) So, because I could feel a slight strain, I decided that I would just get used to them by wearing them around the house first. I wore them for about a half hour and gave up. Then I started with the bilateral knee pain with the left being significantly worse. Darn! Why did I not remember that my ortho doc had told me heels not the best thing? And - since when do I have to "get used" to any shoes I wear? I swear - these shoes had a spell on me!

So I started taking 600 mg of I-buprofen for the next few days and applied ice occasionally. I-buprofen isn't good for the kidneys and probably less so for me since I have a chronic hydronephrosis but I wanted to counter the inflammation and the pain.

I am also drinking this wonderful Herbal Aloe Force product to help heal my ureter. It is also good for detoxing the liver, is an anti-inflammatory among other things and so I am hoping it will help this too. (This is good stuff but pricey with S&H. If you can afford bulk(12 bottles) you can get a better deal.)

Then it seemed to go away for a few days but now the last couple of days it is bothering me when on my feet a lot. However, if I had injured it, then why would the pain have subsided for a week? Also a torn meniscus really hurts at night even if you are resting. Mine doesn't.

Then I realized that my fingers were aching and my neck and I remembered that I had had a tick on me last month but no bullseye evident. Now I am wondering if Lyme disease could be a possibility?

I just wanted to have June to myself without doctor appointments, etc. but I guess I will go see my private Doc and get some labs done as I am overdo for them anyway.

I always take an elevator down stairs vs walking down stairs as it takes more exertion on the knee to do the latter. I do this to protect my knee. I am not one to put myself down but this time I did do a stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID thing - for SHOES!

I welcome all healing prayer and good thoughts should anyone feel inclined to do so. :)


peggy said...

yay! you linked! i knew you could do it!

Sisyphus said...

I am smiling, SeaSpray, 'cause I just bought some bras for me today and well, the one thing that my husband tunes out at and says "OK, so I'll go look in the bookstore for HOW long then?" is when I start looking or speaking about bras! Most other things he can stand, stay with me, discuss (wax lyrical over anything bicycle related) but womens underwear?? Completely loses my husband. I know I am no model, but ?!!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy - Yes thanks to you showing me what to do - thank you very much.

It is easy. I knew it would be but just didn't know what to do. I am a better with hands on when it comes to this technical stuff.

Now the only thing left to learn (I KNOW it is easy is to upload my own pics) oh and then maybe excel. :)

Ha your lucky he will shop at all!

My husband will shop for groceries and gardening and that's it. He would never peruse a mall or want to have a meal while shopping.

If he wants a screwdriver - he buys a screwdriver. That's it - no comparison shopping and it would never be in the category of fun to do for him.

Allie said...

One word for you - Danskos. Since you are a med blog watcher, everyone buys danskos. Worn appropriately, they look fabulous on women . . . well, they do cost about 115-150 for a pair that doesn't look that much like clogs.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Allie - I checked them out on line and they look cute. There were quite a few that I liked.

I'm on a budget right now but maybe by fall I will have a little more financial freedom. Anyway, I bookmarked the site I was on.

Thanks for the tip and for stopping by. :)