Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rockin Blogger


Jen from Jenster's Musings in her post "The Big Head" surprised me by nominating me for the Rockin Blogger award. Thank you for your kind words and yes Scrubs is hysterically funny! :)
Jen is the inspirational one -sharing her insights, faith and humor even amidst her personal trials of fighting cancer. Sometimes I wonder why I am blogging after I read Jen's and so many other excellent blogs out there and then I realize - for fun.. I blog for fun. I just enjoy it so much. Then I am continually surprised when I see that people do come in. :) Jen - I hope you and your friend get to Cape May soon - you will love it! (I look at the Cape May stripercam on my side bar everyday and get my beach fix! I was really excited when I saw the beach umbrellas going up and I can so imagine myself with family and friends being in the water!)

*** I have thoroughly enjoyed so many wonderful blogs that are out there (check out my sidebar blogroll) and it is hard to just pick 5 - so anyone feel free to pick this up if you like. Also, anyone I nominate - please don't feel obligated - just know I think you ROCK!!! :)

Fat Doctor - because if FD doesn't rock than no one does! She has a heartwarming, humorous and inspirational blog as she covers the medical field she works in, her family life and other daily events. She was the first blogger to welcome me to the blogosphere and the first blogging doctor to link to me. I will always be sentimental about FD and appreciative of her vote of confidence in my writing. After all - I only started my blog so I could comment on other blogs. Who knew? :) BTW - FD - through her encouragement -is the proud Mama of many new bloggers.

Chrysalis Angel - because she is a gentle, compassionate, spiritually enlightened soul with a delightful sense of humor along with a blog that conveys the same. She also has been an inspiration with her spiritual strength, courage and positive attitude in her battle against cancer. She has been an encourager and faith builder who helped to see me through some challenging times this past winter. (Angel -I have saved every one of your e-mails!) AND talk about courage - she is the only person I know to have dangled over a rushing river in a swaying cable car while en route on a rescue mission in a remote location. :) And people wonder why we blog?

Dr Keagirl - from the "Urostream" blog because she was "THE" very first blog I ever read in my life. The fact that it was about urology (that "U" word again) totally got my attention but then her writing style coupled with her keen sense of humor along with informative info had me totally hooked and I read through her entire blog and the rest is history. :) (Also - it really, really helped me to be able to read about urologic procedures, perspectives and experiences and patient responses (particularly to ureteral stents) - adressed by Dr Keagirl and by other urologists/docs and patients in the comments.)

Dr Gwenn - In spite of the fact that she's a Boston Red Sox fan (GO YANKEES!) and because she's a blogging pediatrician (Dr Gwenn Is In) and a wife and mom who shares informative info/insights on kids of all ages, incorporating current news events with pediatric information and other issues as well. She is the author of the "Dr Gwenn Is In" blog along with her televised health spots on NECN and is the author of "Pediatrics Now" which you can subscribe to on line. Obviously she's a lady who knows how to juggle it all and I want to know her secret! :)

Medblog Addict - is a lawyer who by her own confession/admission who is "Addicted to MedBlogs" which is also the name of her blog. She was the 2nd blogger to welcome me into the blogosphere which also gave me encouragement. She said she'd only be lurking but I am glad she has stayed around. When I would think of quitting the blog or feeling shy about what I wrote -especially when we were starting out - she reassured me it was o.k.. AND she has continued with the TRENCHY (ER Doc) tradition of calendar Docs since he is unable to do so at this time. Her keen ability with with the element of surprise has been..... amusing. :) So...keep peeping through " holes into the walls of emergency rooms, operating rooms and doctors' offices" if it will keep you hanging around the blogosphere. ;) (Words in quotation from M.A.'s intro to her blog.)

Some of you tagged me for memes/ I didn't forget - I enjoy memes. Soon..I'll put them up soon. :)

P.S. I think my other blogging friends rock too!!! It gets frustrating sometimes trying to stay caught up with my favorite blogs and then...along comes another favorite blog.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Seaspray, You totally surprised me! When you said you tagged me, I thought you might want to know what color I paint my toe nails or some such..What kind words, thank you! You are a dear Seaspray! You have lit up the blogosphere with warmth, humor and love. It has been my honor to call "you" friend, and you are to me. I laugh hysterically sometimes at the things you come out with, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that gets to feeling a little mischievous at times. Thank you so much Seaspray, "you" are the gem here.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - your comment underscores everything I said about you. :)

Thank you for the kind words.

Sometimes I just can't help myself when it comes to a little "mischievous" humor -at least on the blogs. ;) What you said in e-mail about me reminding you of Lucy was amusing because in my personal life - o.k. sometimes at work too, I seem to have these "Lucy" moments. Never anything bad but usually evokes a chuckle or two.

A couple of weeks ago it was me verses a shower head and I will post about it soon. :)

Actually, I have a friend who is hysterically funny all the time and she does look something like Lucy and she always wears her trademark RED lipstick. When her sister gets mad at her she threatens her with, "If you die before me, I'm going to tell them to put FROSTED PINK lipstick on YOU!" :) (I would like the pink)

DrGwenn said...

Hi Seaspray:

Thanks so much for the tag and the nod!! I think you Rock as well!

Dr. G

SeaSpray said...

Hi Dr. G - you're welcome and thank you! :)

Jenster said...

You DO rock! I love coming to visit you! :o)

Chrysalis Angel said...

I can just see you Seaspray - wrestling with a shower head...was the water on??? he, he

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Jenster - :)

Yes Angel - and so were our clothes - the plumber and me! :)

Medblog Addict said...

Thank you Seasprout! Will try to blog about it over the weekend.

SeaSpray said...

SEASPROUT! Haha! Your welcome M.A. :)