Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scrub Elliot - Bajingo Quotes and Other Euphemisms

I hope this isn't offensive to anyone. After reading and commenting on a couple of blogs dealing with a medical condition for certain schwing schwangs, I thought this tied in - sort of. This cute video discusses the nether regions in an amusing way. :)


Sisyphus said...

H'mm, SeaSpray, that's increased my vocabulary.....never heard those euphemisms before! ;)

The Independent Urologist said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. Yes, I took that phot as well. It is of the Causeway to Robert Moses Beach.
And, I agree 100%, no 1000%, with your comments and info on phone etiquette. I have been trying to get my staff to smile, then say "Hello, Dr Schoor's office. This is Martha speaking, how may I help you." But in the end, you can only lead a horse to water and I have settled for anything other than "Dr's office."
Thanks for the comment.

SeaSpray said...

Ha! Hi Sis! Let's not forget VJJ on Grey's Anatomy. Dr Baily upon noticing George watching the baby coming out hollered at him, "STOP looking at my VJJ!"
(Sounds like Va- JJ) :)

My girlfriend always called her daughters vagina a "dimpy" - go figure.

I didn't. I always called the body parts what they were. I have said tinkle and pee because urinate is so official sounding, but I'm not afraid of the word. :)

Hi I.U. - I am glad you liked it and glad to be of some help.

Lately, I have been more wordy in other blogs than I have in my own blog. I had decided before I went to bed that in the a.m. I would review my comment in your blog and possibly delete it.

While "Hello Dr Schoor's office,this is Martha speaking-how may I help you?" sounds nice I do think it is perfectly fine to say "Hello Dr Schoor's office, Martha speaking - how may I help you?"

It seems silly but I think having to add 2 more words(this is)is a lot when crunched with phones or work. And people don't want to wait on the other end. Receptionists have different styles too. I happen to be able to communicate quickly yet still with a smile or I can slow it down but some people only have one speed. Also - there will be times that just Dr Schoor's office comes out because so busy. However, I see no reason why in time they can't do exactly what you want. You set the tone - you are the boss. You are not being unreasonable but it is good that you are flexible because you do want to take care of your staff and let them know they are appreciated.

Your welcome Dr Schoor. :)

It will be nice when I am saying "Yes doctor on the OTHER SIDE of the counter. A girl can dream. :)

OHN said...

Seaspray--getting caught up on some reading and this clip made me laugh out loud. I haven't ever seen the show..are they usually funny?

SeaSpray said...

Hysterical Ohn - absolutely and positively hysterical!

Glad you liked it. When you have a chance go to my sidebar and click on May or my favorites and watch "Scrubs season 3 - radiologist".

I could just put that radiologist on replay indefinitely and I would laugh every time. :)