Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What should you major in?

Your Scholastic Strength Is Inspiring Others

You are great at developing a vision, and getting others to adopt your way of thinking.
You are talented at leading, balancing tasks, and helping people work together.

You should major in:

Environmental studies
Social work
Political science


Orcadia said...

I did this test and results were interesting. Hope you don't mind, I put it on Orcadia.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Orcadia - not at all. I put my green brain up on my site (that I got from yours)but then figured the brain had been around for awhile and so took it back down.

I LOVE your orcadia site! :)

patientanonymous said...

Now you know I had to do this just because I dropped out of University at least three times, right?

No direction...Bipolar/ADD brain flip outs...total disaster every time!

You can take a spark of inspiration and turn it into a full fledged concept.
You are talented at brainstorming, visualizing, organizing, and independent thinking.

You should major in:

Natural sciences
Computer science
Creative writing

Now that I'm older, I find this kind of interesting because apart from the Math and Computer Science (that are kind of related at least from a Programming perspective,) I do like them all. Well, maybe not Architecture as that's kind of "Mathy" too.

Alright, there goes my writing ability unless you count making up words as "Creative Writing!"

And there was also a picture of a little stereotypical geeky character for my quiz so that's awesome too!

SeaSpray said...

Hi PA - Math is definitely not my strong suit. Anything with words was/is my strength.

I remember struggling with algebra and my aunt would say "it's just logic Paticia!" To my defense - my life had been uprooted a bit and I was distracted for a time. Although French, history, english, etc., etc. were easier. I know my guidance counselor thought I should take geometry because I scored high in abstract reasoning but I didn't try it. Funny thing is I am quirky about numbers and just remember them all the time - dates,phone,account,address numbers not to mention medical coding. older son calls me rain man because of my number recall. :) Even if i don't know a number I start dialing and it comes to me - so weird.

I think you are a good writer and enjoy communicating with you. :)

patientanonymous said...

Thanks, SeaSpray, you are so kind.

I, like you, had a very good memory for memorizing numbers, license plates(?!) and such. What people commonly refer to as a "photographic" memory is also known as Eidetic Memory.

Just a quick scan of some things suggest that it has a higher prevalence in children than adults. And some cases are just wild--"Elizabeth" could write out poetry in a foreign language years after she had seen it. Whoa! I can barely remember my own address and telephone number some days!

But math? Nuh-uh (there's some good writing for you haha.)

And as far as the "Rain Man" thing? Ex-partner always used to call me that when I'd surprise her with some answer on Jeopardy...I don't know...she knew just as much as me but in different subject areas.

Oh, and DON'T EVER make a reference about Rain Man to anyone who is HFA (High Functioning Autistic) or who has Aspergers or anything like that. Chances are they'll get very offended. The ones that I've spoken to can't stand that movie as they feel it's not an appropriate or adequate portrayal of someone on the Spectrum at all!


SeaSpray said...

Hi PA - it would be awesome to write poetry in a foreign language years after seeing it. heck - it would be awesome if I saw it 5 minutes ago. :)

Thanks for the heads up about Rainman. He said it in innocence - as have I. And he he could do all these amazing calculations, etc but I guess my son is just amazed at how I remember numbers. :)