Friday, June 29, 2007

Power Surge/Fruit Salad

Doesn't this pic look like there is some kind of heavenly being in the sky? (flicker picture)

Our computer was affected by a power surge when the power went off and then came back on during a thunderstorm today. Right now I am in safe computer mode as it will not open up into the usual format. It won't send messages to print in this mode either.

I am just a bit stressed about this as we can't replace this right now. However - hopefully first born son will save the day! (But he's busy) He works in the computer field and he built the one we have now. He put a lot more in it than what we would have gotten from the store and it has lasted longer than our first two computers which were store bought.

So, if I am not around it might be because of of computer problems. I don't know how long I can work in safe mode.

I will think good thoughts....son CAN fix this and it will be inexpensive. :)


On a happier note I just want to say that I got the best fruit yesterday at the Farmer's Market and at really good prices.

The rasberries are so large, plump and sweet. All the other fruit is a good quality too. I also got watermelon, a cantelope, 2 pints of blueberries, kiwis, white nectarines and 4 qts of strawberries along with some wonderful vegetables and nuts and seeds. I LOVE that place when everything is in season! I am getting the urge to do a fruit salad and I am going to make that cream cheese and marshmallow dip for the strawberries - that is if there are any left by the time I make it. :) Our zucchini and yellow squash are ready in our own garden now too.

I enjoy a good fruit salad on a hot day. So refreshing. Its also good with a yogurt topping. Last summer I put together a fresh fruit salad in a carved watermelon for my doctor's office - the Docs and staff - because they were and still are such a terrific group to go to. The weather was so hot and humid and just perfect for something like that. :)

I also need to think of a desert to make for a July 4th picnic we are going to. Any ideas?


peggy said...

how bout fruit salad? with that really awesome dip (cream cheese/whipped cream - the filling in heaven pie)

patientanonymous said...

Nice picture of the lightning...I love storms...well, if I don't get caught in them without an umbrella (unless it's summer and then it's not so bad.)

I am almost envious that you can eat. This sounds truly disgusting so I should probably save it for my own blog but I just had breakfast, have gone to the bathroom twice and am in pain!

My gastro's office is ignoring my calls and I just want to curl up in a ball and vanish. But I can't...have to see Merlin today.

Enjoy your fruit salad *grin*

SeaSpray said...

MMMM heaven pie....your good at making that one Peggy. :)

I do hope you feel better PA and enjoy Merlin. :)

So far all is well in safe mode but I am still not using computer as much.

Jennifer Black said...
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