Monday, July 23, 2007

All My Boyfriends Are Here-Grey's Anatomy

This was a funny scene! Meredith was so breezy, happy and looped on her pre-op happy cocktail. However, for as much as I enjoyed it -I was also experiencing a sense of dread laced with panic.

The first time I experienced this feeling of dread and panic was after the birth of our 2nd son when after asking my OBGYN why he had me put out because I wanted to talk (of course I did!) with them while he was suturing, etc. and he said I talked the whole time but they gave me Versed and that is why I don't remember anything. (YIKES!) That is such a NEKKED feeling!
I discussed this in a post I wrote last December "Anesthesia, Meredith Grey and me".

I have also discussed this (although I don't remember exactly where) on Dr. Schwab's Surgeonsblog. His blog is an interesting read and I find myself drawn to it like a moth to flame. I find the surgical world to be quite fascinating and am in awe of their knowledge, skill, responsibilities, etc.. I knew I would be forever hooked on his blog after reading his post called "Taking Trust". He has written so many interesting posts and more recently "Bless the Child?" has caused quite a bit of controversy in his comment section.

I admit that I am now a surgical groupie and soak all the information up like a sponge because of my own experiences going to the OR and more recently being faced with a seemingly imminent surgery (that I no longer need) and because of his blog. :)

Addicted to Medblogs has posted her interview with Dr Schwab where he answers the pre-op anesthesia question and I am sure has more than a few of us unnerved! YIKES again! And I think he enjoyed that! He has also said that he will do a post on anesthesia effects on patients regarding lowered inhibitions. Looking forward to THAT post Dr. S.! :)

Dr Schwab has just put up his post called "Happy Talk" that helps to answer these questions. (Thanks Dr. S.!) As always - most interesting post and comments, although this girl still wonders. ;)

Aha! I KNEW there was more! Today - Tuesday - Dr Schwab has added a continuation on personal events in the OR. Admittedly, some of it is the Docs but then of course the patients too. Read more in his most recent post "Eau d'OR".

Again, I come back to the fact that I am friendly and can totally see myself doing the Meredith thing and yet I really believe I remember everything going in, even up to the point of being on the table. Besides - why give Versed BEFORE going under?

Grey's had another scene that was interesting. A woman was post-op and seemed alert but repeatedly asked her OBGYN if her baby was alright. What struck me with that scene was that EACH time she'd ask the Doc about her baby's condition the Doc answered EACH time with a reassuring look to the patient just as if it was the first time she asked. It looked like an instant replay!

It caused me to think of times for routine check-ups where I only had conscious sedation and feel like I remember everything afterward. I realize now that I and other patients probably do that and OR staff is used to it and it goes with the territory. I don't care about that but I do care that inhibitions could be lowered so that I do a Meredith - or worse.

Last fall a nurse was telling me that men who have been in combat sometimes re-experience the war memories that have been suppressed. That must be awful! And what about guys? Do they say things? What if they see someone attractive? What if they have secrets? I'm just wondering.

I think patients should be muzzled pre-op and post-op! ;)

Below - is another Youtube of an earlier ER episode where Dr Carter performs an appy on Dr. Benton but before he begins they take pictures of him and other OR staff and then afterward he checks in on DR Benton. He is groggy from the anesthesia and in his confusion reveals some personal info about himself. Hmmm...


Chrysalis Angel said...

Is that why my surgeon was sooo nice to me after surgery....I must have told him what I had thought..

SeaSpray said...

Haha! Some others in Dr Schwabs interview felt the same way too - so I'm not the only one. Makes me crazy tho to think it could happen! :)

I am hoping that even tho we don't remember that we would still respond in each moment as we would if we were clear headed.

I definitely wouldn't want to hurt anyone with my words. And I guess a compliment is o.k. if it brings a smile to their face and as long as it isn't too revealing.

I just prefer to keep my thought processes to myself. :)

Sid Schwab said...

I put up my anesthesia/talk post today. And thanks for the kind words!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Ohh no, we'll have to go over and check that out Seaspray. I'm afraid I don't want to know. I'll have to pick unattractive surgeons from now on, or better yet stay out of the O.R.!

SeaSpray said...

Haha! Now that sounds like a plan!

Want to know what my very first thoughts were when I met my surgeon? There I was sepsis girl - lying in bed, oh so very sick and not looking my best - for sure. He's very tall and I remember looking up at him and thinking....

Sorry - Third person isn't going to let SeaSpray divulge those thoughts but what she did think was comprised of 5 words in 2 sentences that end in exclamation points!

It is still a vivid memory for SeaSpray today! ;)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr Schwab - Thank you and your welcome!

I read and enjoyed your post earlier and left a comment. You know I have been wanting to read this one. :)

i also linked it to this post too. Thanks for sharing. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Seriously though, my surgeon was a nice guy. He did have the bluest eyes though and grey hair. I love grey hair on a guy. The combination was striking.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -I think I already mentioned somewhere that I told my my consulting surgeon that he had the nicest blue eyes and that was sans pre-op meds!

I love to look at people's eyes. I do think they are the window to the soul. Their lips might be saying one thing but then you look at the eyes and they can be speaking volumes that don't match what is being said. Ha! I have a close friend that has known me since I was 4 and she says she can always tell when I am joking with her because my eyes start dancing. :)

Gray hair on men? Lucky guys! I agree men look good in gray hair. I heard someone say once that as women age they get haggard but as men age they get distinguished. Not fair! So, we women have to put extra effort into our looks. I have seen some haggard looking men though but I guess then they can fall under the rugged category.

Heck - men don't even have to shave if they don't want to! I actually like that stubbly look - it is so masculine! Think George Clooney, Don Johnson, McDreamy, McSteamy and McVet, etc. A lot of my friends don't like it though but I think that look and even the feel is kind of sexy although sometimes it hurts because of the roughness.

My Docs are nice too. If they weren't I would never stick around. it's bad enough that as a patient we have to be so vulnerable and share/reveal personal things and I sure as heck wouldn't stay with a Doc that I was afraid of or uncomfortable with because they acted like a jerk. I think that would be counterproductive to healing if it were for anything chronic anyway. Maybe I am just being stupid to say that because in the end what counts is that we just get better.

I have switched docs a couple of times and they didn't do anything wrong but it was more a matter of chemistry - I have to feel that connection.

I just thank God for the good Docs! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

It's funny, I posted once about not liking the color gray and I don't, except for the hair. Just like I love chocolate, but not chocolate ice cream. (shrug).

I so agree with you.

SeaSpray said...

I love football but just don't like to watch it.

Football is a fall activity and so evokes a lot of happy, cozy memories.

Well I do like it if something exciting is happening.